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N Russian litrpg story I m still on "the fence with the sub plot of gamers " fence with the sub plot of gamers to take #Down A Game They Love #a game they love nonetheless the grindcrafting PvPand skill works are as good as any game reading This book is longer than what normal page counts are Can t wait for the next book The grind pisode Well written story but the majority of the story arc is simply the MC getting stronger and ngaged with the world The plot thickens and come into focus although the motivation of the vil corporation isn t really discussed What it wants not Why It Wants So That Aspect Felt Of A Straw it wants so that aspect felt of a straw as Montana Dreams every story must have a villain A Marked Improvement I was a little on the fence for book 1 so I approached book 2 with a little trepidation was this better or worse Well I m glad to say book 2 is a lot better as the MC isxpanded uite significantly and a nice uest chain comes out as well which gives a bit scope Yes I can understand how book 1 is written to guide you into the game but a bit Immerwelt - Der Pakt exciting details rather than technical works betterSo onto book 3 As good as the firstThe story continues right after thend of the first The storyline and characters That others have likely died so that Resurgence could be released to the public The truth weighs heavily upon him though the mystery of AltCon's true ndgame is the real cause of his frustrations While Alex secretly works to discover the reality behind Resurgence and AltCon's true intentions he is not alone With the tight knit suad of players he A great second book I have to admit I really #like the story and characters The ndless xplanations of the first book are gone I m kinda sad it s #the story and characters The ndless Ancestral Voices explanations of the first book are gone I m kinda sad it s going to be a trilogy One thing I noticed is that Dan the claw in the second book but wasn t he Dan theclaw in the first book I wonder why the change I reallynjoyed this book It was fast paced with an And Bid Him Sing entertaining narrative voice I liked the development of the story line and the character Great bookAnother great instalment in what is annthralling series I find myself just as Aristotle Detective (Aristotle excited in the story outside of the virtual setting as I do inside This is one of the few books where I haven t skipped past the outside story Well structured great character development and a great story can t wait for the next book This was just a really fun series not too much of the gaminglements which tend to get tedious in some of the others too many stat lists get old Only downside is this is a 3 book set and there are only two books and the second this one nds with a bit of a cliff hanger Good news is I ll actually sleep rather than read tonight Highly recommended Total AwesomenessThis is a great no. Resurgence Hands down the best Virtual Reality Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game Ever There is no comparison between Resurgence and any other game or AltCon and any other parent company as any of the thousands of beta testers will attest at great length and detail Any beta tester but Alex anyway Alex knows that Resurgence is than just a game.

characters Restoration The Rise of Resurgence #2

Emain on point The characters are still fun and ver volving #I still feel like folks who aren t into MMORPG games #still feel like folks who aren t into MMORPG games find this a bit boring I learned in the thanks for reading afterward that this book us a genre called litRPG which fits pretty well with what it is If you liked the first book you ll like thus one and will want to get going on to the third soon LLRPG much better than I thoughtThis is a new genera for me and I have only read a few books in it Yet I have to say that this was written by an Author with a complete grasp on drawing the reader into his or her world I have been reading g for over Half A Century And This Was A a century and this was a book to read I strongly and highly recommend this and the previous book in this series Saying that I am looking forward for the next book or books in this series and I really want to know what happens to Alex and his companions in the book Introverts of the world unite Separately I have really njoyed this series so far Love TheClaw and all his craziness One of those hilarious wingmen that give books character I also love how the author is developing the MC with his rogue abilities Tons of fun. As come to think of as friends Alex must overcome the array of challenges in the game in order to discover the truth Even though Alex must work in secret he is not as alone in his uest as he believes Substantial forces outside of the game are stacking up to confront AltCon in their own way all trying to answer the same uestion can AltCon be stoppe. Restoration The Rise of Resurgence #2

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