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Under His Skin jING OVER THE SPEAKERS but apparently author guy is completely oblivious or heust doesn t care that s how sad he is past the point of embarrassment and i ll be honest this sorta pulls at my heartstrings because i ve been similarly so publicly sad that i ignored the snot hammocking from my nostrils until some stranger came over to me and basically wiped my nose for me which wow stranger you are pretty bold but also thanks for the tissueso author guy is clearly devastated and at first i m thinking about all of our previous encounters and i almost didn t go over there BUT GUYYSS at the end of the day this is a fellow human being i guess i don t actually know he s human but chances are fairly high and i hate seeing people in pain or distress hey author guy you okay man at first he doesn t look up from his tear soaked bread so i ask againthis time his head slow rises and his entire face is saturated in salt water the tears and ciabatta bits yeah his uivering lips manage to get outyou sure because i couldn t help but uhyou knownotice you uhthey hate my bookhuh who what do you meani don t know people people hate my bookumm could you maybe be specificbut instead of answering he turns his laptop screen toward meoh i say scrolling through his goodreads page oh wowyeah wowlisten man i don t think you should be looking at thisi don t think authors should be on herethis is for readers only mani know i was Hate just replying to a message and my curiosity got the best of me andwellc mon man they re not all bad a few of them are uite lovely actuallyno i know it s not so much the ratings to each his own you know it s so this one guyhuhlook at the second most popular review that guy he HATES meand of course i know EXACTLY which review he s talking about well uh i mean i wouldn t say HATEhate is pretty strongmaybe umm strong dislike is fittingyou know what the worst part iswhat s thatapparently he comes to THIS coffee shop too he might even be here right now can you imagine coming to your favorite coffee shop where you re the most productive only to find out someone there hateahem i mean STRONGLY DISLIKES youi mean yeah i could see that being uh tough sure but you haveust as much right to be here as anyone so i wouldn t letit s not like that guy is the coffee shop mayor or somethingi mean who does this guy think he ishe says i hog the outlets and play my music obnoxiously loudi didn t even REALIZE I was doing that i wish he d Investigating the Supernatural just said something i totally would ve adjusted everything I hate the idea that i was unknowingly annoying someone so much i think that s the sucky part he didn t even give me a chance to make amends before heust Sturm-Liouville Problems judged the crap outta me you knowwell i mean i wouldn t say he JUDGED you per se like he might ve made some premature conclusions about your character a few bad assumptions but i m pretty sure he actually likes you than you thinknaahh you really thinkyou know what they say man bullies target people that they reealous of or that they like sowell that s pretty not cool bullies stinkand he s right of course bullies DO stink BULLIES STINK SO BAD i don t know maybe this guy was Make Me Yours (Make Me, just having a bad day when he wrote this reviewdayshuhyou said day but there are like 5 updates so he put that review together over the course of several daysoh yeah good point okay so he was having a bad WEEK i wouldn t put too much stock into it i mean it s not like he knows you personallyi know you re right iust have this problem where i wanna make everyone happy i know it s stupid and impossible but i m like a chronic people pleaser andsheesh it s so embarrassing i m sorry ino no i get it i ve had that same problemhow d you get over ithonestly i m notohyeah so i m probably not the person you should be asking for advice but i do understand sorry i can t be of helphey no don t be sorry you came over here and you don t even know me and you ve been so incredibly awesomei shake my head vehemently no no i wouldn t give me too much credit to be fair ino no i mean it i REALLY appreciate itlisten may i make a small suggestiondefinitelymaybe ust stay off goodreads for a while i mean at least while this guy is doing these updates i could even let you know you know when the coast is clear and it s safe againhe laughs yeah i think that may be a good idea and maybe i should find a new coffee shop for a while tooi shake my head nah man and let that ol cranky guy win no wayyou think i really dislike confrontationno i don t think i KNOWwow thanks man you re really cool i m sorry i m being so rude my name is ustin what s yoursand my face drops becauseummm you re not gonna believe this but my name suhmy name is Brainteaser Physics jasperjasper cool name why wouldn t i believe thati shrug no reason that sust something i like to do sometimes