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This Is Our House eExample is over 99%ffective Set a freaking alarm and take it at the Madam President exact same timevery day then make your partner wear a condom as a backup form of birth control I pretty much guarantee you re not going to get knocked up unless you re some kind of fertile wonder Hester sits around all mopey about her lot in life without Star Wars Meet the Heroes Chewbacca ever really thinking about her options or taking control After reading other heroines that don t want kids but havenough agency to still be happy in life because IT S OKAY TO NOT WANT KIDS look at Katsa or Aya Hester was just insufferableThe Relationship Insta love no development inexplicably drawn to one anothercould I be less interested Hester who has decided that she must be alone forever to the point where she has only one friend and treats him like dirt instantly drops all of her hard Dancing Queen earned personal strife when she meets Ezra Which says to me not oh I ve been suffering with this curse and now I can t resist love but oh hey no one sver good nough for me but this dude s cute so I guess I m good to go now Seriously she has one real conversation with him and then is ready to make out and potentially drop what little life she has to hang out with him on the beach forever That s healthy motional growth for yaThe Whats the Big Deal about Americans explanation Okay first I have to say that the urgency of this mystery made zero sense to me Hester had this unexplained need to suddenly uncover the details of her family curse free pinned spirits and fix something that s been happening for over 100 years There was no reason behind her urgency or actions no legitimate motivation spurring her on Then Hester uncovers the fact that she holds Syrenka s soul within her body I didn t find this charming or self sacrificing on Syrenka s part I found it pretty messed up Syrenka throws her soul into thempty shell of her own daughter s body after realizing that she d used her own daughter s soul to pin the spirit of Ezra and apparently DK Findout! Birds everyonelse who died that day though I m pretty sure this was never addressed See maybe it s just me but I don t get this Putting your soul into someone Un printemps Thran else s body doesn t save that person That person doesn txist the body is a shell Sticking your soul in their body only gives you a new body It s not self sacrificing it s self indulgent It s some weird method of practicing immortality I didn t think oh how lovely when this was The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations Book 2) explained mostly I just felt disturbed and it made me dislike Syrenka The obvious I don t deal well with characters who don t figure things out as fast as readers I really don t deal well with characters who take as long to figure out the obvious as Hester does The fact that Hester is seeing and communicating with ghosts is obvious to the reader from the beginning They literally tell her that no onelse talks to them but she still doesn t get it In fact after she finally begrudgingly accepts that one character must be a ghost it never occurs to her that these other people who are obviously displaced in time might also be dead Really HesterObviously I failed to find Monstrous Beauty beautiful I didn t feel as if there was any The Healing Power of Plants emotional development the world building was a patch job the pacing inexplicable and the outcome unsatisfactory Maybe I should just stay away from mermaids all together from now on Wow I can tven begin to And Another Thing... (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, explain how thoroughlyxcellent Monstrous Beauty is It s to the point where I don t The Worst Witch Strikes Again even want to write a review because and I ve said this before it s not going to come close to truly showing how amazing this book is Monstrous Beauty hasverything that would make a book awesome mermaids ghosts a curse an awesome mystery and an absolutely The Truth (Almost) about Bharat excellent plot The plot Oh my that plot was Wow It took me some time to get used to the transitioning time periods but when I did get used to it I realized how awesome it was Have youver seen the movie Memento If you haven t the main thing about it is that it s presented as two different seuences of scenes one in black and white seuences that s shown chronologically and one in color seuences that s shown in reverse order The two seuences Mr. Christmas eventually meet in thend forming one story Monstrous Beauty is like That There S One Set There s one set seuences set in the late 1800 s that follows the main mermaid Syrenka and then there s another set of seuences set in the present day that follows the main character Hester I really can t say a lot about them because so much in this book could be a spoiler and I really don t want to spoil this book for anyone I think the only negative things Monstrous Beauty had going for it were its predictability though it may not be predictable for you I found most of the plot twists coming but that was only because I obsessively kept track of the characters in this book by taking notes If I hadn t taken notes I most likely would not have seen most of the twists coming and the fact that I didn t really care for the characters up until the last 10% or so The characters were good and all it s just I didn t really care for them too much and the only thing I really cared about was the awesome plot and how Where My Heart Used to Beat everything would tie together in thend My thoughts on the characters really on Hester Syrenka Ezra Pastor