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Normally I enjoy reading this series but this particular book just did nothing for me The story was flat the subject was lame and the ending was beyond corny I am hoping Restless Soul will help be on track of what I have come to enjoy about this series It was OK but felt like a Scooby Doo novel The characters were pretty simple the dialogue contrived and an I Would Have Gotten Away With It If It Wasn T have gotten away with it if it wasn t you meddling ids ending Having said that it was interesting enough to finish Twenty seventh in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series focused on Annja Creed a serious archeologist with a hosting job on a reality TV show where Annja tries to hold onto serious research as opposed to her fellow hostess TA routine Annja has also been blessed with a holy sword which once belonged to Joan of ArcMy TakeAnother fun adventure with Annja with an opportunity to learn about great white sharks Rather fascinating if somewhat suicidalNaturally we expect that this is a paranormal adventure and instead it turns out to be rather mundane If you can call an intelligent 40 foot shark mundane as it targets The Seeker and its crewIt also seems there is a spy in either Garin or Roux s campThe StoryCole has invited Annja to join him on a shark research trip off the coast of Montauk when he gets a call from his brother Hunter on a treasure dive for the HMS Fantome carrying a load of booty including a crucifix his brother Hunter on a treasure dive for the HMS Fantome carrying a load of booty including a crucifix to make one immortal from the raid on the White House back in 1814 off the coast of Nova Scotia Seems a 40 foot great white bit one of their divers in halfThe CharactersAnnja Creed is the current guardian for the sword of Joan of Arc This makes her a target for the bad guys and a savior of People In DistressCole Williams Is Fascinated By Great Whites And in distressCole Williams is fascinated by great whites and been using his trust fund to finance his research as well as funding his brother Hunter s hunt for sunken treasureThe CoverStanding aboard ship Annja with sword out is framed by the open jaws of a great white shark Interesting loved the shark aspect of the story I got this because I was trying out the ebooks from the library The cover looked interestingEnded up being a uick read but not my forte Maybe. Intrepid treasure hunters believe they have discovered the final resting place of Fantome a legendary warship that wrecked off Nova Scotia almost two hundred years ago She was rud to have gone down with an extraordinary treasure But circling beneath the ocean's su. Phantom Prospect

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Oint in the series she shouldn t trust anyone to eep her secretThe story twists and turns so much that you find yourself having a hard time sorting out the good guys from the bad When it is all said and done Annya once again finds someone who is attracted to her but decides that it is not in his best interests to be around her while she Is Searching For Answers To Her Own Life S UestionsNote searching for answers to her own life s uestionsNote HMS Fantome was actually a ship originally built and operated by the French and then the British Captured It And Reflagged it and reflagged as one of their own Nice to see that the writer actually did hisher research on the subject and not just toss it in the story as cannon fodder So far all the books have had somethingbut this one just left me wondering if this was the same AnnjaAs another review said yes it made me think of a Scooby episode I will pick up of this series just to see if Annja deals with Garin one way or another A competent entry into the Rogue Angel series Annja Creed is visiting with a friend who is a shark researcher When his brother s treasure hunt is derailed by an apparent shark attack Annja and Cole go to find out why a shark of unusual size would be in a place it shouldn t beThe adventure was fun but the villains new a lot of things that they shouldn t have and it is never explained how Also it duplicates an element from the previous book where one of Annja s sort of mentorbenefactors has secretly set up agents Except that the last one new that Annja had a sword but not about its properties while this one seems uite blase about it And just how many female agents does Garin have running around anyway The editors need to tie that down a little better They also need to no let uite so many typos through 35 starsYay For once the good guys don t have to die This one reminds me of A JAMES BOND MOVIE WITH ONE OF THOSE MEGALOMANIAC James Bond movie with one of those megalomaniac guys Fun view spoilerThere seems to be and people who now about Annja s sword and about Garin and Roux Would be interesting to find where the leak is coming from And I thought Annja treated that crucifix a bit too casually by leaving it with Cole I m sure Garin would be very een to get his hands on it hide spoile. Elp Annja braves the deep cold waters of the Atlantic determined to discover the truth Instead she finds herself hunting an unknown traitor on a sabotaged ship With death waiting both above and below the ocean's surface Annja must battle her most dangerous enemy ,

Its because I started at book 27 but wasn t all that Entertained By It I by it I this series very much I m however just a bit disillusioned of the main character With all her martial arts training and prowess she sure gets taken by surprise a lot Someone always gets the jump on her I don t see that as a possibility if she truly had all that training I realize it is not a true story but gee whiz if you are going to go on about all her training then I expect her to be better at it But once the action gets going the books are very involving Rating 3 starsGenre Science FictionFantasyReviewPhantom Prospect is the twenty seventh installment in the Rogue Angel series Annya Creed ends up in a search for an Extinct Shark Known As A Megalodon With Her Friend Cole shark nown as a Megalodon with her friend Cole to the salvage of the HMS Fantome as well as a global conspiracy by a megalomaniac to control the price of oil while also searching for a crucifix that may have been worn by Joan of Arc and gives the wearer immortalityAfter watching Cole swim with sharks and believing he was crazy Annya and Cole Williams fly off to Nova Scotia to search for answers after one Hunter Williams Cole s brother crew is eaten by a shark Hunter runs a crew of treasure hunters that has been searching for the last John Dollar known location of the HMS Fantome Fantome is said to have disappeared after seizing treasures from the White House in 1814Hunter s crew is not all that reliable and too many people onboard his shipnows too much about Annya and the fact that she carries the legendary Joan of Arc sword with her This includes the female captain of the ship who has her own nefarious background and may be working for the person trying to capture Annya s sword for himself Negative It is never explained why so many people Rebooting India know about Joan of Arc s sword being in Annya s possession including the megalomaniacs hired helper My guess is that it was Garin behind the scenes trying his hardest to thwart Annya so that he can find a way toill her and gain control of Joan of Arc s sword for himself I m hoping that Annya gets a clue soon and realizes how much of a distraction as well as a danger to her health Garin really is At this Rface waits something unbelievable and terrifying Some unfortunate divers have encountered a massive thought to be extinct shark nown as the megalodonArchaeologist Annja Creed has always had a healthy respect for sharks But when a researcher friend asks for her