start off a sentence with you re not gonna sometimes start off sentence with you re not gonna believe and then say something super mundaneah well that s actually kinda funny and good to know too hahalisten it s sorta crowded in here today you re than welcome to sit here with me if you d like i promise i m done crying sooh yeah sure lemme Collecting Shakespeare just get my stuffso yeah iust wanted to let you guys know that even though i was nice to author guy this does not in any way change the way i feel about his book that being said i m no monster that being said i m gonna take a small break from these updates i m not sure when i ll be back but please please i m not sure when i ll be back but please please you take nothing else away from this whole story let it be thisthat ciabatta bread deserved betterUPDATE 7OMFG someone please check my blood pressure bc my heart is pounding and NOT in that i have glorious news wayy all i heard this dude wrote ANOTHER STUPENDOUSLY SHIY BOOK this can t be true please please PUH LESE someone anyone tell me this isn t real i mean the AUDACITY the ABSOLUTE NERVE i don t wanna believe this but if my far away observations of this guy are any real indication of his character then i guess we shouldn t be surprisedand listen you didn t hear it from me but word on the street is his new book early departures what a stupid title btw i mean what is so dreadful it has already forcibly induced spontaneous vomitingGUYS i m not even The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus joking you know i wouldn t say it if it weren t true and easily fact checkable so all i m saying is if you wanna avoid throwing up all over yourself you better give this supernaturally terrible book wide berthi haven t read it yet and the only reason i m going to is so i can verify the nausea no i m not braveust tryna be strong for you guys but i have definitely read this author s guy s face at the coffee shop he freuents let me tell you it has one permanent expression SMUG AF which dude you wrote a SUPER MEDIOCRE debut so i don t understand how in the world u could look so self satisfied talk about obliviousness let s see him keep that same energy when his next book causes a GLOBAL STOMACHACHE EPIDEMIC i bet he won t even acknowledge the increase in stomach viruses we re gonna see i hear the CDC is already prepping vaccines sohere s the silver lining tho if THIS guy can be a published author there s hope for all of us anyway i guess stayed tuned for updates BIG feels coming soon I enjoyed this so much Opposite of Always was heartfelt funny and an honest portrayal of the ties that bind in family friends and the family that you make among those close to you Concept Characters Pacing Feels Let s get real I m not a fan of Groundhog Day I don t love Bill Murray don t hate me pls I don t like the whiplash effect of day after day on repeat and I find the romantic comedy to be extremely strained given his love interest doesn t even know him and has to This was SO much fun I loved the writing style the characters and I ust always love stories where the main character is stuck in a time loop I highly recommend listening to the audiobook for this one the narrator was great This story was a delight It s a debut novel on love friendship time travel and what you would do if you had the power to go back and alter the future in some way I loved the loop we were thrown in I wasn t sure whether it would work for me but it worked It was addictive and kept me on edge as the constant changes that occurred due to him wanting to change the future added different elements and layers to the story and to the wonderful cast of characters And I love what that portrayed overall Changing the future is pointless Just focus on doing the best thing you can do What the selling point was for me though were the characters and the writing I don t know what I liked The writing was playful uirky emotive heartfelt and hilarious and I couldn t help but have a smile on my face throughout I LOVED that it had two black main characters as the leads of this story Black love ya ll I need me some I instantly fell for them The friendships were awesome and the side characters played as much of a significance as our main characters The story felt whole Also I need a Jake And the families in this insert sobbing emojiEspecially Jack s parents they were amazing Sweet loving supportive and understandingThis was a debut novel And it makes me so damn excited to see what the author will produce next Just received an arc for this book I m a lucky little shit Thank you Macmillan Books. His mindStill if he has a chance to prevent Kate’s death he’ll take it Even if that means believing in time travel However Jack will learn that his actions are not without conseuences And when one choice turns deadly for someone else close to him he has to figure out what he’s willing to do to save the people he lov.