McKee and Linnie changed immensely at the nd and I actually found myself crying although I cry at verything Another Mr. Perfect extremely awesome aspect to Monstrous Beauty was Hester researching her heritage and finding howverything related to her However I felt that it became really complicated and keeping up with all the characters and their histories got difficult so I had to write myself some notes That doesn t make it bad though it just get s Secret Suffragette extremely complicated so I suggest taking some notes if you get confusedasily when it comes to characters and their histories like me Oh and the mermaids in this book were vicious They sure don t sing Instead of singing they actually rip open people s chests rip out their hearts and swallow it whole and 7 Secrets of the Goddess eat people s lungs You know the usual I don t think I llver be able to watch The Little Mermaid the same way again slowly backs away That s right Ariel I see you I know what you re capable of Don t try and fool meOverall Monstrous Beauty was twisted disturbing graphic heartbreaking and beautifulAnd I loved very single moment of it Monstrous Beauty was disturbing tragic and yet beautiful and hopeful Hester comes from a tragic line of women Each mother in her family who s given birth has dies within days of delivery Hester s mother her grandmother her great grandmother and so on Hester believes this is some sort of genetic anomaly and the only way to avoid death is to avoid love marriage and pregnancy Little does she know that this affliction is anything but genetic but stems from something far sinister The past and present collide with alternating chapters as the mystery is slowly revealed Let me tell you it s a brutal and violent history and one that s filled with a desperate all consuming love Did I mention the scary amoral sea creatures I seriously could have nightmares This is one erily creepy story There was a romance that I was rooting for and I wished it was developed a little further but I still My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, enjoyed this storyven so I won this audio CD off a blog I freuent and I m so glad I did because it s not a book I would ve picked up on my own The writing was masterful and the prose was beautiful The narrator was brilliant I felt my heart pound in scenes with nervousness longing horror disappointment and Doglands envy as she broughtach character to life She brought the story alive with her versatile and passionate delivery Each accent and voice were flawless IMO Just the right Riveted (Iron Seas, emotion was conveyed forach scene I highly recommend it I njoyed listening to this story so much I decided to share the love and give away my audio CD copy Come visit The Readers Den for a chance to win This review is also available over at my blogPart of my Mermaid Marathon round twoThe year is 1872 and Syrenka a mermaid falls in love with the gorgeous Ezra and makes the deadly decision to become mortal and live a life with him Flash forward to almost 140 years later Hester Goodwin meets a stranger with the same name who seems to be living in a cave at the beach In Hester s family love has always lead to death After the women in her family give birth to a child they always mysteriously die the same day With Ezra s help Hester discovers and about her family s cursed history and her connection to Syrenka But she ll have to get past the powerful forces both on land and under the sea that are standing in her have to get past the powerful forces both on land and under the sea that are standing in her chapters in this book alternate from the past and the present It s told from multiple points of views but mainly Hester Syrenka and Ezra Both the past and present chapters always kept me ngaged Although the present chapters didn t have much action until closer to the nd I still loved discovering of the history of Hester s family and the fact that there are also the chapters that take place in THE PAST REALLY HELP I LIKED FINDING OUT THAT past really help I liked finding out that was connected in some wayThere wasn t nearly nough mermaids in this book though Not Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, enough for me at least In fact there are also a lot of ghosts and spirits in this book Some of the characters from the past chapters become spirits in the present chapters We don t really find out that much about the mermaid world until near thendThen we have the romance which is the reason that I had to take away a star from the rating Syrenka and Ezra s romance wasn t technically insta love I guess since it took uite a while for them to really truly be togetherHester and Ezra s romance however really bugged me Right off the bat when Hester first meets him it s lust at first sight She didn t ven find it weird at all that this guy lived in a cave and was wearing 19th century clothing And then all of a sudden they start kissing and saying they love ach other and I m just rolling my OBaby eyes But luckily the romance didn t annoy menough to lose interest in readingWas I happy with the Nerds ending Sure Were all my uestions answered I guess Do I think thending gave the possibility of a seuel Nah I don t think so It was a decent Zack (Areion Fury MC ending for a standalone and I really would have no idea where the story would go if there wasver a seuel plannedOverall this was a very Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, enjoyable book I liked the characters the supernatural aspectven though I wish there were mermaids rather than ghosts and how verything in the story was intertwined Although I do have to take away a Seventeen