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My mom mailed it to me in a package with a bunch of other books genealogy mostly Easy read Pretty predictable Solid conclusion sometimes writers leave you to guess or assume at an ending after a reconciliation but this was a full conclusion Nothing too serious it s what I like to call brain candy This is a light hearted romp through a haunted castle with a typical tall dark and sullen and handsome male lead

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by an intrepid and heroine The supporting characters add charm as well as laughter and the situations the characters find themselves in can be heroine The supporting characters add charm as well as laughter and the situations the characters find themselves in can be humorous You don t feel the characters will ump off the page into real life but they re fun to read about I thought this was a charming little ghost story I don t normally like ghost stories all that much but the ghost in this Charles was fun He is a little busy body and decides he wants to play cupid with Anna and Roark with some fun results I liked Anna and she knows how to speak her mind While I liked Roark he was a bit on the worldly side for me It seems like a lot of these old school regency authors were reuried to make their heros all rakes Roark isn t too bad though and he does respect Anna and even wins me over along the way I was a little nervous at first but this ended up being pretty clean ust a few kisses The story was well written and there is even a mystery of what really happened with Charles and why he hasn t been able to move on Anna and Roark had a good relationship despite Roark s inability to trust women which almost causes him to miss his chance with Anna I don t know why I enjoyed this one so much but I did It was lighthearted fun Content A couple swearwords and some passionate kissing Broad and a touch buffoony pleasant enough okay ghost so much stupidity though It s a combination of a decent story plus lots of buffoonery Once Upon a Time Little Lexie Reader fell into he ZebraSignet Regency Romance boom of the late 90 searly 00 s I fell on these like a ravenous wolf on a freshly dead deer I read A LOT of these Like so many I can t remember them all I d get them for cheap at the them all I d get them for cheap at the used bookstore ask for them for holidays save my pennies to get the new onesit was a madcap adventureThat said a lot of these are ust not great So I m doing a Regency Read project to weed out the ones I won t re read because guys I have so many banker boxes of theseTHE WEDDING GHOST which I haven t re read in at least 8 years is one I have fond memories of because our hero Roark likes towell ROAR Salome a maid at the castle constantly interrupts. Despite her taste for romantic poetry Anna Winston pooh poohed the notion that a ghost haunted the crumbling castle where her sister's nuptial.

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The Wedding Ghost Zebra Regency RomanceEad but I really liked it When her beloved sister becomes engaged to the man of her dreams the heroine is beyond happy for her But never did she expect that with planning a wedding will also come with a dark family curse and a haunted house to boot The heroine never took any stock in silly things like ghosts that is until she stepped foot in the manor That first night she is visited by the family s ancestor who was wronged on the day of his wedding by his fianc and murdered Now it s his responsibility to appear at every wedding day of his family line to proclaim whether the match is approved or not The heroine may not be beautiful or overly social but she bright and she is hell and determined to prevent anything from ruining her sisters happiness and the talk of ghosts is very unsettling to her sister So the heroine decides to put an end to it by discovering the mystery behind the ghosts death and allowing him to find peace therefore ending the curse She didn t count on the fianc s surly and antisocial brother being added to the mix and suddenly thanks to this interfering and silly ghost she finds herself caught in a compromising position with the hero and is forced to accept the idea of marriage She knows she will never go through with it but the heros painful past of his own betrayal is upsetting to the family and so she must play along There follows a story of betrayal trust and mystery The hero and heroine once enemies soon become something but if they are not able to trust one another than the curse will really and truly win in the endThis book is very
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a discounted haruin novel it is short very uncomplicated and not exactly true to it s portrayed era The language of the time faded in and out as the author lost focus of the time period and repeatedly referenced modern phrasing and mannerisms The vast majority of the scenarios were typical historical but a lot of the time I found myself rolling my eyes at the lack of true character reactions Never would an unmarried female have any freedom of choice in marriage after she was caught in a mans bedchamber Never would she decide to ride along with a man without a chaperone These things threw me off and paired with the rushed a chaperone These things threw me off and paired with the rushed of the book and sever lack of chemistry between the characters made this book rate low for me I felt no love between the characters and indeed most of the 250 page book was spent with them at odds with one another and having little to no private interactions I wasn t a fan but then again I should not have expected a whole lot out of it. He only way for Anna to prove the phantom's existence was to solve the mystery As for the Duke of Seeton he soon found Anna haunting his dream. His cuddly but mostly chaste sexy times with the heroine Anna and it makes him frustrated It doesn t help Salome who is in the family way but not married though this book is "FASCINATINGLY FORWARD IN HOW THE CHARACTERS TREAT HER CHANTS "forward in how the characters treat her CHANTS A BANSHEE WAIL every prayer she can think of As one character remarks its not like she s innocent so why is she freaked out by two consenting adults who are fully dressed cuddling on the bed under a blanketYes I read this book so many times as a teenager that I remember whole swaths of it without needing a refresher Guys the banter between Roark and Anna is hilarious the ghost Charles is hilarious and Anna loves to rib Roark about how everyone in his family thinks he s this miserly recluse that stares at the sky all day when he s practically a frakking rake who Making India Work just happens to be mostly anti social with his familySo I went into this book with high hopes it would maintain its appeal to me And it did While I m mostly not convinced of the romance that had little impact on the overall enjoyment I had This isust a FUN book with some sexy times that were mostly chaste but still surprisingly passionate A keeper While this is a truckload of tired romance plotlines I did like the funky ghost You don t see a lot of ghosts plotlines I did like the funky ghost You don t see a lot of ghosts likable secondary characters in romances and while Charles was uite the gentleman throughout it did give me some inappropriate ideas about other things handsome ghosts might do in romances This was a very enjoyable book The ghost story works beautifully as he is one of the secondary characters rather than a distant device Each portion of the story served to parallel another story whether it was Charles story Roark s story Aunt Deidre or Anna s Everyone had intertwined stories The tone is very light but the intrigue was engrossing and helped drive the novel at parts where the character or relationship development seemed to falter I really enjoyed this novel and is by far my favorite one by Holbrook though Lady Megan s Masuerade comes a close second even if its for sentimental reasons I was so tempted to give up several times while I was reading it But I don t like to ratereview a book that I did not finish And I wanted to review it Besides I own a paper book which is what frustrates me the most If it was an e book fine I could have deletedremoved it But there are no Cindy Holbrook e books yet and I honestly don t have spaces left in my shelf for paper books ha as if I could stop buying I think I am going to leave this book in an empty seat of the An easy witty light hearted S were to take place But then an apparition lured her into the bed chamber of the bridegroom's reclusive brother and locked them in together ,