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Opposite of AlwaysThank you Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books for sending a review copy in exchange for an honest review Remember me remember us as a time of day Okay I haven t read many contemporaries but oh my goodness you have no idea how much I loved thisJack Ellison King is absolutely my favorite character in this entire book More than anyone else The sweetest most brilliant person to ever exist He was funny lovable caring and ust downright amazingNow I probably should move on before I write three whole paragraphs on why Jack King is an amazing main character The story was absolutely intriguing I loved every bit of it Towards the end it felt a bit repetitive but even then this book was already on my favorites list I haven t laughed this hard in a long while The book was witty fun and heartfeltJack makes multiple attempts at changing events Each attempt leaves something amiss in Jack s life The most important part of all this was him trying to find the balance between all the things that he holds dear In a way this is about Jack s love life but it also is a lot than that It also includes his friendship with his two best friends Jillian and Franny and his parents I loved the mix of contemporaryromancesci fi vibes that I gotI loved Jillian and Franny Early FM Radio just as much as Jack and Kate Jack s parents were also so very supportive and understanding and the bookust left me so warm and fuzzy I loved the representation and I loved the whole dynamic of the story I would recommend this to everyone Every single reader out there to pre order a copy of this wonderful book 35 This was cute I wasn t entirely sure by the end view spoiler if Jack did manage to save Kate but having mulled it over it seems like he did hide spoiler ive always found time travel loops to be difficult to enjoy as a reader they can be uite tedious as you are experiencing the same situation over and over again and if the writing isnt amazing the repetitiveness gets really old really uickly and unfortunately i think this story suffered a little from thatas a debut novel i think this kind of story is uite ambitious for the aforementioned reasons but i do think its strength is in its characters specifically ack it was very rewarding to see what he learned from each loop he has great character growth and i found his feelings to be relatable and realso even though the book length and writing style dont do the story any favours i do think this decently examines friendship love and how far one is willing to go to save those relationships 35 stars Don t be afraid Take chances And when those don t work out take Rating 355 starsThis book will make for an excellent movie one day and I honestly wouldn t be surprised if we hear this will be turned into a movie shortly after the book is released With that being said I honestly think this will work better as a movie rather than a book The story goes like this Jack meets Kate at a party they instantly hit it off and their relationship begins Kate dies Jack time travels back to meeting Kate for the first time over and over again with the opportunity to change something and help save her life only every time something else in his life goes awry annnnnd repeat The premise is SO GOOD but as a book it gets a tad bit repetitiveBefore you let that deter you from picking this up let me ust say if you are looking for an excellent character driven story do not pass this up This story has such amazing characters who are almost all POC and the two main characters Jack and Kate are both black From the friendship to the family dynamics to the romance you ll find yourself with a big ol grin on your face because it s such a genuinely heartfelt and witty story plus this banter deserves an A For the friendship and the family dynamics alone this book is so easy to read in one sitting and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seatThis book is so much than a love story it s about the choices we make and the conseuences we have to deal with for those choices It s about how every choice we make opens a new door and possibility at life It s about failing and never giving up It s about how hiding things to protect others can only end up hurting them even It s Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance jut about so many different things I loved how each time Jack got a redo with Kate we got to see how one tiny action on Jack s part meant life or death for Kate and could also potentially ruin his longtime friendship with Jillian and Franny As far as the ending of the story goes I feelust okay about it but I enjoyed this so much for the life lessons this book talks about rather than the romanceFavorite uotes The thing is you don t forfeit your whole world to prove your feelings to someone You bring your worlds together You get world not less Nothing good in life comes easy but it s about