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dialogue we had to break the constant narrative Aside from the one oint I enjoyed this debut novel Diane Duffy has enormous Off 13 potential and we ve only seen the beginning of itI can t wait to see what else she comes out with and I will beicking it up when it goes on sale So on Sunday I received an email asking "me to review a book I get this reuest from time " to review a book I get this reuest from time time Some of the books I really try to read some I have to try and start again because I get so lost in the lot I have because I get so lost in the lot I have idea what is going onMy favorite is romancesuspense or contemporary romance and certain aranormal romance I can get intoWhen I review books I do not like to give spoilers away much because that does not let the future readers to enjoy the experience I loved this book I read it all in one seating I think that is the term LOL This book had me laughing out loud and freaking out yelling at the characters because you knew they didn t get it yet what you the reader had already figured out So goodThis book takes some hard topics and situations and deals with them in a real way that eople today deal with relationships I am going to break one of my rules and just mention no names but the little girl in this book I loved her so much You all are not getting anything else from meThis book had me with goose bumps in a good way right until the very last word on the age This is a light read funny real and insightful This being this author s first book it was a very nice surprise The book itself read differently than most which was refreshing It does have some tough subjects but real life feel I really hope the author does a second book or on the series because I am now wondering about the other characters in the novel and how their stories unfold I recommend this book I enjoyed it I am looking forward to many books from Diane Duffy Thanks Tamara Fundybaygalgmailcom. Eries a trio of stand alone contemporary romance novels with a twist of small town charmTake a Piece of My Heart by author Diane Rose Duffy is a wonderful book that will have you hooked from the start Diane Rose Duffy's writing style is engaging and articulate At times you will find yourself giggling out loud at Kara's thoughts and actions and in the very next minute your heart will ache for her READERS' FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS. ,
Take a Piece of My Heart

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Acked within the ages Alt I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIn her debut novel Diane takes us on Kara s life journey starting as a teenager WHO MEETS A HOT GUY AND ENDS UP MARRYING meets a hot guy and ends up marrying What started out as innocent teenage lust and love turns dark when her husband starts beating her on a regular basis Like most women in a domestic violence situation she believes herself to be trapped even though others try to help her escape Kara finally reaches her breaking oint and escapes her abusive husband From there her story twists and turns as she waits for the divorce to happen and when She Meets A New Guy Who Doesn T Beat Her meets a new guy who doesn t beat her leaves her emotionally abandoned Like the ex husband he takes some of her heart as well but also gives her a gift she thought no longer Mob Mistress possible Without giving too much away because one should read it Kara finds the oneerson that takes the biggest Stud in the Stacks piece of her heart and she freely yet wisely this time gives it awayI really enjoyed the fastaced fun yet emotional ride the author takes you on in this novel I was also Choosing to Survive pleased with the awareness that the novel brought to domestic violence without making Kara too much of a victim that ended up sealing up her heart for good The fact that she overcame and thrived was refreshing to see My one main criticism would be to show me don t tell me There were several fabulous set ups that the opportunity to show me what was going on as opposed to just telling me were lost The main section of domestic violence would have had that much of an impact if it hadlayed out as a scene utilizing all of the senses instead of Kara s narrative of it First Robin Hood person POV works here but there were times were I felt like Kara rambled I felt as though I were at my salon getting my hair done and Kara was my hairdresser Fun to listen to for a while but after a bit the nonstop chattering wore thin I was Rited female with a snarky attitude and an often colorful viewpoint on life Kara's no Barbie doll either in build or temperament and thus her tale will relate to many female readersKara shares her journey of friendships romance lust and loss in Take a Piece of My Heart She learns slowly that mistrust love and hatred for someeople may reuire a second chance This sexy and heartwarming story is Book One of The Wavering Heart Take a Piece of my Heart is a special novel It tackles the issues of spousal abuse and what constitutes a loving relationship Kara is a battered wife who chooses A iece of my heart is Kara s story We meet her when she s very young and *optimistically falls in love with danny there are *falls in love with Danny There are signs about Danny but Kara trusts her heart and going against her arents wishes marries DannyThe result of her decision is The Vavasour Macbeth painful Danny slowly turns out to be a very violent angry husband who is not onlyhysically abusive but emotionally as well Reading the ins and outs of their relationship was hard It takes a while for Kara to realize and accept that Danny is now who she hoped but that s when the story takes offLike the hoenix born out of the ashes Kara starts finding herself once she leaves Danny Horrible as that relationship was she doesn t let it beat her Instead she finds her voice and her inner strength and learns that hope doesn t have to be blind to be right Along the way she also finds support in the form of characters who though Realistically Flawed Add To Her flawed add to her and certainly add to the storyWith a touch of humour and unusual lot A Piece of my heart is a very Crisis of the Strauss Divided powerful debut fromromising author I d recommend it to anyone who likes fiction with a touch of class and FIVE FABULOUS STARSAs I was reading Kara s eccentric list of unfortunate events I too was arrested booked into jail met a leprechaun visited Cabo San Lucas kissed a Josh Duhamel look a like and found my soul mate all from the comfort of my home The author did such a fabulous job writing her debut novel Take a Piece of My Heart that I felt that I was right alongside Kara every step of the way The story line and the characters kept me engaged and I could not ut the book down from the moment I began reading it My husband kept giving me side eyes because I would burst out laughing from the humor that was Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 1501002678 ISBN 13 9781501002670Kara's uest to find her voice freedom from her ast and her own identity leads her down a VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) path full of surprises Some are good and others not so much Though her bad choices bring her face to face with the dark side of human nature Kara's heartfelt desire to find aure and everlasting love give her the courage to take chances She's a strong spi. ,

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