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Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! lM home are never enough Knowing the son aittle I now understand provenance of his humourSecond and substantially is the son a Digital Crossroads little I understand the provenance of his humourSecond and substantially is the jump in maturity in Carl setters once he encounters actual combat Before December 44 he was an easygoing youth though with a practical bent from his father a ove of music and reading from his mother and a growing curiosity about the adult world on his doorstep But then the etters undergo a step change in a matter of days or a week or two towards the end of 44 and in early January 45 This is when the twenty year old Carl sees real combat for the first time and almost daily sees death in the face Given strict censorship he can t write about it directly or even allude to it except in the most obliue way But by now it is as if a deep and wise middle aged man seasoned by decades of The Einstein Theory of Relativity life experience writes theseetters home Carl seems to have acuired decades of wisdom in a matter of days I can t imagine writing How to Negotiate Your First Job letters of such maturity or even philosophical depth at the age of twenty or even today for that matter Carl s ability to detach himself from these supercharged wartime moments to make astute observations and judgments of people and situations is astonishing so is his reluctance to tar his German enemies with collective guilt or sin and his moral condemnation of atrocities committed by his own side What shines through is Carl s humanity in the most inhuman situationsFinally reading about Carl I think I now have a better appreciation of the warmth humanity wisdom and culture deeply feltightly worn and modestly expressed of the son Thanks Frank for a wonderful book You have allowed your father to speak in his own voice and done him proud In this era of selfies relentless bravado and intense self promotion what a delight to read a book where the true values of America are extolled Human decency Sense of duty Acceptance of war but Refusal of hatred through the telling of the story of a common soldier based on his own narrative and the thoughtful and ovi War as ife itself is usually a matter of details of small matters Frank Lavin tells us in recounting this amazing story of his father Armed with some 200 etters and his own considerable intellectual acumen Ambassador Lavin has produced as moving and intimate an account of an important chapter of American history as you could hope to encounter From growing up in Canton Ohio to crossing the English Channel on Christmas Day 1944 along with other soldiers of the 84th Infantry to carrying on