deciding each day that you will stick with it You in life comes easy but it s about deciding each day that you will stick with it You to stay to work heard to love and you keep choosing You can try your hardest to change something exhaust every possibility and sometimes it s still not enough But almost means were there You did all you could It s odd you put so much time and energy into something and then it s over a new thing already forming in it s place All in all despite my 35 rating this was still an excellent book for a debut author and I can despite my 35 rating this was still an excellent book for a debut author and I can wait to read of the authors work in the future If you re looking a uniue love story with amazing friendships and even amazing side characters then mark your TBR s friends This one hits the shelves March 5th and is sure to leave a grin on your face for weeks to comePS I really do want this to be turned into a movie I d be the first person on line to see it Thank you Katherine Tegen books for a review copy in exchange for an honest reviewBlog Twitter Instagram Four futuristic Back to the future meets Groundhog Day 4 months repeating version meets About Time creative gripping heart felting fast pacing in the love of YA books starsThree S words perfectly define this book Sarcastic sweet and swoony I think the cover gives us some clues what s going on inside by showing different version of the couple sitting on the ladders But you may always open yourselves to the surprisesLet s raise our hands to clap the author and give him his statue from one of the best debut writers of 2019 from YA romancescience fiction categoryAnd my other awards are coming up The best outstanding and likable couple Jack Ellison King your last name is wrong because you re Knight in shining armor and has everything for perfect boyfriend material And smart funny creative fighter Kate captured our hearts I love them as individuals but I loved them as a uniue genuine adorable couple I chanted for them to win the war of life against dead I wanted to see their HEA passionately Best of the best supporting characters Jillian and Franny were not only best sidekicks but they should be also considered as leading characters At some parts they had so many important roles for improvement of the story and their characters couldn t be written impeccably and meticulously And let s not forget Jack s parents who are the coolest enjoyable entertaining and supportive vivid adult couple of the storyBest couple dialogues I enjoyed smartass and sarcastic tones of the dialogues developed between Jack and Kate They made me laughed sighed cried They are so natural heart warming realisticBest loop you may be stuck in It was like a butterfly s wings changed the air and you saw the upcoming earthuakes broke out two continents away As long as Jack tried to change his last four months of his life every time something got wrong or some piece of the puzzle was always missingBest ending for this got in the loop and paradoxes of time the puzzle was always missingBest ending for this got in the loop and paradoxes of time story Of course it didn t make me fully satisfied but at least it was reasonable logical and fairWant to read something different original and be a honest witness of a new writer s brilliant mind go and pick up this book It is really worth your time energy soul 45 starsDo you believe that there is one person out there for each of us If so should we do everything we can to find that person and once we do never let them go no matter what it takesJack King has spent most of his life pining for his best friend Jillian Come on their names are Jack and Jill How could that not work She s everything he s ever wanted But she s in love with Jack s other best friend Franny short for Francisco and he can see how happy they make each other So instead of finally working up the nerve to tell Jillian how he feels he figures he ll live a lonely life forever a third wheel insteadOne night at a party at the college he and Jillian will be attending in the fall he meets Kate She is beautiful uirky hysterically funny and claims to be as awkward as he is And suddenly it s like Jillian who He falls uickly and totally for Kate and even though she tries to resist him a little bit he can tell she feels the same wayYou re moving along life doing your thing managing your priorities and commitments And then suddenly you meet THE ONE And you fall completely out of the orbit you ve been spinning in And now you re doing laps around this new world And you re hoping gravity can sustain you But there s no way of knowing if it can until you rea. Debut author Justin A Reynolds delivers a hilarious and heartfelt novel about the choices we make the people we choose and the moments that make a life worth relivingWhen Jack and Kate meet at a party bonding until sunrise over their mutual love of Froot Loops and their favorite flicks Jack knows he’s falling hard Soon

