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Plague in the Early Modern World lDown on heruck and needing a new job Delta Gate seeing an add for a security guard with an amazing hourly rate thinks she s hit the jackpot what she doesn t realise is that the job involves protecting a Gate to Hell hence the amazing hazard pay and benefitsI was really enjoying this at the start there were some funny moments but then things kinda got acklustresluggish for me I wasn t entirely keen on some of the interactions between Delta and the 4 hot demons The disregard for her safety when view spoilerthey take her to hell hide spoiler This was a fun and interesting start to a new series I didn t find it as fun and hilarious as I m used to from raven Kennedy but she never holds back on snarky independent and clumsy as hell heroines ol Though to be honest I found the heroine Delta a bit of a scaredy cat and wimp which was a big disappointment She ikes to compare herself to Xena uite often and yet she rarely ives up to even a smidge of badassery The book ends on a huge cliffy and I m so glad I waited till the series is complete to read it We re Pronunciation Pairs Teachers Book left with sooooo many unanswered uestions regarding who and what Delta is What starts out as she assumes as a simple security job guarding a graveyard turns into so much than she bargained for Hoping in the next book her kinky dreams will become a reality that is if everyone can survive a trip through hell DNF 77%Why do I keep disliking the heroines of the recent books I ve been trying to read Are my expectations too high Or are they just really thatack uster The heroine of this book is So Completely Shallow And Horny She S completely shallow and horny she s to anything with a moving body and a pulse I m all for reverse harems but it completely turns me off when the heroine gets attracted to people outside of the potential harem and you can t really tell who are actually going to be in the harem Is that hyporcritical of me Possibly But I can t help itThis heroine seemed pretty in the harem Is that hyporcritical of me Possibly But I can t help itThis heroine seemed pretty at first but her annoying whininess got old FAST It was certainly different and refreshing that she didn t funny at first but her annoying whininess got old FAST It was certainly different and refreshing that she didn t in to her new ife immediately after No Risk Refused learning about it but her impulsiveness was a turn off most of the time Due to all this I stopped reading after she decides to come home for emotional reasons after JUSTearning how bad it is when the gatekeepers. It’s never a good combo to be broke and desperate You do stupid things Like accidentally sign your soul over to HellWhen I interviewed for a new security job I didn’t bat an eye that it was for a iteral graveyard shiftheadstones and all I mean at the hour. .

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Grave Mistakes Hellgate Guardians #1

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Ton in this bookI aughed out Im Not Millie! loud aot reading this Next thing I know I m sitting at the edge of my seat frantically checking how CLOSE TO THE END I AM to the end I am hoping Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) like crazy I had pages until the endDelta Gate was an awesome FMC and the guys were everything Iove in an RH seriesIvy Asher and Raven Kennedy are damn good writers all on their own but with their creative RH seriesIvy Asher and Raven Kennedy are damn good writers all on their own but with their creative combined they re pure magicI m sad that I don t already have the second book ready to go but relieved that I dont have to wait too much A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, longer Itooks Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery like the entire series will be finished and published by the end of July which is amazingThis is the type of series Il reread again and again after the next book comes out until it s overDefinitely adding to my waiting for Souvenirs de dbauches list 3 35 starsLook I feelike I have to be honest here I m totally biased when it comes to these author s works I m not sure that I can really be objective when it comes to reviewing because I totally Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! love theseadies There I said it they could probably rewrite the dictionary and I d enjoy it somehow lol That all being said of course I enjoyed this but it wasn t my favorite of That all being said of course I enjoyed this but it wasn t my favorite of stuff Would I hang it on my fridge and make sure everyone who came in my house had to see it and Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary listen Ok bookThe beginning was good then the middle with her oh poor me I can t do anything got so annoying I had to stop reading cause the book was making want to jump in and slap her I did eventually get to the end and it does get better I don t think I am going to read any of this series funny but boring and i also didn tike the heroine which is unexpected since i ve always iked these authors heroines before so this was a miss tbh 13 REASONS WHY I HATED THIS BOOK I won t write 13 of them 3 will suffice Too much cursing words or unsavory images Unnecessarily I don t need every sentence to have the word fk in it or a variation One example so you get the gist of it It feels ike Satan s asshole out here after he s had fiery diarrhea What the fuck There isn t much happening in this book everything is very slow and there is too much description At Let Me Feed You least 70% of this book described the heroine freaking out in denial of her nature as a demon saying she wants an orgasm wants to have sex with the guys THIS BOOK CAN BE SUMMED UP BY ONE WORD SHALLOW. Ns who actike I can solve all their problems and a battle between good evil and balanceThis will seriously teach me to read the fine print on Help Wanted ads Good thing this job comes with a scythe Maybe I can use it to stop them from dragging my ass into He. Are not nearby to guard their gates That evel of selfishness just no Also I just Its Passover, Grover! learned that the 3rd book is about a whole new bunch of characters with an even annoying heroine so it s just better to cut myosses now 2005This book reads Healing Earthquakes like it was written in 2005 by a 40 woman who thinks that Top Gun was high art some 90 s tv show with Tim Allen was the funniest show they d ever seen and Mystikal is the best musician Everything about the book feels dated and than aittle pathetic The female character Delta Gates is an utter Containing Contagion lackwit If I were to choose a pop cu 275Well this is a mixed bag On one hand I did get some chuckles and on the other I had aot of eye rollsSo I will say this I enjoyed the beginning of the story and found my self chuckling at the uick uippy dialogue Delta was spouting some serious gems and had me aughing at her spastic humor and one iners But damn reading the reviews on this book some people were not feeling the crude humor or throwback references Yikes Yeah I agree that some of the stuff Delta says can be considered crass and she was constantly thinking about sex But I didn t mind for the most part For me I was just sitting there reading her talking about wanting at Stalins Police least 10 inches down south and thinking Giirrrl we got a size ueen over here and Damn she really shaded Johnny Depp s ass and Tom Cruise freaks me out tooWith that said even for moi after Delta started to hang around the guys I got aess interested in the book The flirting and inuendos were just kind of cheesy but honestly nothing new for most of the RH books I ve read IE traitorous body ine the goofy nicknames the constantly horny dialogues you get the gistBut what I really wasn t feeling was yeah I can see the anger at being expected to take on a role you never asked for and being overwhelmed but the fraidy cat moments the cry baby scenes and the constant clumsiness that ead to potential death than once just made me eye roll view potential death than once just made me eye roll view I mean how can you be a complete badass one min mowing down and dusting baddies and the next you can t even walk down some damn stairs with out dying and needing to be rescued Iyiyi hide spoiler Delta Gate is hilarious Have you ever read a sentence in a book so good that you read it again just to fully appreciate it I did that Ly rate they were offering who cares I got thisTurns out I’m not guarding a graveyard Haynes 2019 Desk Diary like I thought It seems I’ve just walked my broke ass into protecting a Gate to Hell YeahI don’t got thisNow I’m stuck in a terrifying new reality a group of hot demo.

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