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S have that and Trey and Tylar also have to deal with Tylar s evil past demons that have not been dealt with at this point Trey I said leaning against him I think we inally have all of the whack jobs out of our lives I sure hope so baby he replied kissing my neck And Trey and Tylar s love for each other is testedand testedand tested That s what this series has been about or me And that each other is testedand testedand tested That s what this series has been about or me And that what marriage and love are Making it through the hard times makes the end result that much important I love you Trey I love you Tylar You know me Trey You know me in some ways better than I know myself You orced me to deal with my ears and my nightmares You The Last Imaginary Place forced me toace the truth about my past and deal with my demons I did it Trey I did it because of you Let me sum this entire book up Not Just Roommates for you in one gifIt put me through the wringer with my emotions I cried I laughed Ielt like my ovaries would catch on ire I cried some And I loved every single second of itI read it in one sitting I couldn t put it down Andrea definitely saved the best or last with this book in my personal opinion Be My put it down Andrea definitely saved the best Jean-Paul Sartre for last with this book in my personal opinion Be My picks up right where that cliffhanger in Baby Love left us And let me give you aair warning here but the Vintage Games first 30% of this bookHOLYCRAP I did NOT see that coming I had to go back and re read just to make sure I wasn t seeing this Andrea Smith is the ueen of plot twists and this book had them in spades WOWWe see Taylor going through something that is so devastating it changes her relationship with Trey in a way that neither one of them know how to get backrom The subject matter itself is a very delicate one and I thought that the author did such an incredible job dealing with itTrey and Tylar go through many trials and tribulations throughout their relationship but in Be My Baby they Zamba face the ultimate oneTylarinds herself dealing with something that has left her devastated While she knows there s something wrong with her she just doesn t know how to deal with it She says she s ine but inside she s breakingThere were moments I wanted to cry along with her moments I wanted to hug her and moments I wanted to shake her wanted to hug her and moments I wanted to shake her slap some sense into her Then there were the times where I wanted to choke the hell out of Trey The Detour for the choices and decision he madeWe see Tylar dealing with many things her relationship with Trey loss her mother s death and so much Her relationship with Trey is not perfect but their loveor one another shined through the pagesWhile both of them are to blame The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd for the situation that theyind themselves in and both of them are The Adventures of Rusty farrom perfect with the choices they make and things that they do I think that s what I enjoyed most about them They were just so imperfectly perfect You can t help but eel all these things 5 stars I am so sad that I have inally completed reading this series It was absolutely excellent I loved every page This series is a must read. Itment to each other is put to a tragic test in this book Will they be able to survive the unexpected tragedy that befalls them Will the strength of their love the depth of their commitment to each other and the ability to orgive draw them ever close.
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You go on or so long like that Look what We Ve Done To Each Other As Each Other As As This ve done to each other As emotional as this is there were than enough humorous and light hearted moments to keep it When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from dragging Gina has to be one of the greatestriends a girl can have and I m so glad she got her own story in Baby Come Back Lite Preston Tylar and Trey s toddler made me smile every single time she entered the scene Horsey Mama pay horsey She doesn t know what she saw You heard her she thought we were playing horsey he chuckled No sweetie it wasn t horsey they were playing I m giving this book 45 stars because that s just how much I enjoyed it Was the writing perfect No but I loved the story itself so much that I was completely able to look past that Fearless (Nashville Nights, fact which is a rarityor meWould I recommend this book and the series to The Bomber Dog friends You bet I m a little sad to be done with it but I lookorward to reading other books by Andrea Smith in the Novelas de Isabel Allende future ARC provided by the Author in exchangeor an honest review ARC provided by the author Lots of picturesI Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, found a lot of uotes and moments that were perfect to describe Tylar and Trey s relationshipOkay so this was probably the MOST intense book of the series and that s saying a lot Asar as evoking strong emotions this book tops the charts And I m not talkin super romantic suishy hearts and The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide flowers romance No I m talking bipolar emotionshateear heartbreak love devotion betrayal Here s the book s own blurb because I can t think