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Character s perspectives Dark and moody MYSTERY WITH A THOMAS HARDYESUE ATMOSPHERE with a Thomas Hardyesue atmosphere without a whole page describing a tree A story to remain in the mind long after you ve finished reading John Albrehart as been #Dead For Close On A *year And #for close on a *year and effects of Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles, his death still affectis wife two daughters and is son who *and the effects of is death still affect is wife two daughters and is son who Six-Moon Trail have different views onim In Edward Parnell s The Listeners we find out about John through the people who knew Mustard Seed Magic him or thought they did though mainly through the thoughts ofis son William and is eldest daughter Rachel To William e was a Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, hero to Rachel of a villain who put an end toer growing romance with local boy Tom with whom she The Witches hadad a stillborn babyWilliam Splinter has not spoken a word since the dayis father was buried but Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles he still visits the disusedouse they would go to when out fishing or bird watching A beautifully written evocative novel The vivid descriptions of the natural world of a Norfolk village during the Second World war are enchanting and fill the novel with an atmospheric and at times The Princes Mistress haunting sense of time and place The multi narrator format works exceptionally well with each distinctive voice bringing a fresh viewpoint and version of events whilst at the same time each chapter seamlessly leads into the next making it a very difficult book to put down Aighly recommended summer read but with dark gothic undertones which would be beguiling at any time of year An emotive and dark read captivating right from the start I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of this book and the clever twists throughout The I read the darker and pulling it became Highly recommended. St and present dramatically collide Drawing on the Gothic traditions of Walter de la Mare's poem of the same name Edward Parnell's 'The Listeners' is a dark elegiac tale about grief love and loss and ow we try to make sense of existence through stories and memorie. The most compelling aspect of this book is the atmosphere The natural world described in intimate detail and old fashioned rural life imbues every scene but not in the chocolate *BOX IDYLL PEOPLE IMAGINE THE COUNTRYSIDE *idyll People Imagine The Countryside Is Raw Brutal imagine the countryside is raw brutal well as beautiful and this is reflected in the story itself The story is set in the shadow of two world wars and follows the tragedies and opes of one family who are all trapped in their own way in their past and in their present It is a beautifully told story and I look forward to seeing what the author will write next A wonderful novel set in May 1940 in which the Norfolk countryside and its wildlife plays an intergral and vivid role It s a novel primarily about grief and loss I think and a family coming to terms with various strands of it This is mirroredforeshadowed in the vanishing wildlife depicted in the book its nightingales red backed shrikes farmland songbirds turtle doves elm and ash trees that in the early part of the 21st century we know ave now vanished from or are in the process of vanishing from this landscape It s a beautifully descriptive book about the birds that the main character William encounters too and reflects the author s background as a birdwatcher and conservationist A book *that is such a pleasure to read from the fine writing skill of the author to the story itself I esitated * is such a pleasure to read from the fine writing skill of the author to the story itself I Afgantsy hesitated over the multiplicity of narrators it can be a difficult thing to pull off bute Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., has They take us o The author defines both the period and place with great skill The reader is drawn into the story by the lovely descriptions of the Norfolk landscape but May 1940 Ghostsaunt the woods and fields of Norfolk as Europe descends into full blown warfare William Abrehart a strange nature loving boy who Somnium hasn't spoken since the mysterious death ofis father struggles to keep the promise The Cronos Complex I he made to look afteris withdraw. T is the family secret expertly revealed in different voices that really drew me inWonderful narrative and beautifully crafted A ighly recommended read If you appreciate an author who takes time over the little things this book is for you Story recounted through mulitple narrators nearly all first person Three main voices a young boy is oldest teenage sister and is mother

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the picture of life and death of the father We never understand the Father s motivations and although the mother lost a child she still ad three and Dem Nordpol am nächsten her evident mental deterioration to the point that she wills the moment ofer own death is unexplained Would no one in the small Norfolk community Heart Beat have stepped in toelp The star is the Norfolk countryside of the 1940s rich with wildlife and birdsong whose cadences govern the farming community s calendar One voice the younger teenage sister s is smaller in the book and ultimately she is the one least tainted by The Site Book her Father s actions Satisfyingly she escapes with an Airman leavinger sister and brother to live knowingly and unknowingly through the conseuences of their Father s affairs I was drawn to this book by the reference to The Listeners but using an abandoned The Devils Possession house with a knownistory only for sex *Was Simply Too Banal *simply too banal deserve any connection with the classic poem Initial page turning beauty turned into speed reading to reach the unsatisfying conclusion with so many whys left unanswered that it could Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, have been a short story or novella An interesting and gripping story set in Norfolk with WW2 as a backdrop A study of grief and secrets and events viewed from different. N mother and older sisters Rachel the eldest is waiting for news from France ofer soldier sweetheart while Kate as designs on an airman stationed nearby Over the course of a momentous weekend a complex family web of lies and self deception will unravel as the pa.
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