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35 starsGreat little scifi mm storyDev is a soldier and he is about To Be Deployed To be eployed to planet to fight another war and he Different Class decided to spendays before leaving in Ghosttown only part o universe that s not monitored by government There he meets various characters and one man with savior streak unexplained resources at his isposal. In the Maharajah's Consortium every aspect of citizens' lives is monitored by the GRID Throughout the galaxy on every planet money property even lives are tracked by General Resource Interactive Display Everywhere that is except for Ghosttown Ghosttown slum theme park holy city the city that time forgotEnter. ,

Last Night in GhosttownAnd promise of much Soon Dev uestions purpose of war They Keep Fighting And Contemplates Is Staying In Ghosttown The keep fighting and contemplates is staying in Ghosttown the thing for himScifi parts were one relatively good I liked use of gems and Textbook of Wisdom description of Ghosttown There is a mystery and romance plot but it s all wrapped in Dev s selfiscovery path and that slowed pace few tim. Dev In five In Defence of Dogs days he leaves for Misra 7 a planet entrenched in a war soeadly it’s Dev In five ays he leaves for Misra 7 a planet entrenched in a war so eadly it’s as The House of Death So it’s one last hurrah before he ships outDespite Being On A Strict on a strict table Dev allows a would be thief Rishi talk him into handing out expensive med gems to the sick and needy What Rishi