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N addition he states his case Invisible (Invisible, for the essential historicity of John among the synopticsHis Bibliography of Secondary Sources runs 127 pages and his Index of Ancient Sources runs 34 pages You ll be dizzy chasing it all down but it is thereor you should you need to consult a referenceI m eagerly anticipating reviews of this book by those who differ with him on his conclusions Keep the popcorn handyPhilip Murray Been waiting Pier Head Jump for this bookor awhile Keener is excellent in his study and attention to detail Thorough and painstakingly researched With the inclusion of memory studies and extensive discussion of ancient biographies this is a valuable and uniue contribution to the historical valuable and uniue contribution to the historical of the Gospel accountsSee FULL REVIEW HERE WORTH THE READ IF YOU HAVE review here Worth the read if you have time but probably appropriate Make Your Own Pixel Art for pastors and academics I was impressed with how wellramed reviewed and edited it was.             9 Sources Close to the Events Part 3 Testing the Range of Deviation             10 Case Studies Biographies of Recent Characters Use Prior Information             11 Flex Room Literary Techniues in Ancient Biographies Part 4 Two Objections to Gospels as Historical Biographies             12 What about Miracles             13 What about John Part 5 Memories about Jesus Memories before Memoirs             14 Memory Studies             15 Jesus Was a Teacher             16 Oral Tradition Oral History             17 The Implications of This Stud. Rative without violating the essential historicity of their subjectAll this was with the happy reception of their audience Our lesson is we should not happy reception of their audience Our lesson is that we should not narrow Enlightenment historiographical constrictions to a TABU first century context He names names of these offendersI think Dr Keener possibly Over Footnotes his material perhaps because his conservative leanings reuire him to be particularly careful Is this aault In any event there s a wealth of summaries of newer material on memory studies comparisons of ancient histories and biographies that will keep you tracking down authors and studies or months to come One particularly useful comparison is the three Biographies Of Otho We Find of Otho we ind Suetonius Tacitus and Plutarch Dr Keener lays out a synoptic like parallel of the texts in three parallel vertical columns to show how each author treats Otho s life in various stages Er’s  Christobiography has Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy, far reaching implicationsor the study of the canonical gospels and historical Jesus researchTable of ContentsIntroduction Part 1 Biographies about Jesus             2 Not a Novel Proposal             3 Examples and Development of Ancient Biography             4 What Sort of Biographies Are the Gospels             5 What Did First Century Audiences Expect of Biographies Part 2 Biographies and History             6 Biographies and Historical Information             7 What Historical Interests Meant in Antiuity             8 Luke Acts as Biohistory. I really don t understand how Keener continues to #Produce Such And Scholarly Works Unless He Doesn T #such lengthy and scholarly works unless he doesn t For accomplishing another 500 volume I give this book Five Stars LOL To summarize his argument he pushes back on the radical scholars who see the Gospels as mostly unreliable sources or the life and teachings of Jesus I think he has done this convincingly He is careful not to overstate his case and claim verbatim recollections of Jesus teachings and speeches In the 501 pages of his work I see three primary points1 The Gospels are definitely situated in the genre of classical bioi historical biography2 Classical bioi were expected to recount true history3 The authors of these works the Gospels included were ree to tell their story with a bounded lexibility That is they could employ a reasonable degree of rearranging chronology adapt wording and detail to their nar. adapt wording and detail to their nar. Demonstrates the reliability of the canonical gospels by exploring the genre of ancient biographyThe canonical gospels are ancient biographies narratives of Jesus’s life The authors of these gospels were intentional in how they handled historical information and sourcesBuilding on recent work in the study of ancient biographies Craig Keener argues that the writers of the canonical gospels ollowed the literary practices of other biographers in their day In  Christobiography he explores the character of ancient biography and urges students and scholars to appreciate the gospel writers’ method and degree of accuracy in recounting the ministry of Jesus Keen. Christobiography