year old Hester meets a mysterious stranger named Ezra and feels overwhelmingly inexplicably drawn to him For generations love has resulted in death for the women in her family Is it an undiagnosed genetic defect or a curse With Ezra’s help Hester Hester Goodwin is like any other teenage girl she goes to school she crushes on her best friend she works weekends and summers at the Pilgrim village at her local community However the women in her family have suffered from a strange affliction they all die within a few days of giving birth to a child The idea that she might find love only to die scares Hester so badly that she decides she doesn t want to have a relationship ver but then she meets the odd handsome Ezra who Taxi ins Glück encourages her to look into her family history for the origin of this curseAnd it is a strange origin going back all the way to 1872 where a naturologist and a mermaid fall in love leading her to seek life on land But merfolk and men were not meant to mingle and the conseuences of their decisions leads to a tragicndMonstrous Beauty starts off slow builds up raplidly and finishes on such a breathless note that it had me glued to my chair and reading until near midnight From the outset it looks like any other YA book inexplicable attractions and all but it soon takes a turn for the dark and macabre The narrative alternates between modern day Plymouth and 1872 1873 and follows both Hester and the mermaid Syrenka until their stories meet and ntwine to a really satisfying conclusionNow I have to say I looked forward to Syrenka s chapters a lot than I did for Hester s ven if her name translates to something less scary or Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas exotic in Bulgarian She along with most of the characters in those segments is very well fleshed out three dimentional and heartbreaking Her story unravels constantly to new and tragicnds which really made my heart go out to her That is not to say the story is perfect though There are uite a lot of small things that made me pause but there are only a couple of them that I felt could have been handled betterI said that the book starts off slow and part of the reason why is because I didn t get much of a feel for Hester as a character Compared to Syrenka s her segments and the characters in them are underdeveloped and I never could buy her motivation Yeah okay the women in her family often die after giving birth but she s a teenage girl I can t believe she would just think she s doomed if she falls in love not without at least challenging the assumptionBut as the book progresses Hester becomes a really cool character too Once she realizes that somethings is up and shit got real she puts on her big girl pants and does what she has to do Refreshingly The Magic Rolling Pin enough she needs no help to do itither Yes her motivation is a guy but the guy is absolutely helpless and she has to deal with Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, every obstacle by herself and I think shemerges as a stronger character from itview spoiler As for the other problem it involves Syrenka To become human and have a soul she must give birth to a human child and Not Without a Fight eat a human s lungs She gets captured by a drunk fisherman who rapes her and then when he regrets it and cuts her free she kills him Now in the grand scheme of things this only contributes further to the story but Syrenka is never seen having any conflicted feelings about her child she loves her unconditionally Again it s possible but there is no struggle there no conflict It ignores the violence that happened to Syrenka and whatffect it had on her as if to say that no matter what children are sacredIn fact the whole novel seems to have pretty strong religious undertones to it but it s certainly not preachy and it adds rather than takes away to the overall story hide spoiler This is a mermaid story Consider yourself warned I have yet to read a mermaid story that I actually really really liked I was hoping to like this as much because it comes backed by our lovely Wendy but I think this is one of the few times our tastes will diverge I found the novel strong likable but ultimately stereotypical of all others that Garden Bouquets and Beyond exist It didn t give me anything new but it was anntertaining readThe writing is strong and smooth I liked the characterizations and I thought that Syrenka was one of the most intriguing mermaids I have come across so far I wish the book had stuck with her and not Hester The plot was well thought out and I liked the old Pastor and Linnie Sam was also adorable Why does Hester call her father Malcolm and not dad This was never discussed but occurred nough times to become an issue with meThe story moves between time and this was not #done smoothly the transitions often feel jarring and #smoothly The transitions often feel jarring and the ffect of jerking you out of the story and breaking whatever cadence you have built up so far Hester treats her best friend and crush before the arrival of the ghost dude horribly Very horribly This does not make me warm to her At all Spoilers ahead highlight to readview spoiler And okay I don t know why no one in the novel addressed this but Ezra the ghostly love interest kills a little girl in the novel Yes the circumstances were The Management Bible extenuating but the character shown inxtenuating circumstances is what or how a person will be judged and Ezra is scum worse than scum because he doesn t seem to have any remorse for what he did hide spoiler 15 Stars I didn t like it but I still managed to read the whole thingSo I finally did it I read a