That was one hell of a read I devoured every tantalizing word of this devious tale and the author did a fabulous job Of Keeping Me Guessing I keeping me guessing I so thrilled to not now what was going to happen next Sometimes the only difference between love and obsession is a broken heart The heart is the greatest fortune teller of all time It s always one step ahead of the curve There better be a fucking seuelCause fucking damn it can the curve There better be a fucking seuelCause fucking damn it can bloody end like that duhSince I absolutely went in blind and this is the first time I m reading smth written by ASHLEY JADE I m both shockingly stunned by the abrupt ending I didn t see that comingand suprisedly stunned cause fucking hell have I been doing so far and NOT reading a book by this author soonerThe writing is excitingly suspenseful captivating and contagiously thrilling and I haven t even begun talking about the amount of steam carnal raw sexual power and act intertwined with fabulously gripping plot filled with ploys and twists and one minute you think one thing about the character and then all of a sudden you are slapped right across the face with a totally different notion with fantastically undetected psychological approach to each little facet of these charactersand the one game they playDeceit is a small word with a full blown impact on those who don t expect it but play the game anywayIllusion is a smoke screen for the naive onesAnd the Devil s card is the perfect fit for this staged twisted devious ploy of treachery betrayal crime and revengeFuck me this was one hectic pent up ride and I haven t even stepped down from it yet 5 Lustful Stars Wow like I just didn t enjoy every single minute of this debauched little read The Devil is every thing this title implies And thou shall not lead us into temptation but he damn well does You have the young little innocent step daughter Eden the tortured mayor Cain and the devil himself Damien or is he What you need to discover is how these three became so devilishly entwinedWhat I can promise is a story truly lustful a tale of lies and deceit so heartbreaking that what you think you now is nowhere near the reality of it all Behind the smoke and mirrors. The Devil is the first book in the Devil's Playground duet They'll tell you I seduced them Used my looks and body to lure them into my playground They'll tell you I'm a sinner A demon who held them captive with temptation and lust. .

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You will come to appreciate how talented Ashley Jade is It s books like this that make my inky soul so very happy A story filled with twists angst manipulations and sex to make you pantThis story is not for the faint of heart There are no heroes in this story Only devils If someone had told me that when I first started this book that the outcome was going to someone had told me that when I first started this book that the outcome was going to completely different than what I was expecting I would ve told them that they re wrong and that they need to start taking their meds they re wrong and that they need to start taking their meds as of right now I feel like I need to be put on MEDS What was that No seriously I m trying so hard right now not to type a lot of f bombs but FUCKME This was some next shit right hereI went into this story thinking that I was going to be getting a forbidden steamy romance I saw this author s warning about not having any heroes in the story and I was like come on whoever it was going to be they couldn t be that damn bad So do you Language and Linguistics know what I did I ignored it and continued to read Worst mistake ever If you ve read this author before then you alreadynow when you pick up an Ashley Jade book you just don t Divertimento know what you re in for Throw in a title like The Devil and younow for sure all bets are off The Devil is a story of unreuited love of betrayal a trust that s not easily given and so carelessly shattered and an intense all consuming need for revenge There is no hero there are no good guys here Just an innocent who s too love struck t This book is so twisted and great I didn t see this coming really Ashley Jade seems to like telling stories about abused heroines who are publicly shameddisgracedvilified for consensual and nonconsensual sex while the men end up relatively unscathed In the last week alone I ve read 2 from her1 The Devil The Devil s Advocate2 Blame It on the PainIt isn t simply that the women are objectified and dehumanized but rather the men who by all accounts are even deviant are usually cast in the role of the saviour Look I now this is only a book and I m not pulling the feminist card however I can t ignore the fact this seems to be a recurring theme with Jade which makes it less authentic and formulaic Notwithstand. They'll tell you I'm evil A monster obsessed with the both of them They'll tell you they made a deal with the devil What they won't tell youis how much they liked it Please note This story contains content that may be offensive .
The Devil

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