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E He smiled thinking about himself about his image about his now declining powers about his spirit which though old and tired in some way rebelling against the indolence imposed on it by the slow degeneration of his physical organism And in that feeling overwhelming him tempting him with its sweet danger he recognized the feeble swan song proffered as a pathetic last ditch rebellion by his still proud spirit Things start to happen around him proffered as a pathetic last ditch rebellion by his still proud spirit Things start to happen around him he usually detached from the world and living only for fencing is suddenly struggling with a feeling of foreboding of something he should know but doesn t and therefore could be dangerous He refuses to give in to fear and challenges the danger He whistles proudly while making coffee to be able to stay awake and wait for the comming strike of the unknown enemy He even look up a few lines of a book he has underlined some years earlier With some irony he leaves it open as the perfect epitaph Any moral character is closely bound up with scenes of autumn those leaves that fall like our years those flowers that fade like our hours those clouds that flee like our illusions that light that grows ever feebler like our intelligence that sun that grows colder like our loves those rivers that freeze over like our life all weave secret bounds with our fate En gardeThis isn t ust a mystery It s about a man that finally gets to put his long time art into real practice His life is on the line and with a determined gaze and mocking sneer he undertakes the challenge The whole mystery is like a duel with an enemy and in the end what could be better than the story getting summarized by a concrete oneSpoilersDon Jaime thinks that a duel is an honorable way to die but not in his own house with a button on the tip of his foil and with a woman as an opponent "That he refuses And what s he s not ready to die because "he refuses And what s he s not ready to die because s not yet discovered the perfect thrust Perhaps he finds it in the end This book is my first read of Arturo P rez Reverte I got this book from a second hand book and read it without much expectation I was delighted that I find a good book without influenced by any review or opinion of other people I saw movie Scaramouche 1952 and how the protagonist defeated the antagonist by seeking fencing lessons from senior fencing master On this book the main character is a senior fencing master so see. ?bola sobre el poder del dinero la ambición política y la extinción de los valores de honradez y fidelidad en este siglo XX ue agoniza. T politics I couldn t care about the #Principle Of Euality Can #of euality I can you I would rather be governed by a Caesar or Bonaparte imagining himself the last honourable man In short a staunch traditionalist From how it was all written we were meant to find him a tragic and sympathetic figure but I could neither bring myself to take him seriously observing the whole thing withfascinated amusement perhaps Such a stereotypeI was cheering far for two of the side characters even if it was clear the narrator is not on their side his friend C rceles a ournalist and staunch revolutionary often monologuing about guillotines very entertaining and Adela a young woman who wants to learn a fencing move near impossible to defend against Her appearance was described at great male gazey length earning many an eye roll violet eyes but she was competent and awesome and I liked her a lot I hoped the plot was not view spoilerheading towards a romance with the old fencing master who sure seemed to be eyeing her a lot hide spoiler Don Jaime Astarloa has two convictions The first one is to be a man of honor The second is the belief that fencing is the ultimate art The pistol is not a weapon it is an impertinence If two men are to kill each other they should do so face to face not from a distance like vile highwaymen Many people would describe Don Jaime as pompous with his old fashioned believes I think it only contributes to the feeling of a living character Not everyone can be modern and interested in politic and gossip even though it is Madrid 1868 a time of turmoil Some people are no doubt like Don Jaime only interested in perserving certain values I have spent my whole life trying to preserve a certain idea of myself and that is all You have to cling to a set "OF VALUES THAT DO NOT DEPRECIATE "values that do not depreciate time Everything else is the fashion of the moment fleeting mutable In a word nonsense When Don Jaime unwillingly becomes involved in a complicated mystery and realizes someone is after him he doesn t have a clue what s going on It is when a woman comes into his life that everything changes The fact that he doesn t teach women is according to custom of the time a view he eventually realizes can be changed as other men have Soon he looses himself The picture of anguished produced by his feelings for Donna Adela de Otero is beautifully painted by P rez Revert. La historia de un mundo de tahúres y mercachifles mantenido a distancia por un florete honorable Pero es sobre todo una inuietante par?. I originally discovered Arturo Perez Reverte through Johnny Depp s film The Ninth Gate based on Perez Reverte s book The Club Dumas I was uickly enad with his writing which is fluid descriptive and intrinsically character based My only complaint with The Club Dumas was the ending I felt that Perez Reverte had failed to give enough attention to "Completing His Antiuarian Book Thriller "his antiuarian book thriller the reader wanting for a better conclusion When I picked up The Fencing Master I expected a repeat of The Club Dumas fantastic style with a disappointing finish To my surprise Perez Rev This one is uite simple and straight forward I might recommend it for a young adult who likes adventure stories I ust felt like it gave into stereotypes and predictability a little too much Perez Reverte has something of an obsession with the Dark Lady character out to destroy the man in *LOVE WITH HER NOWHERE IS THAT PROMINENT THAN IN *with her Nowhere is that prominent than in novel Usually it s woven in enough that it doesn t bother me but having read his other ones and then read this one It Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) just made me roll my eyes a little Come on Arturo you re better at putting together plot threads than thisHowever The mystery is good the suspense is there the dark writing is spooky and appropriate It s a very uick fun easy read And I still liked it I wouldust read all the other ones by him first because they re that much better Okay first off I went into this book with no great expectations I picked it up on impulse in a random kindle sale intending to save it as light reading for the first time I go to the beach whenever that will be I knew I was probably the wrong audience and that there were likely to be things that d piss me off but whatever Give me historical fiction about fencing and 19th century Spain No need to be uality ust #uick and readableWell today the day has come And turns out that yes it pretty much lived up #and readableWell today the day has come And turns out that yes it pretty much lived up those expectations entertaining with a shit plot and than a bit clich Which I was luckily amused than irritated byStill I would not recommend itThe plot follows Jaime Astarloa an aging fencing master in an era where fencing is becoming increasingly irrelevant because of guns He s your usual crochety old man yelling at clouds despairing that the great practical art of fencing is being reduced to a mere sport grumbling about today s youth loudly proclaiming that he doesn t care abou. Novela de aventuras pero también policiaca de traiciones y maniobras políticas en el Madrid galdosiano de 1868 El maestro de esgrima es.

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