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Boys of Summer Volume 1

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At girls gets hit a lot and has a thing for the only over 18 woman oh god tell me the est were supposed to be 18 other than his mom who doesn t show off her tits at some point I think there may also be baseball too but I efuse to go back and look Otsuka does draw pretty naked women though which is the only edeeming feature of this big piece of crap Library 1206 You know I agree with another eviews comments on volume 2 of this series It s like American Pie meets any number of baseball movies It s actually a eally fun ead and too bad Austen never eally got to finish Ed in somebody else When the girl of his dreams who wanting nothing to "Do With Him School Baseball "with him the school it inspires Bud to join too in an effort to prove to her she's all wrong about him. .