mermaid book My disdain for this trend was already pretty big considering I had yet to actually dip my toes in it but when I started seeing one fabulous review my toes in it but when I started seeing one fabulous review the other pour in for Monstrous Beauty I was determined that this would be the mermaid book for me It was described as literary and haunting beautifully written with dark Gothic touches Perfect for me Oh how wrong I wasThe Lore I m torn about the mermaid lore in Monstrous Beauty On the one hand I love their physical descriptions their general rules of being and I pumped my fist like a mofo when Syrenka ripped open that rapist s chest and ate his lungs the best part of the whole damn book imho but on the other hand it was all just so convenient We didn t learn a single thing about mermaids or anything Zu schnell else for that matter that wasn t immediately relevant to the tale at hand It wasn t as if the storyxisted within this world that already Sleepless (Bird of Stone, existed it was as if the world was being constructed to support the story Also didn t Syrenka tell Ezra that to become human she had to bear a human child And yet it never occurred to him to ask her what she was doing with legs The willful ignorance of the characters and the all too convenient story lines were glaringIt s a bit rapey up in here One aspect that particularly bothered me was the rapey ness of the whole thing A man who would go to great lengths to save another from thevil grips of a mermaid would suddenly be overcome with the need to rape her Not to mention the fact that in the present day Hester is continually leered at physically accosted and treated in a generally lecherous manner that is shrugged off almost as if this is perfectly normal male behavior Umwhat A dude pushes himself on you you manage to scare him off raping you by seeming crazypants and you prove you re crazy by not telling anyone about this creep How is that okay You let dudes ye bang you and proposition you for sex while you re at work and you don t tell them off because you think your boss would be annoyed at you for breaking character Yeah pretty sure if your boss would actually be upset with you over asserting your right not to be treated like a sex toy on the job you need to find a new place to work But Hester s complete confusing lack of sense aside why do all of these men in this book act this way Are we as readers supposed to accept that most guys out there are just waiting for the opportunity to rape women or is this supposed to be some mermaid mojo that they unknowingly hold over human men If this is some sort of power that s supposed to have been worked into the lore we should see that but it s not there And so we come to the fact that the only decent guy in this whole book is Peter andHester How do I disdain thee Let me count the ways Well I already mentioned the I m going to let guys treat me like crap thing so how about the I m going to treat guys like crap right back thing Peter her best friend is so obviously in love with her and such a good guy she does not in any way deserve him She completely brushes him off ditches him and ven has the gall to ask him for help doing illegal things after all of that Then she gets all huffy when he asks if maybe she did this other illegal thing that she did do makes him worry about her all night and then at the nd is all oh you ve been worried about me Whatever I ll tell you about it some other time how bout you read my dead lover s headstone for me Peter s feelings are never once addressedAnd those illegal things Made no sense Hester supposedly wants to be a historian but no history program in their right mind would accept her First Hester inexplicably needs to steal a book from the rare section of the library Side note loved the librarian here who was awesome and helpful in Hester s genealogical research The librarians let her look at this book as much as she wants She xpresses shock that she s allowed to touch it but then as soon as their backs are turned she shoves it in her backpack Then she also has to steal a doll from the museum She has to steal it right that second It s so important Invisible (The Curse of Avalon even though the task she needs it for has been left undone for well over a hundred years and I m pretty sure a day or two to go through legitimate channels would make no real difference She potentially damages historical property in order to complete this task and almost certainly destroys the doll Clearly Hester has no real respect for this field she wants to be a part ofThen let s talk about her curse Hester believes and rightly so that the women in her family carry a curse that will make them die shortly after giving birth Okayso she decides that she can t have children Logicalnough right Nope To Hester not having kids Yummy Supper euates to I can never be in a relationship with anyonever Apparently she had the sing song First comes love then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage drilled into her head to the point of severe brainwashing Since when does not wanting children mean you can t have love What kind of message does that send Sure I ll hand it to Elizabeth Fama she addresses the notion of birth control but Hester believes that without surgical procedures there s no guarantee love won t mean death for her This is ridiculous Birth control when taken properly is xtremely ffective The pill for. Fierce seductive mermaid Syrenka falls in love with Ezra a young naturalist When she abandons her life underwater for a chance at happiness on land she is unaware that this decision comes with horrific and deadly conseuencesAlmost one hundred forty years later. .
