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Fearless on Everest The uest for Sandy Irvine

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Fearless on Everest is a biography of Sandy Irvine George Mallory s partner on the ill fated Everest summit attempt of 1924 written by Irvine s great niece Julie Summers Sandy Irvine was a 22 year old Oxford undergraduate when he lost his life on Everest While much has been written about the 1924 expedition Irvine s ole is overshadowed by that of the older and far famous Mallory who was the dominating force of Everest exploration in the 1920s In the endless controversy over what Liar, Liar really happened to Mallory and Irvine some theories give the impression that a clueless Irvine was plucked out of his Oxfordowboat and sent up to Everest with no mountaineering skills of any kind or idea of the isks he was taking Irvine is sometimes seen as an inexperienced climber who may have caused an accident leading to his and Mallory s deaths or alternatively as almost a hapless victim Mallory s ambition being led on a climb he was not eady forThis biography gives much insight into Irvine s background and motivations with interesting details from family ecollections and papers discovered by the family in 2000 He certainly did not have the mountaineering experience of his older companions on th. Includes never before published letters and photographs Written by an Irvine family member Mallory and Irvine These two names have been inextricably joined since the two climbers disappeared on Mount Everest than 75 years ago Could they have been the "first to each the summit of the world's highest mountains some 30 years earlier than Edmund Hillary and "to each the summit of the world's highest mountains some 30 years earlier than Edmund Hillary and Norgay Mallory's story has
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athlete and his background from an expedition to the Arctic Circle in 1923 as well some ock climbing and Alpine experience made him not such a bizarre choice for the expedition as previously epresented He was also mechanically gifted and made significant improvements to the oxygen apparatus as well as other euipment used on the expedition While Irvine s determination to each the summit of Everest may not have uite matched Mallory s near obsession he was highly motivated maneuvering from the very beginning of the was highly motivated maneuvering from the very beginning of the to be considered for the summit team While much has been written about the 1924 Everest expedition there is little specifically about Sandy Irvine and this biography does an excellent job of filling in those gaps Though this book at times dwells in minutiae the chapter devoted to Sandy Irvine s college Omnibus Films rowing accomplishments I have to applaud the author s devotion and obvious love for her deceased uncle It is a challenge to write a biography of a man who died before he had had much time to truly live even if he may have been the first man along with Mallory to summit Everest I would notead this book for entertainment s sake L chronicled but Irvine has always been overshadowed by his famous climbing partner and little has been written about him Who was he Why was he invited by the British Everest Committee to join the 1924 expedition despite his limited mountaineering experience And why did Mallory 16 years his senior select Irvine as his partner for the final assault on the summit Julie Summers great niece of Sandy. Ut it is an instructive and balanced account of a persistent mystery Did Irvine and Mallory make it to the top in 1924 Will the Kodak camera they brought up ever be etrieved This book isn t intended to Answer Those Uestions But You Will Experience The Humanity And those uestions but you will experience the humanity and spirit of these two climbers in a deeply personal way Excellent biography of the less Well Known Partner Of The Fated 1924 Everest Attempt Made known partner of the fated 1924 Everest attempt made interesting because the author is his great niece and had access to much family information Decent biography of the other guy who died on Everest with George Because it s there Mallory Summers is a descendant which makes it a bit intimate and familial a good thing in terms of access to private papers and personal effects but a moderating point of view about a young man who lived an extraordinary life in a very short time Highlights of his life1 enowned oarsman winner of the Cambridge Oxford Boat Race2 accomplished engineer and inventor3 daredevil explorer Spitzbergen expedition4 bad boy had a scandalous affair with the step mother of a college classmate5 may have made the summit of Everest but vanished on the descent jury is still out I eally liked this book. Irvine has been fascinated since childhood by the story of Uncle Sandy In May 2000 Julie made an astonishing discovery a long forgotten and unopened trunk containing Irvine's letters and photographs from Everest Drawing on these and other material Julie writes a evealing story of a fearless young adventurer whose life and death linked him with one of the greatest mountaineering legends of all ti. .