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Lize it can t Guess it s all an orbit of faithAs the last few months of his high school days fly by Jack s relationship with Kate grows intense And then one night everything changes when she doesn t show up for an important occasion He finds out that she s in the hospital suffering from a genetic disease She tries to push him away saying she doesn t want his pity but he wins her over Victory however is short lived because she dies not long after and his true love is goneBut somehow Jack finds himself back at the moment he and Kate met He can t explain it but he doesn t care if it doesn t make sense All he knows is he wants to spend as much time as possible with Kate which is of course hard to explain to someone he s ust met Armed with the knowledge that Kate s life may be short Jack is determined to save her But he uickly learns that altering the way life is supposed to flow has conseuences not ust for Kate but for his relationships with Jillian Franny and his parentsYet no matter how hard Jack tries he keeps failing and Kate keeps dying But even worse he can t figure out what he s supposed to learn by having to live the same few months over and over again And when he tries to make even drastic changes he winds up causing hurt and anger in others lives and even putting those he loves at risk The Opposite of Always is a fascinating thought provoking poignant book one I enjoyed tremendously Justin A Reynolds has created a group of memorable characters and dropped them into the middle of an inexplicable situation and then each time it s like he shakes the dice a bit and a whole new scenario reveals itself giving his characters even to deal with Jack and Kate are adorable even if they re not always completely sympathetic charactersI love YA rom coms and throwing a little time travel into the mix certainly took this book to a different dimension As if the teenage years aren t confusing enough without time travel Obviously this book reuires a healthy dose of suspending your disbelief but if you re a sucker for love stories even tragic ones and you like time travel The Opposite of Always is one for you It s a powerful reminder that sometimes the person most in need of saving is ourselvesSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at I heard this was good but I know the author we hang out in the same coffee shops so I don t think you should take my review seriously I guess Punishing the Art Thief just read it UPDATE I stopped hanging out at the same coffee shops he always beats me to the power outlet and then stays FOREVERRRRRARGHHHH RUDE UPDATE 2 okay seriously this guy sucks he spilled coffee all over my notebook and barely apologizedust soaked it up with his shirt and ran out of the coffee shop hella uick like ummmm this book can t be good UPDATE 3 guys guyssss okay so i told myself i wasn t going to post here any but this authori mean he s THE WORST i mean i actually took the time to capitalize those two words so you KNOW i mean it first of all i m sorry man but Maryland in Black and White just because you re wearing earbuds doesn t mean no one else can hear your music ummm hello we re only a table apart that s like four feet at most author guy not the entire continent you seem to believe it is TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN also hasn t anyone ever told you that s TERRIBLE for your eardrums i mean i know this goes without saying but i d hate to be his audiologist but wait there s when i tried to give him the universal signal for hey buddy turn that noise down you know where you twist your face into the most annoyed expression ever while simultaneously rolling your eyes and forming your hand into a down arrow and then on a non stop loop pointing that hand down arrow at the floor you know the one but he had the nerve to smile at me and wave ummm no author guy this isn t me attempting to initiate a friendly game of table charades TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN finally after about two minutes of my gesturing i got his attention again and this time he removed his earbuds hey he said all coolly as if he had no idea what this was all about can you believe that hey like he doesn t know that he s THE WORST and you know me i was ready to give him a piece of my mind except here he kept looking at me with that goofy lopsided grin and those pathetic i m a sensitive artist whoust wants to be loved please love me eyes and well i m not a monster people hey cool playlist we should trade sometime okay okay i have no clue how those words came out of my mouth but don t worry i uickly get back on trackauthor guy laughs like he s embarrassed actually i have pretty terrible tastes in music but it s nice of you to say by the way i m not playing it too loudly am i i d hate to be THAT GUY i shrug hahaha no way Noooo Waayyyy Hahaha Hey waayyyy hahaha hey me if you