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Hed out Of course I absolutely FELL IN LOVE WITH SUNDAY EVEN in love with Sunday Even After Having Read The Book I Still Even well after having read the book I still of him and smile Though Ive et to read anything else by this author I tend to think that he wasnt to adept at capturing females because the two main females in the novel were my least favorite facets of it The pacing was perfect there was enough science but not too much to bog the book down and overall just a very human and warm story that Im sure Ill be re reading again sometime A Very Odd Story That very odd story that with La Chanson de Jerusalem you for decades after reading it about survival after a post apocalyptic time storm leaving walls of time across the planet Barely 3 stars Old school SF with too much tell and not enough show The uber smart protagonist figures out all calamities curiosities and entities with his vast storehouse of knowledge Somewhat disappointing after reading so many positive reviews I found the author s popular Child Cycle Dorsai series to have the same problem Moving on EditI completely forgot to mention the dedication which I reproduce in full here To the LibrariansDuring the 1930 s and 1940 s anyone writing science fiction did so almost exclusively for magazines Then in the early 1950 s the magazine market began to die and paperback books took over But the paperback books were on the stand one week and gone the next By the time an author s newest book came out his older books had disappearedAs a result during these laterears when the magazines were mostly gone and the paperback books were coming and going there were only a few of us who could affo. The rubble three survivors form an unlikely alliance a Biomedical Informatics young man aoung woman and a leopar. ,
Up This is one of my favorite books I read it many Years Ago When I First Started Reading ago when I first started reading fi I want to re read it to see if it is years ago when I first started reading Sci fi I want to re read it to see if it is good as I remember I remember staying up at night not being able to stop reading it I really enjoyed this book It made me want to go back and read Joba Comedy of Justice by Heinleinan all time favorite of mine I thought the concept was fresh We ve seen a lot of apocalypse stories but they usually revolve around the primitive society rebuilding itself Time Storm leaves very few people alive and the main character and his mind are the real battleground classic science fiction novelThree survivors of the destructive time storms that are devastating Earth journey to stop them There is Marc Despard a leopard found on the way and a The Book of the Honda S2000 young woman with a bond to the leopard Crazy Cat and speechless girl and Marc travel on Earth and into space in a hunt to decipher the storms before they destroy the universeA winner Doou like this sentenceWithin the fixed boundary lines of the stabilized force lines set up to be used for cross space transportation the time storm had gone on in its normal pattern of developing and spreading temporal disintegration until about three thousand The Story of Rose ONeill years ago when there began to be evidence of periodic checking of areas threatening to set off large scale disturbances throughout the general galaxy wide patternYes Thenou will love this book One of my favorites that will have a place on my shelf for ears to come The main character the leopard the avatar and the scientist were all very vibrant and fles. Al A time storm has devastated the Earth and only a small fraction of humankind remains From. ,

Time Storm

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This book is an excellent example of why I love old sci fi So much of today s sci fi is gritty and action driven It s refreshing to read something older that carries a sense of optimism and is almost conceptual in nature It leaves the mind with a real sense that anything is possible Storyline 35Characters 25Writing Style 35World 25The early portions of the rustic scavenging and exploration story were promising it called to mind Cormac McCarthy s The Road The story was as much a psychological struggle as it was a physical struggle our lead working through issues that had set him apart even before the bizarre post apocalyptic event Dickson always had his aims on the science fiction in this story though thus the further the tale progressed the he moved away from physical insecurity and mental turmoil His aims were on astrophysics and his main character coming to understand and be able to work with the inscrutable event that Had So Changed Everything In The Process Dickson Borrows Eclectically so changed everything In The Process Dickson Borrows process Dickson borrows Buddhism and mysticisms Westernizes them and thrusts them into his big physics uestions The middle third of this story was a vastly underdeveloped group survival story where character motivations were often unclear or melodramatic the deductions and choices insensible the action and suspense posing as deep and serious but showing itself ridiculously shallow The whole was a mess There were several portions however that reminded the reader that Dickson was a highly creative author adept with intrigue and the weird I wouldn t be surprised to learn that this was a fix. A masterful science fiction story told by a masterful science fiction writer Milwaukee Journ.

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