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Tely amazing Thoughts on Plot So wowizers This moved fast with a pace that could not be stopped This book was I suppose in page wise was a little short of course again i might be bias because I was not pleased

With That Ending But The 
that ending but the was HUGE I forgo ed eating for this book Seriously I was filled up on this amazing read I didn t even care So we left Abby in Orchard once again with Gray swoon uncontrollable reaction to mentioning him unfortunately things have changed in Orchard The work is harder the guards are prominent and dangerous But one this is very clear the Lessers are no longer willing to accept them status and why should they They are Greater than the Greaters we all now it I loved the rebellion in this book I love the stand that Abby decides to take I was shocked by the new twist and HUGE HUGE HUGE developments in this book If you think oh its the second in a saga not much will happen you are so wrong There was so much in this book and trust me you will never guess what is going to happen I honestly didn t The romance Okay I am not big on love triangles I am not It always ends up with someone hurting and usually its the person i want the girl to end up with This was dealt with very well in this book Thank you Casey Bond And that is all I am going to say on that Characters I gave the casting in my last review Abby She has changed a little in this book when i say a little I mean alot while she is dealing with her heart breaking for so many reasons she also is finding love in places She is dealt a strange and intense hand in this book I think she handles it beautifully She never pussy foots around things and she stands up for what she believes in I loved her in the first book and I loved her even in this book SeriouslyCrew I was not happy Not happy at all I understand what was happening I do But while he stole my heart in book one but at the end of book one with all the shit he pulled he started to break my heart then and he "just confirmed my heart break of him in this one Gray " confirmed my heart break of him in this one Gray hehehe well I had an odd obsession with him when he first arrived on the scene and thank god I loved this man He was funny but it was also so very wise and so loving and so DAMN SEXY seriously yum mie Kyan Good best friend I truly hope that everything works out for him And I don t want to go into details about him in this book becausespoilers We meet new characters as well but I can t talk about them because again spoilers but I can say I don t trust any of them nope nope nope The ending That is I look like right now and all day yesterday while I was out and about because of the ending of this book So Casey Bond you better be handing over the next book ASAPIE for becca ness check me out here. ?s activities in Olympus sweeps through the Villages When Abby is taken away by the Olympian guard Kyan sends word to Vesuvius for help But no one could have predicted their idea of help or what they might expect in return Who will be left to pick up the pieces of Abby’s hear.

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F you haven t read anything by Casey L Bond you should The story is good u really don t now what happens next I ve had this series on my to read list for a while for #Some Reason I Ve Skipped Over It #reason I ve skipped over it number of times Now I m just wondering why It is amazing So addictive Heartbreaking I love it I love Abby I love Grey Yes now I m totally Team Grey I highly recommend FYI the first indle book is currently free on This book was amazing I didn t want to put it down I am not impatiently waiting for book 3 Way to go Casey another great story Read this series you won t be disappointed Arc provided by the Author I read this book month s ago but I ve been very busy was unable to post a reviewResist is the second book in the Harvest Saga and I must say a great addition I loved book 1 but with this one the author upped the ante beautifully When I began to read Resist it was difficult putting it down There were unexpected twist turns sad in parts uplifting in others The story is full of action as well as heart wrenching moments Is this one click worthy Definitely 45 I m loving this series and cruising right through it If you like YA dystopian novels and romance I think you ll like this series They re easy reads but the story is interesting Taking off half a star because some parts feel a little rushed I think the author could have developed some ideas a bit Also the indle version has some editing issues Don t Resist One Click This is an Awesome Continuation to The Harvest Saga Series Abby is determined to find out what happened to the lesser girl who were taken to Olympus and is determined to save them The Greaters from Vesuvius step in to help but Everyone is Orchard is not so sure if they are really their to help themselves or Orchard Resist will leave you wanting Abby will also have to face her feeling once again for the men in her like Will she finally choose I can t wait for the next book to come out I loved can t wait for the next book to come out I loved So FIRST OFF WARNING This is a SECOND in a saga please be aware of this information as there will not be spoilers for this book BUT there are spoilers from the first can t be helped sorryCasey Bond you ept me up for all hours of the nightagain Song Choice All of Me by Angus Julia Stone The Girl by City and Colour I would be Sad by The Avett Brothers First thoughts If you liked the first one even a little you will love this or maybe i am bias because I am in love with this series I don t now but let me tell you this book nay this author is like a potato nay this author is like a potato you can t just have one I dare you to try I was amazed and thrilled to see where this series took us I was surprised shocked flabbergasted It was truly amazing I bow down to you Casey Bond for doing the unusual and the shocking Absolu. Or the slightest indication of what they call “resistance” She needs to eep her head down and her mouth shut But it’s so hard to do when everything within you screams rebellionKyan is coming on strong trying to convince her to take a chance on him Shocking news of Crew?. I ran out and bought Resist the day it went on sale I loved Reap and couldn t wait to continue the story of Abby Crew and Kyan Casey is uickly becoming a go to author when I m in the mood for a great story Enough of my rambling I m sure you re eager to hear about the storyFrom a Reader s PerspectiveLet me tell you there were some major shockers in this book They had me putting my hand to my mouth and gasping for air This is an edge of your seat read for sure Many times I find the middle book in a series lacking punch They Girl Reporter kind of go tra la la to move the plot along and there s nothing interesting on the pages Resist isn t one of those books It lleep you biting your nails cringing and tearing up over and over cringing and tearing up over and over Pacing is spot on and I wanted when I hit the last page As in Reap book one the world building is awesome I love that there are than one Greater factions in control of the Lessers It made building is awesome I love that there are than one Greater factions in control of the Lessers It made twisty plot even of a page turner Warning There is a cliffhanger It s a big one So if you don t like that sort of thing wait for the last book to come out before you start reading If you don t mind pick up these books ASAPFrom an Editor s PerspectiveSo many errors in the writing Mostly punctuation and pronoun confusions but there were a few oops moments that should ve been caught Example Even though it was only a rouse she would be hurt This should read Even though it was only a ruse she would be hurt Sadly what would ve been a 5 star book is dropped to 4 because of the errors I had to turn my inner editor offRating1 Star for Hunted keeping me on the edge of my seat1 Star for awesome twists I was blindsided by1 Star for world building1 Star for pacing and wonderful conflict 1 Star for editingOverall 4 out of 5 stars A fantastic read that lleep you gripping your chair despite the writing errors Recommended if you can look past writing errors and really get into a story Oh y gosh reallyhow can you not fall into the problems of these characters and want to help each and everyone out Do you stay uiet so that you don t get hurt or do you stand up for not only yourself but for others Wow what a complex decisions she has to make to move forward in her life This is the second book in the Harvest Saga and it tells the continuing story of AbbyCrew Kyan and Gray Abby returns to Orchard with Gray by her side to find out what happened to the other Lessers since she and the other women were taken What she finds is that Olympus has enslaved her people even than before This book has twists and turns in a good waysome heart breaking moments and some heart warming ones tooI loved this book I love this series and can t wait for the conclusion of this series I m biting my fingernails in anticipation of what happens next Abby Kelley returns home from the Greater city of Olympus to find that things in Orchard Village are bad very bad The Olympian Guard has taken over village affairs The Lessers are being worked to the bone in the coldest winter Orchard has seen Villagers are being dragged away ,

Resist The Harvest Saga #2

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