In Early Postwar Germany 
early postwar Germany France Frank Lavin s father communicates directly with the reader to share the hope passion fatigue and homesickness that coursed through the veins of so many American GIs fighting for the victorious Allied cause Reading this book will transport you back to an earlier and argely harrowing time in a way that The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore longer academic volumes fail to Iocies of bureaucracy and the oddities ofife back home all in the same day The book is based on Carls personal etters his recollections and those of the people he served beside official military history private papers an. This is an extraordinary book After reading Jay Winik s superb book about WWII 1944 I thought I had read about the best there is on the topic But this is WWII history up front and personal and it s riveting Once I started it I found it hard to put down and I didn t I hope this book gets into the hands of a Hollywood producer It s a uniuely American story that would make an amazing movie This is an incredible book When I grew up in the 1960 s pretty much everyone s Dad was a WWII is an incredible book When I grew up in the 1960 s pretty much everyone s Dad was a WWII You would often hear some selected stories but not a full rounded understanding of the entire experience By delving into personal correspondence you understand the highs and New Exploration lows the important and the mundane Most of these people are gone and we can t hear the stories any Even before they were reluctant to talk about many things they saw and did This book is a criticalink to the futureThis also serves as a sobering reminder of what total war entails This is the The Shaping of Western Civilization last war that truly drew soldiers from allevels of society and enjoyed nearly universal support The sacrifices were unbelieveable only 15% of Lavin s platoon escaped injuryI highly recommend this book A moving personal oral history of finest American GI s experiencesin World War II Of great value for European readers as personal oral history of finest American GI s experiencesin World War II Of great value for European readers as Mathiopoulos Professor of US Foreign Policy at the UnivofPotsdam and author of the bestseller The End of the Bonn Republic Students of history will recognize the famous 84th Infantry Division The Railsplitter of the US Army for having been the home of young Henry Kissinger and his senior mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer who became my mentor for 23 years in 1979Now Henry Kissinger writes in the forward of the new book Home Front to Battlefront An Ohio Teenager in World War II by Frank Lavin It was in the 84th Division that I first met Fritz Kraemer the staid Prussian aristocrat who helped start me on the road of serious academic work With the publication of Home Front to Battlefront we also see it was the home of Pfc Carl Lavin the father of Frank LavinI first met Frank in 1984 when he was director of the office of President Reagan in the White House in the Situation Room of the West Wing He comes from Ohio is Republican and made a splendid career as US Ambassador to Singapore and Under Secretary at the US Department of Commerce We became friends Now he ives in Hongkong and started the e commerce company ExportNow in ShanghaiUnlike Kissinger and Kraemer his father Carl Lavin never entered the world of grand strategy serving as a combat rifleman and then returning to his small town home in Ohio after the war In some ways this is what makes the book worth readingNobel Laureate John Steinbeck explains There are really two wars he wrote and they haven t much to do with each other There is a war of maps and ogistics of campaigns of ballistics armies divisions and regiments and Carl Lavin was a high school senior when Pearl Harbor was attacked The Canton Ohio native enlisted when he turned eighteen a decision that would take him with the US Army from training across the United States and Britain to. Hat is General Marshall s #war Then there is the war of the homesick weary funny violent common men who #Then there is the war of the homesick weary funny violent common men who their socks in their helmets complain about the food and ug themselves and their spirit through as dirty a business as the world has ever seen and do it with humor and dignity and courage Home Front to Battlefront concerns that second war This is the war as seen by one foot solider Carl Lavin an American teenager who becomes a combat infantrymanIf you are trying to understand the human dimension of Carl Lavin an American teenager who becomes a combat infantrymanIf you are trying to understand the human dimension of American GI in WWII similar in some respects to foot soldiers around the world Home Front to Battlefront is for youI Medicine and Religion like the book It is a homage for a father who did not spent his youth in bars but on the battlefield It touched your heart and emotionsIt is a story of the young GI with all his dreams hopes and fearsIt is good that his son has collected all theetters and documents now to transfer the personal impressions and know how to the next generationsIt is worth reading and thinking about this brave generation Young Americans ready to die for the values of America freedom and peace and the constitution from all political racial and religious backgrounds Frank Lavin re creates a masterpiece for us through the collection of The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, letters saved by his grandparents from the correspondence between his father and the family during World War II From his earliest days preparing for war and handling poison ivy in boot camp to fierce house to house combat in the European Theater with 3rd Platoon of L Company of the 335th Infantry one has a sense of being there as scribed by the elder Lavin It is a story of the boredom of militaryife hurry up and wait of daily dodging death and the Valentino luck of battle of devotion and intenseoyalty to one s fellow military comrades One better understands the prevailing attitudes of the time and we know now than ever why they were called our greatest generation Frank Lavin has written arrestingly about his father s wartime experience Carl Lavin was typical of the Greatest Generation he didn t ike to talk about the war perhaps because he thought it unmanly to do so when so many of his comrades didn t survive to tell their stories But towards the end of Carl s ife father and son talked about what happened and Frank discovered a treasure trove of Shunned letters from Carl to his mother in the Lavins s attic The result several years after Carl passed away is a book ofetters from son to mother with Frank filling in illuminating context on Carl the Lavin family in small town Ohio and the battles Carl fought inI really ike two things about this book First the similarities between father and son Carl s etters are sprinkled with gentle cheeky humour even when facing daily dances with death in the Ardennes and in Germany in Oba, the Last Samurai late 44 and early 45 Almost everyetter ends in a plea for candy and complains that family supplies fro. Combat with the 84th Infantry Division in the Battle of the Bulge Home Front to Battlefront is the tale of a foot soldier who finds himself thrust into a world where he and his unit grapple with the horrors of combat the id.

CHARACTERS Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II (War and Society in North America)

 Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II (War and Society in North America)