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R than as part of a novel as a wholeThe Universe of Honor Harrington David WeberAnd this one read like a history book Which to be fair is or less what it is so it fulfils its purpose in that regard I enjoyed it for the background information it provides but it isn t really a story It was a slow read and probably not strictly necessary but for people who will read through all the appendix information and footnotes in various books because they find them fascinating this is an excellent addition I o like how well everything hangs togetherOut of the collection as a whole my favourite part was His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, definitely A Beautiful Friendship More Than Honor shows us the first Contact between treecats Celery Bandits D and humans covers a scuffle with Haven shows us what happened with Ester Mcueen and gives background information on the Honorverse D This is all presented in a fast paced roller coaster of a ride filling missingetails from other books that will have you in turn laughing your head off and staying up late to see how things go D More Than Honor is brilliant fast paced clever gripping and action packed D Highly recommended D A collection of three short stories by three ifferent authors *all set in David Weber s Honorverse As with any anthology it s three ifferent authors *all set in David Weber s Honorverse As with any anthology it s mixed *set in David Weber s Honorverse As with any anthology it s a mixed the first from Weber himself was a J.M. Coetzee delightful tale of the first contact between humans and treecats the second from David Drake was an interesting story of an architectural holiday gone wrong and finally a frankly meh story from SMStirling set in the peeps part of the unive 2018 re read I love the first short story in his collection as much as any of the main line novels This is an anthology of three short stories and a host of technical information non story but about the story universe The first story is a precursor to one of the David Weber spin off series about Stephanie Harrington Honor semi famous ancestor who was first to befriend a tree cat I found the story wonderful and it was one of those rare tales that was something I could share with myaughter Tree cats an 11 year old girl and a mystery over celery and an adventure on a wilderness world What could you ask for The second story by David Drake another space opera veteran was also wonderful but ifferent Drake s style is very similar to Weber s and the story blends well with the Honor verse The third story is actually the untold story of a cou. Honor's universe by two leading science fiction writers David Drake and SM Stirlin. More Than HonorWaste of time First story is *just the first few chapters of A Beautiful Friendship Second story was boring AF Third story *the first few chapters of A Beautiful Friendship Second story was boring AF Third story actually mildly interesting Last section was a bunch of ry ata that I thought was pretty interesting and is why this book gets two stars instead of one star I highly Recommend Skipping This One Following GR S Rating System This skipping this one Following GR s rating system this was ok It wasn t strong enough to stand on its own and it oesn t uite mesh with the main Honor series but it wasn t painful to read throughIn Blue Skies and Gunfire detail for me A Whiff of Grapeshot was the best of the lot conversely I m not feeling any inclination to read A Beautiful Friendship after what was a fairly run of the mill First Contact story with very unbelievable and somewhat annoying characters The last entry on the workings of the universe was actually fairly interesting especially the story of the Star Kingdom and the explanation for the two of your Earth minutes tropeSo in short Ion t want to say I won t read the other anthologies but this one hasn t really one much to convince me to o so This collection of short storiesnovelettes was very uneven A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber was excellent It tells the story of the first encounter between treecats and humans I fell in love with the characters and want to read A Grand "Tour by David Drake was just horrid It really had nothing to o with the Honorverse other than a " by David Drake was just horrid It really had nothing to o with the Honorverse other than a trappings He could have used Federation warp Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, drive and impulse engines just as easily and it would have had as much too with the Star Trek universe Further I was taught that Melungeons was a less than polite word To have all the stereotypes present for those people and they straightened up and Born Fighting did well under the supervision of the superior Manticoreans was offensive A Whiff of Grapeshot by S M Stirling told the story behind the Leveler Uprising I m not much for the Havenites but thisid fill in plenty of background and was well writtenThe Universe of Honor Harrington by David Weber was at times technical than I liked and my eyes glazed over However I am glad I stuck with it as I learned about the political background of the worlds This collection is for fans of the series It Dr. Simon Forman deserves 35 stars I rounded up because of the first story Weber David David Drake and S M Stirling More than Honor Worlds of Honor No 1 Baen 1997In the Golden Age of science fiction publishers often. Tells how the Harrington family and its tradition ofistinguished service in the ,

Farmed out successful genre series to many low paid WRITERS SELDOM GOOD MOSTLY BAD OR INDIFFERENT TOM SWIFT seldom good mostly bad or indifferent Tom Swift instance is the creation of many Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside different hands most of whom are known for nothing else At least one publisher created a whole fake biography for a phony French writer of routine space opera Theseays we are well used to television and movie series farming out novelizations to multiple writers sometimes pretty good writers Alan Dean Foster comes to mind and many others made a small pile in the Star Trek and Star Wars worlds More recently icons of science fiction like Larry Niven have begun A Wartime Nurse doing the same thing attracting well established writers to continue andevelop their fictional worlds There may be Known Space stories now by others than by Niven The Honorverse is a good example of the trend Stirling has his own successful postapocalyptic series of Emberverse novels and Drake is himself an icon of military science fiction It is no surprise that these stories Split do such a good job of setting up the world that you could begin your reading of Harrington stories with them The first story by Weber about the Harrington family s first contact with treecats is a very logical place to begin the series Enjoy More like 35Interesting *but there are things about the novel that juston t add up As is often the case with collections of *there are things about the novel that just When Stories Clash don t add up As is often the case with collections of fiction I enjoyed some parts of this book better than othersA Beautiful Friendship David WeberI really liked this story which chronicles the first meeting between humans and treecats David Weber later expanded this story into a YA novel with the same title and as soon as I finished reading this version I went onto the Baen website to purchase andownload the novel so I could read it too I liked seeing of the treecats as full fledged charactersA Grand Tour David DrakeThis was my least favourite portion of the anthology It wasn t BADLY WRITTEN BUT IT SEEMED ONLY TANGENTIALLY CONNECTED TO written but it seemed only tangentially connected to rest of the Honor Harrington universe It really seemed like it could have easily been Sword of Honour Second To None dropped into another science fiction universe simply by changing the names of a few places and groups of peopleA Whiff of Grapeshot SM StirlingThis short story fills in background for an event that was mentioned or less in passing in the book In Enemy Hands I liked this one a lot and the events it covered really work best in short story format rathe. Efence of the realm was founded and how theyiscovered treecats Weber is joined in.

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