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Darkest Truth Finn Fitzpatrick Series Book 1

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This is a brilliant crime thriller debut from Catherine Kirwan featuring Finola Finn Fitzpatrick a solicitor set in the small town of Cork in Ireland In a story that held me completely enthralled throughout the contemporary issues surrounding MeToo are addressed in a intelligent and pertinent manner Finn is engaged by Sean and Ann Carney to look into the suicide of their daughter Deirdre suffering depression and self harming since a "Cork Film Festival Some Years Previously It Is Not Obvious "Film Festival some years previously It is not obvious Finn can do but she agrees to delve *Into The Man Deemed *the man deemed the Carneys to have uined their daughter s life A shattering truth fires Finn s determination to seek the truth and she is going to need all her inner No Limits (Brutal Master resources to survive an opponent that she seriously underestimates as she faces the possibility of losing everything she has her home her job her friends and so much including her lifeIn Finn s efforts to prevent a present day crime she finds herself trending on Twitter as the Irish nationallies around its golden boy a Hollywood star a campaign led by the potential victim More horror is to dog Finn as she digs deep in her investigation including murder Doubts surface as Finn wonders on occasion if she has the ight perpetrator in her sights but the evidence slowly builds about *a Hollywood industry where open secrets are acknowledged by insiders but no one is willing to speak *Hollywood industry where open secrets are acknowledged by insiders but no one is willing to speak Finn doesn t care that she might lose everything someone has to break the silence as she finds herself disbelieved at every turn even by the police as she finds herself doing their job Finn s target proves to be manipulative charming volatile arrogant elusive and a chameleon hard to pin down a psychopath whose bullying and misogyny is tolerated by the public and the industryKirwan hits on one of the hottest issues in our contemporary world and handles it sensitively as she weaves a hugely compelling novel around it. He'll do anything to protect his secrets She'll stop at nothing to expose the truth It only takes one person to break the silence When solicitor Finn Fitzpatrick is approached by a man to investigate the death of his daughter her first instinct is to efuse The father is grieving and unable to accept that his da. Finn is a fascinating protagonist adopted and haunted by her birth mother Her emerging elationship with ex
Davy Keenan now a fitness gym instructor is fraught with difficulties as she struggles to accept it as a part of her life Living in a small town is a curse and blessing and Finn has a great best friend in the police Sadie O Riordan an essential ally and help "To Her I Have No Doubt That This Novel Will "her I have no doubt that this novel will successful it is well written terrifically plotted atmospheric engrossing and with wonderful characters that I invested in Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC Finola Fitzpatrick usually known as Finn is a solicitor When Sean Carney comes to her asking her to investigate what happened to his daughter Deidre Finn feels a strange compulsion to take it further even though there seems little to go on After taking part in a film festival in Cork Deidre changed from a happy confident 15 year old to becoming depressed suffering mental issues over years and ultimately taking her own life Deidre s parents are convinced that a famous film director Since he is eturning to Cork along with the film festival the Carneys are concerned that no other young girl is Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose raped and suffers as their daughter did But when she takes on theich and famous Finn finds herself the victim of vindictive and abusive social media And could she be imaging it or is she being followed This was uite an interesting story However the writing style did seem ather pedestrian at times in that it was very much this happened and then that happened Plus I got tired of the coarse language not just the f word either littered throughout Probably noticeable *For Me Too Since *me too since couple of the previous books I had ead could tell a story without esorting to this sort of language However the characters and the plot were interesting and the tension mounts as Finn finds herself under threatThis is a debut novel so it. Ughter committed suicide And yet something about the man’s story chimes with Finn Why did a bright confident beautiful young girl suddenly drop out of school Could the answer lie in her elationship with Ireland's most famous film directorThe deeper Finn goes into the case the dark twisted and dangerous the pi. ,
Will be interesting to see what the author writes next Maybe a couple of the issues I noted "Will Be Fixed In The "be fixed in the book Please emember this is a personal opinion and I am sure there are going to be other people who will like it than I did Depends on your taste in books I guess For me I uite liked it and it kept my attention but just didn t uite come up to expectations This is a very confusing ead and it was a struggle to finishThe subject matter while current could have been dealt with a lot better Also I found the writing unbelievable How can the solicitor in this story have clout than the police A very frustrating and confusing ead not for meI would like the author Random House UK and Netgalley for the advanced copy in eturn for giving an honest eview WOW That is all I can say This book is so clever and the mystery is gripping It took twists and turns that I never expected to happen From nobody believing Finn to it all unravellinghonestly I want to ead The ending was amazing I was hooked I didn t expect it at all elements of it I did but what actually happened was honestly shocking If you have not ead this book you eally need to it will keep you wanting and on the edge of your seatIt might take you longer to ead because it is complicated but in a good way Take a while to ead each chapter and take in all of the information because it will help to make everything make sense It takes time but my god was it worth itI am now hooked on this genre I will be looking into Kirwan because I love her style MUST READ You have become enraptured with the straight azor console it make love to it yes they will know self death is a sensuous truth Suicide is a stunted power play a transitional state highly eversible self death is a physically impossible actsuicide is the abstraction of spherical objects tied to the moon notorious gambler of lives poem Chris Roberts God of Mortal Transgression. Cture becomesBecause these are powerful people she is trying to expose And they're willing to do anything to keep the truth hidden 'A clever twist on the genre' ARAMINTA HALL author of Our Kind of Cruelty'A gripping twisting novel of mounting suspense It couldn't be elevant' AMY LLOYD author of The Innocent Wif. ,

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