were i d tell you hahahaugh did i mention he s THE WORST i didn t have the heart to tell him this but i am telling you there s NO WAY this book is any good UPDATE 4 So this book is out and against my better udgment I ve started reading it and I gotta say I can absolutely admit when I m wrong about somethingexcept I was NOT WRONG I KNEW WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING THIS BOOK WOULD BE SUPER SUCKY AND I M HERE TO TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN MY INSTINCTS HOLD TRUE NOT YOU ONCE AGAIN MY INSTINCTS HOLD TRUE Not I m taking any pleasure in reporting my accuracy mind you I actually WISH it had been different but I sorta feel as if I ve gotten to know this author guy so yeah I m not at all surprised Just remember I warned you UPDATE 5 Get this so I heard that author guy was starting to tour so I thought you know what maybe I should give him another chance because if there s anything I ve taken away from his painfully crappy book is that sometimes people deserve the benefit of the doubt you knowand I ve decided that for 2019 I really wanna be a better person and do things like not steep my tea for too long and so adding not holding onto grudges seemed like a perfect addition to that list rightOkay so you know how sometimes you think you ve gotten a sense for how someone is like how this author guy is a terrible writer and super awkward human being buuuuut then you meet them in person and you re like OMGGGGG I WAS SOOO WRONG ABOUT YOU YOU ARE ACTUALLY SO AMAZINGLY COOL AND SUPERRR AUTHENTICYeah that didn t happen here He is 100% ust as I thought except maybe worse I mean at one point after he d read an except from his book he said it was an excerpt but it felt like he read THE ENTIRE THING SAVE US ALL he looked me right in the eyes and he said hey don t I know you from the coffee shop It s good to see you How are you Umm how am I Eeewww GROSS author guy Talk about being PUSHY right Like I Borderline Personality Disorder just came here to try and support your not good at all book and because I have a thing for indie bookstores I DIDN T come for a personality uiz GEEZI think you guys can tell by now that I am NOT audge y person you know so it really makes me feel bad to say this but also I feel like I m Professors and Their Politics just the kind of person who HAS to speak my truth no matter what So listen if you wanna get this bookust remember I ve tried and tried to warn you off And honestly I wish someone had done the same for me THIS AUTHOR IS THE WORRRRRSSSTTTT and I mean that in the nicest possible way because like at the end of the day I care so much about everyone including you and me and even him I feel so sorry for him because he actually has to read this awful book out loud to people in PUBLIC SPACES he must feel absolutely horrible when he walks away from these events and not only has NO ONE HAS BOUGHT HIS BOOK but also EVERYONE IS AVOIDING MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH HIM BECAUSE WE REALLY FEEL HIS PAIN Its so palpable I mean guys I have a heart too you know Anyway have a great weekend reading OTHER BOOKS UPDATE 6 Okay I know what you re thinking umm dang man didn t you JUST give us an update yesterday and you d be absolutely correct I did BUUUUT trust me this couldn t wait So I m not sure if you guys know this but pretty much everyone on the planet advises authors to AVOID GOODREADS LIKE THE PLAGUE i ve always thought that expression was odd avoid something like the plague It gives me the mental image of a person going out of their way to not make eye contact with a potential threat like maybe a bully Which makes sense because bullies suck and they No Place Like Home just want attention But also averting your eyes away from The Plague makes me chuckle like aww man The Plague is coming uick everyone act like you don t see him and maybe he llust leave us alone okay this was a very long digression and not at all the point of this post so my sincerest apologies ANYWAY So I m at the notorious coffee shop i know i know i said i wasn t going back but their house roast is soooooo amazing and it s really close to my house and i m super into proximity based decisions so and author guy is there too he s in the back corner and he looks incredibly sad and by sad i mean he s full on sobbing right into his ciabatta bread and everyone is gawking at him possibly because they re wondering why anyone would waste a perfectly good piece of ciabatta or maybe ust because he s CRYING SOOO LOUD YOU LITERALLY CAN T HEAR THE CHEESY ELEVATOR MUSIC PLAY. He’s meeting his best friends Jillian and Franny and Kate wins them over as easily as she did JackBut then Kate dies And their story should end thereYet Kate’s death sends Jack back to the beginning the moment they first meet and Kate’s there again Healthy happy and charming as ever Jack isn’t sure if he’s losing.

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