Tar due to the unfortunate insta loveStill I would definitely recommend this to you if you re looking for a great mermaid read It wouldn t be my first recommendation but it would be one of them if you re looking for severalPre reading Am I the only one who completely resents the cover change I mean ugh The old cover looked ten times better in my opinion Well it isn t that impressive Deep Listening either but I think it looks betterAnd OMG look at the German coverThey re so much better compared to this onee Blech I have tried to read mermaid books a new hype in today s YA market and book after book I keep finding myself disappointed realizing that these water beings are simply not my forte until now Is it the dark twisted plot Is it the violent yet beautiful story Is it the combination of local sea lore mixed with curses murders love and horror Let s just say this is definitely up my alley than the froufrou mermaid books that I have been using for kindling latelyMonstrous Beauty welcomes the old sea folk lore where mermaids are beautiful perilous beasts who seduce and kill those who unfortunately come upon their waters There is ven mention of specific lore details such as the goddess Atargatis I can t say I was xtremely familiar with the mythology myself but this book piued my interest Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature enough to have me browsing Wikipedia to learn about it It s a very fascinating subject with a lot of history and legends surrounding it Though knowing absolutely nothing about the history of these sea creatures will not diminish yournjoyment of this book in the least it s merely to say that it will increase your appetite for it Rich imagery created by brilliant descriptions turns these mythical beings as well as their underwater world the villagers the alternating time periods all of it into a strikingly picturesue tale It may revolve around it but the mermaids are not the only thing to look forward to in this novel we have a cursed family a love story an nthralling history and ven a few ghosts Naturally with such vicious creatures in our midst we get a plot that is much darker than your usual paranormal mermaid novel It s violent gory at times with scenes of horror and seduction that I would not normally xpect from a YA novel making me recommend this for mature readers I found these aspects really impacted the seriousness of the mermaid myth They are not in fact sweet loveable creatures They re manipulative treacherous monsters who will make you look at The Little Mermaid in a whole new light Hester is dealing with a genetic defect that has killed all mothers in her family after they have given birth but when she meets the mysterious Ezra he helps her figure out some answers to this apparent curse The mesmerizing manner this story is told keeps a perfect pace constantly bringing us deeper into this fiercely gripping tale never letting our attention falter While Hester is delving farther into her unusual family history we get thrown into the past where a passionate love story with mermaid Syrenka and her human lover unfolds With the past and the present intertwining in ways than one this whirlwind romance uickly becomes a richly developed mystery And ven though I solved large parts of it long before Hester in some cases I Bunnys Book Club Goes to School even marveled at howasily she could have deciphered it if only she thought it through for a minute I still The Peculiar Pig enjoyed the thrilling climax which is soon followed by a flawlessndingExciting dark and positively gorgeous Monstrous Beauty has finally given me a mermaid book to rave about throwing my Cherry Ingram expectations right out of the water Ha I made a pun A must read for those who would prefer their mermaid books in a sinister tone An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Elizabeth Fama s Monstrous Beauty is a dark and twisted concoction of myth curses history and murder It is a piercing story about a mermaid who longs to love and a young girl who has discarded any hope of it I haven t read many sea folk lore and so won t pretend to understand this new and original approach to the mermaid legend The story is certainly mature however daring to be graphic and seasoned if you catch my meaning than most young adult novels in the market In fact dare I say that this ranks as highbrow teen fiction in my reader s opinion But I digress I meant to say that I can see the innovative appeal in Fama s presentation of merpeople Innovative is uoted because is it innovative to bring something back to basics Because that is what I found most intriguing We have been thoroughly saturated with lies by Disney Disney has deceived us people Not all fairy talesnd in happily The Mermaids Shoes ever after And Fama knows this Her mermaids reject Ariel Instead they go back to the time when a mermaid did not simply lose her voice but had her tongue cut out when a mermaid did not simply grow legs but had tondure the sense of walking on knives when standing on her feet when a mermaid did not marry her prince but had to watch the man she loved fall in love with another and when a mermaid did not go on to live a wonderfully fulfilled life but died and turned into sea foam Fama s sea folk are beasts of the sea they are feral and violent acts of butchery come as naturally to them as it does for us to slay a slab of beef And this isn t even half of what makes this book goodFama gives to us Syrenka A lovely passionate powerful and ferocious creature of yearning half of what makes this book goodFama gives to us Syrenka A lovely passionate powerful and ferocious creature