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The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew Kindle EditionYou Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News: Shocking but Utterly True Facts Kindle Edition

Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, lSlim women wear veils fewer than 5 per cent of Middle Eastern countries reuire the veil byaw and in fact Muslims countries ban the wearing of veils than reuire them 62% of Muslims are not even ban the wearing of veils than reuire them 62% of Muslims are not even most are from the Asia Pacific region Indonesia has than 200 million Muslims and India has about 500 millionI might be wrong but I think there are some factual inaccuracys for example the book gives the standard historian s answer that America dropped the atom bomb on Japan to end world war 2 without having to invade Japan But we now know this to be wrong the Japanese were in secret peace talks and Japan was nuked to scare the RussiansAnother inaccuracy is the book states the calories in calories out theory of weight oss which is out of date modern theory is based on a hormonal understanding of weight gainA fair chunk of the book is debunking myths about American history I don t know anything about that subject so it was no interest to me apart from the fact that Abraham Lincoln was so strong apart from the fact that Abraham Lincoln was so strong could pick people up by the neck one handedThe section of human nature is uite wonderful and funny it is great to earn how we Naked lie to ourselves to protect our self esteem and the manyogical mistakes we make every dayOverall I thought this book was great it does appear to be a rehash of what is on the website but the website is great so this is no bad thing It is funny and informative and I recommend it Cracked has once again made a GREAT book with great content for everyoneas a ong time reader i know this a ong time reader I know this put uite the effort on getting the facts they are NOT sensationalist extremist or shallow They are certainly atheists but not the kind that will burn your bibles This makes the book even enjoyable as they show the facts without passion or zealMy only complaint is the AWFUL Claim The Crown layout of the kindle edition It really makes the book hard on the eyes I m 35 and I honestly can t imagine anyone over 50 with the usual eye problems of the age being able to read such a small fontTake aook at the book it s worth it But if you can pick the paper edition at Nerds least until someb If youove to In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, laugh are older than 20 want to know all the ridiculous and wrong things you were taught as a child this book is a must In it you willearn why using a toilet is bad for you the ways your brain hasn t evolved and why the reason why you shouldn t get annual check ups and Bark lots of other things having to do with your body history science medicine etc You will find yourselfaughing uproariously at the humorous way these facts are presented THE TITLE IS VERY APROPOS It was a fun book to a point Some things I already knew and some things were new information The author may have gotten in over his head on a couple of issues he didn t have speaking authority on a particular subject and should not have brought it up The crudeness of his vocabulary was definitely overused and that in my opinion became tiresome If you already On Such a Full Sea like cracked then go ahead and save your money since I can remember everything in this book from the website And I don t even read everything on the website I only skim them One negative is because this is aink it Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! lacksinks to their source material so you kinda need to do a Cannibal little digging if you want toook into some of the stuffA word of warning to those uninitiated to crackedsome people HATE Cracked They either think it s the We're here to help Packed with sexy facts than the Encyclopedia Pornographica the Cracked De Textbook will teach you about the true stars of history why you picture everything from Velociraptors to Ancient Rome incorrectly and finally at Mastered (The Enforcers, longast how to pop a proper suat This book was built from the ground up to systematically seek out dismantle and There is a handful that are wrong decimal point with spinach but thats the point information adapts over time it can t be set in stone the book doesnt just teach u huge glaring mistakes with what we belief but asks us to challenge information We should even challenge this Books information Because we can t take facts at face value can t take facts at face value I Man, Son of Man like this book aot of what is written in it is stuff that I actually already knew Some Of It Even of it even reading Cracked itself but the way the book is written is so consistently humorous that I genuinely don t mind reading about things I already knowFor the current price and the amount of content in this book if you are Alter Ego looking for a bit of aaugh to keep you entertained for a week or so in short bursts then buy this Full of useless information about a myriad of different subject this is a textbook cracked style With swear words and crude jokes bursting at the seams if you are a regular readerviewer of Cracked this is sure to make you augh I have to say as a fan of I most of these tidbits of esoterical knowledge are pretty common place and often I could see the punchline coming but it is good reading and it s an excellently bound and printed book Worth it if you know what you are getting in to If you are not an avid Cracked reader ike I am then I would give this a five star rating for you because it is a fascinating readBut as I ve been reading their website for about three years now most of what was included in this book is already available on their website albeit re written So I found myself reading about things that I already knewAll in all I would recommend this book to anyone and I still thoroughly enjoyed it Just continue reading their website however if you have been already This book is a amazing fact book based around correcting many common misunderstandings about subjects ike history the human bodymind physics animals etcIt is written by the writers of the humor website cracked and is similar in contentHere is some of my favorite bitsIt appears that we are pooping wrong for most of human history we suatted down but with the invention *Of The Toilet Changed To *the toilet changed to Sitting on the toilet causes a kink in your poop tubes slowing down the process and can give you hemorrhoidsThe Velociraptors depicted in Jurassic park are not accurate the real thing is about knee high and covered in feathersThere could be planets in our solar system than we think certain parts of our solar system are too close or too far away from the sun to be viewedOstriches are not silly creatures that stick their heads in the ground they are in fact bad asses that can run sixty miles per hour for half a hour and kill a ion with one kick of their ridiculously strong Unseen City legsHitler was not the tactical genius he is made out to be but of a media savvy public speaker who suffered from really bad flatulenceThe Egyptian pyramids were originally covered is polishedimestone that would have reflected the Art light from the sunmoonColumbus was not the first European to discover America the Vikings got there first but were kicked out by the Native Americans When the Pilgrims turned up the Native Americans had just suffered from a massive plague that killed 90% of the population making it easy for the Europeans to take over The Native Americans also managed to build their own pyramids such as Monks MoundVery few Mu. You are an idiotDon't get defensive It's not your fault For decades your teachers authority figures and textbooks have beenying to you You do not have five senses Your tongue doesn't have neatly segregated taste bud zones You don't know what the pyramids really God Is in the Crowd lookedike You're even pooping wrong Jesus you're a wreckBut it's going to be okay Because. .

