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I m a huge fan of this author and wanted to love this book like I loved the previous one s Unfortunately I didn t love this I found it a little dull and I didn t feel the Bondconnection I Was Also Distracted By The I was also distracted by the that the h had children that were left behind The lack of communication was also distracting I m not a fan of excessive inner dialogue There were some really funny parts though When is the next one comingI am bleary eyed I am sleep deprivedI am grinning and sighing happilyI am coping with family members watching me strangely There were a lot of sudden bursts of laughterI am curious and have many uestionsI am brain overloaded wondering who and what next I am also jittery like a junkie desperate for a fixWhen is Bk 4 coming out againThis stuff is literary crack I had so much fun reading Won by an Alien or should we say Aliens Because yes Tara lucky woman gets to claim both Tac Mot and Brax Their personalities couldn t be different either While Tac is sweet patient considerate Brax is a rakhii and just like in Amanda s previous books we now this breed of alien is possessive protective and snarlybut they absolutely adore and cherish their mateThe book starts off with a group of human women mistaken for Gryfala being auctioned off Tara our off with a group of human women mistaken for Gryfala being auctioned off Tara our happens to be on of them Tac Mot just happens to be around and he is utterly drawn to the freckled gryfala princess He nows what it s like to be sold to be a slavebut like her he also has spots of his own So he spends all the money he and his friend owns to purchase her From there he carries her on board his owners though Brax is no longer his owner really ship and the story beginsThere were so many laughs Their interactions together and hers with each of her males were hilarious I love Amanda s uirky and comical characters and her writing is so much fun And LEM Oh my gosh that is one WEIRD alien He s crazy crazy weird You gotta read him Haha We also get cameos from previ. I was abducted by aliens The aliens that I've been auctioned to don’t speak my language and I definitely can’t speak theirs I didn’t expect to get married by accident to the sweet one I didn’t expect to have a grumpy alien bond to me and go a little crazy if other males get near me or if I try to leave It doe. Won by an Alien Stolen by an Alien #3

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Ien mates meet up having finally had her translator *FITTED AND ABLE TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAD BEEN PLAGUING *and able to explain what had been plaguing for so long Tara has twin daughters after dropping them at daycare she finds herself abducted and being sold at a slave auction Won by a angaroo man TAC mot with fishbrows she hopes that he is a way back to her daughters However what she finds is herself stuck on a huge ship with a face attacking to her daughters However what she finds is herself stuck on a huge ship with a face attacking a germaphobe coral dude and a massive grumpy rekkii named brax Coming to terms with falling for both Tac and brax and the adventures that that relationship entails For tac it s a feeling of self acceptance As He Is An Alien he is an alien aliens for brax it s coming to terms with his own emotions and fear of hurting those he loves At one point I was concerned that someone s heart was gonna get broken that Tara would choose between her sweet and gentle tac or her smirky and protective brax FEAR NOT SPACE FANS we have A TRIO YAYAYAYAAYASuch a fantastic book I loved the catch up with the previous cast and crew from the first two books in those series Gripped from the start filled with heart stealingly beautiful moments and lung bursting laugh out loudsBecause of yeah ALIEN CONDOMS As I stated on my profile page I don t like menage and while here we have a society where females Gryfala have a harem of males the the better the stolen females in this series are human So technically when the Gryfala s society rules apply we have a Im Not Millie! kind of menageAlso we have a species cross breeding human Tararakhii Braxsimilangaroo TacLet s not forget the verbal and customs communication problem that is solved inly towards the end the book with all the incomprehension that spring from that Sometimes it s hilarious sometimes almost sad but always entertaining and interestingEach main character have its own problem that derives from upbringing desires compulsion race and they face it each in its own waySo yes even if I m not fond of menage here it worked. Se Harem set up of MFM malefemalemale that doesn't uite classify as Menage and you'll find out why ♥ For those of you who DO prefer to be surprised pretend you didn’t read this warning ; This is Tara's story It technically can be read as a stand alone however previous books in the series set up events in this boo. Ous characters such as Gracie and Dohrien I love them Angie and Anokh and If you haven t read Amanda Dohrien I love them Angie and Anokh and If you haven t read Amanda s books I recommend you do so They are light hearted and always end in sweet happily ever afters I need a hob book Amanda Kangaroo heroes are my hard limit in an alien sci fi rom Who new I struggled mightily with this one mostly due to Tac Oh boy this one is hard I really liked books 1 2 and had such high hopes for this one And I LOVE the author Butthis one fell way flat for me I actually had to put it down in the middle of the book and every time I would pick it up I couldn t get back into the story After 2 weeks of trying and failing to get back into the and failing to get back into the I gave up the ghost I uickly skimmed to the end so that the author would get paid for all the pages but really didn t read anything from about 50% on I really wish I could pinpoint exactly what I didn t like about this but I just can t seem to figure it out It s not the author or her writing style those are fine I think I j Third installment in the Stolen by the Alien series and while the second book was dark and full of triggers this one is sweet and pleasant but Nice entry into the series I liked that the woman had children back on Earth that she wanted to get back to Most times the captured girls are all alone in the world so they have no one to miss which is just not too realistic So a angaroo type alien Might have been a bridge too far for me I appreciate that yes he was alien and at least he wasn t just anoth This installment takes this miscommunication trope my least favorite to a whole new level and still it was cute and funny enough to make this a really enjoyable light read Won by an alien stolen by an alien book 3 This is the third book by ms Milo that I have read and holy wanbaroo pants it was bloody greatSo instead of leaving off on the new humanspacematehob colony as I was A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, kinda expecting we dive head on into Tara story she was at the human and al. Sn’t matter if they’ve won my heart I can’t stay Somehow I have to explain that I NEED to go home Because the bad aliens that abducted me They took me from my babies Note For those of you that prefer not to be surprised there are TWO heroes in this story It is a Happily Ever After with three people a mini Rever.