of yearning is ancient and in her long life has suffered imprisonment and loneliness She is willing oh all too willing to yield all that defines herfor love But she has lost before and so with this second coming she determines to make verything right She is uick but rash fervent but reckless And she makes a mistake and this mistake will tie her for an undetermined period of time to Hester a seventeen year old whose life is turned upside down by a mysterious man who seems to know her indeed know her to her very core The divide between Syrenka s chapters and Hester s chapters are distinct Syrenka s chapters are stunning where Fama Hester s chapters are distinct Syrenka s chapters are stunning where Fama certainly captured an atmosphere I only wish Hester s were treated with *the same deliberate care But perhaps it is simply the period *same deliberate care But perhaps it is simply the period Syrenka lived in the romance of 17th century and Hester in the derivativeness of the modern ra Perhaps it is simply our own time s staleness that Fama could not bend her language around no offense 21st century I love you Because this woman can write Syrenka and Ezra s conversations seemed at times a stretch but I m flexible pleasantly imbued with a Godard The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, esuexistentialismness It did okay And that s what got me It was a dialogue I hadn t read the likes of in my on going uest of young adult literature I ve had beautifully sparse language and I ve had prettily Midsummer Masque embellished language but not uite this Why this wasn t a perfect novel through and through is because itventually subsided to normal dialectbut I rememberAnd I suppose the plot itself did not unfold as mysteriously Maybe This Time (Belonging enlightening as it could have I wasn t uite sure which ones I was supposed to figure out with her help or which ones I just did on my own because I am that clever Suffice it to say when certain revelations came to Hester I was already sitting hunched and gesturing my hands that meant Uh duh But suffice it also to say that I was slightly knocked off my feet by the twists and turns Fama s twisted unforgiving mind has created Boy they were good They came around the corner unseen and I went running the other way But they got me the devils The romance in this story is well done It s complicated which makes describing the premise problematic but worry not Syrenka and Ezra are not un reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet andven Cathy and Heathcliff It is a love complicated but so deeply Effetto domino earnest And from itrupts this story Monstrous Beauty is a must read It has character that may not be suited for all readers But to those who this may win over just yet An ARC was provided by the publisher Those two stars up there are for the mermaids which ironically were the main reason I felt hesitant to read this But damn if she didn t deliver on the mermaids These ladies are creepy clawed razor toothed monsters capable of twisted magic The prologue of this book wherein the mermaid Syrenka tries to make love to the man she s been watching for months and then accidentally kills him had me completely The Midwifes Miracle Baby enthralled And then the story flashed forward by a few hundred years and Hester showed up Hester lost my sympathy almost immediately Poor poor Hester Every woman in her maternal line dies shortly after giving birth and so Hester has decided that she needs to be alone forever andver She can t possibly have a relationship of any kind because obviously there is no Mendozas Miracle easily available and re Take a photographic tour of the Monstrous Beauty world as Elizabeth Fama stops by The Midnight Garden to kick off her blog tour Plus win a finished hardcover of the book It was a woman as pale and luminescent as a ghost with swirling white hair Ezra startled dropping his pencil into the water Her face snapped toward him Heryes were too large clear green and had horizontal slit shaped pupils reminiscent of an octopus Did your pulse uicken when you read that paragraph Mine did I had a feeling I was going to love this book because it blends several different things that I love mermaids the nineteenth century and ghosts What I wasn t prepared for was an unconventionally striking story that will definitely not appeal to someone looking for a typical YA paranormal book I found this dark fairy tale to be wildly The Millionaires Mistress Bundle exciting and utterly gorgeous however and I think it will find its audience in readers whonjoy literary fiction or mature YAIn the late 1800s a mermaid named Syrenka makes a terrible mistake in judgment as she seeks companionship More than a hundred years later 16 year old Hester searches for the mystery behind a tragic curse that has haunted her family for generations The book alternates between past and present in a small fishing town in Plymouth Massachusetts and the shifts in time and multiple POVs are handled with skillful aplomb Deep secrets are slowly revealed in both young women s pasts and a fine thread of tension running through the story Miami Menage eventuallyscalates into scenes of shocking madness and violence There are despairing stolen souls Creepy churchyards A woman drowned in a sarcophagus Rape Underwater doll graveyards A boy who view spoileruite literally hide spoiler. Nvestigates her family’s strange sad history The answers she seeks are waiting in the graveyard the crypt and at the bottom of the ocean but powerful forces will do anything to keep her from uncovering her connection to Syrenka and to the tragedy of so long


Monstrous Beauty