Summary The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew

 The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You KnewAme as the old print magazine or maybe they just don t Like The Humor Or the humor or I don t mean this as in you Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ll probably hate the book no youl probably enjoy it I mean if you re driving in the car with someone on a The Matriarchs (The Family long trip and you guys run out of things to talk about and you say some interesting fact you heard on Crackedike I read on Cracked that Prostitution is technically Notes for the Everlost legal in Antarctica Theyl immediately discount it as fake and be sure to et you know that you re stupid So yeah keep it To Yourself I M A yourself I m a fan of Cracked and I was really excited about reading this book I was a bit disappointed howeverI knew it was going to be mostly information from the website but I was hoping they would have made each section a ittle No Biggy! longer It seems that they truncated the original articles aittle bit I wish they would have added a Crush It! little information to expound on the stories I think there s aot on the website they could have added as wellI Attracting Birds to Your Backyard like how it s made toook Deep Listening like a school textbook and kind of poking fun at that That was a good decision And there s some pictures added just for the book with new captions that are pretty funny Iiked thatThe biggest negative is the Bird-by-Bird Gardening lack of sources On the site of course there are embeddedinks throughout each article which you can use to see their sources You can t have The Works of Saint Augustine links in a real book obviously but I was surprised they didn t have footnotes or anything You wouldn t think that would be a big deal but I think a big draw of the book is that you can show it to others who might not read the site I wouldove to give it as a gift but without the sources it just sounds Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone like a bunch of unfounded information used for comedy It seems very non credible especially with the comedic toneAnother big negative is that it doesn t have all the pictures with captions that the online articles have I understand why using those wouldn t make much sense but usually the funniest parts are from those picture captions and not having them reallyoses something As I said they do have some new pictures with captions but they are few and far betweenAll that said I really enjoyed reading the book and these types of articles are my favorite on cracked I iked this book I was a fun read with great illustrations The subjects discussed in the book *were interesting compelling tooHowever the book does not cite where they got this information from They have no reference *interesting compelling tooHowever the book does not cite where they got this information from They have no reference in the book Here and there they mention a study done by somebody that provides evidence for something they wrote about but there is no concrete reference that one would expect from a book about factsI don t think any of the cracked s authors of this book have expertise on any of the subjects discussed here So they have to compile the information from somewhere and the readers should have access to thatOne might say that they trust crack to provide the information accurately but as a skeptical person I would ike to evaluate the accuracy case by case Also having a reference would help a reader if the reader wants to do further reading and research about the subjectI didn t see anybody bring this subject up so I thought I add this objectionI won t be using anything I read in this book in a conversation or as advice in my daily routine until I can confirm it from independent sources I hope all the readers of this book do the sam. Estroy the many untruths that years of misguided education have Supper Club left festering inside of you andeave you a smarter personwhether you Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) like it or not The De Textbook is a merciless brutalearning machine It can't be bargained with It can't be reasoned with It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear And it absolutely will not stop ever until you are inform.

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