of a way to say it better without giving anything away It has been a mostly bumpy road thus ar but they have always managed to ind the strength they needed in each other however their relationship will soon be put to the ultimate testTrey and Tylar will discover that there are those who are willing to destroy the loving relationship they have by death or at the very least infidelity Their love and commitment to each other is put to a tragic test Will they be able to survive the unexpected hardship that befalls them Will the strength of their love the depth of their commitment to each "Other And The Ability To Forgive Draw Them Ever Closer "and the ability to Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? forgive draw them ever closer break them apartoreverLet me tell you after the awful cliffhanger of the last book I was honestly prepared Becoming Violet for anything when Iirst picked this one up And this one starts off with utter despair Heartbreak Lonelinesshopelessness Oh gosh my poor heartBut I WILL say this My Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers friends told me to hang onand I m glad that I did There is still one unfinished problem that needs to be taken care of but I ve been assured that the next installment Gina s point of view novella will wrap up any lingering issuesrom this bookI keep saying in each review that this series is a journey It s not the irst blush of love a couple of inconseuential problems to solve and a happy ever after It delves into REAL LIFE problems what happens after the growing UP is done Now it s time to grow TOGETHER All marriage. Gth they needed in each other However they are put to the ultimate test in this bookThey discover that there are those that would like to destroy the loving relationship they have by death or at the very least infidelity Trey and Tylar's love and comm. ,
The Baby Series Lite book 3 of 35 The conclusion of Trey
Ty S Epic Family 
s epic Finn Family Moomintroll familyilled with danger suspense villains lust and their growing all consuming love His sapphire eyes were bright with his love and his sadness Baby Series Lite is a newly edited and revised Anniversary edition of last summer s Baby Series The author listened to reviewers The Glass Palace feedback as well as readers who were holding back on reading due to its length In Baby Series Lite you will have the edited down version of same story 45 Sad to See it End Stars The night we met I knew I needed you so Do you know the song Is the next line something like and if I had the chance I d never let you go Yeah that s it he said smiling sheepishly Be My Baby I said softly shaking my head in recognition That s when I knew I loved you Tylar That s when I knew I wanted you to be my babyorever I didn t even know you but I loved you crazy stuff huh Be My Baby Lite Trey and Tylar s Something Like Fate final book had me laughing one minute and crying the next I started this book immediately afterinishing Baby Love Lite because I needed the conclusion to this couples story NOWThe beginning of this book has life A Gun for Sale finally calming downor Tylar and Trey After surviving a sexual predator Archetype (Archetype, from Tylar s past a bat shit crazy mother who turns out to not be uite what she seems in laws andamily riends rom hell and a litany of other dramas no two people should ever have to A Gun for Sale face the couple are somewhat settled in their new home and lookingorward to the birth of their second child At this point in the series you don t even have to ask what could go wrong You just know it will and boy does the shit ever hit the People of the Book fan After suffering a heartbreaking loss Trey and Tylar both deal with the tragedy in different and solitary ways Treyocuses on work and his new mentoring buddy Amber who I came to regard as simply the bitch Tylar shuts down and does her best to move on without ever really giving herself the chance to grieve With their relationship strained beyond its limits Trey makes a stupid mistake and Tylar s there to witness it The two must ind a way to come together after Tylar makes a stupid mistake of her own One of the reasons I loved this book and the series as much as I did is because even though Tylar and Trey appear to have it all as a couple there s always something or them to and Trey appear to have it all as a couple there s always something or them to and deal with They jumped into a committed relationship and I ound myself believing and in their love when they did work together to meet the challenges of their relationship This book than any of the previous tested their bond How do you Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn, forgive an infidelity How do you grieve as a couple when one of you refuses to grieve When these two worked through their issues and came out stronger because of it I truly believed they deserved their happily ever after Last night youinally let loose with your grief after all of this time I should have never let. This book is the third and last installment of the 'Baby Series' trilogy This book Tarot Says Beware (Herculeah Jones Mysteries, follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair's poignant story of love and passionIt has been a sometimes bumpy road thusar but they have always ound the stren.

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