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Food all walk on parts in the play that was Randolph Carter or even wallpaper Later on we et to meet this lovely man He loved who he was Randolph Carter master dreamer adventurer To him she had been landscape an articulate crag he could ascend a face to put to this place When were women ever anything but footnotes to men s tales But this book is not about Randolph Carter This book is about Vellitt BoeMeet Vellitt Boe She is a 55 year old brave adventurer from the Dreamlands She s also an esteemed Math professor And in between teaching at the university climbing mountains fighting off scary creatures sailing the open seas adventuring in various underworlds verbally sparring with messengers of the Writing Matters! - Student Book gods andoing on epic uests that can change the world she finds the time for dresses hair and fine foods and drinksIn other worlds Vellitt Boe is just like most women I knowOh I forgot the most important detail She has a cat sidekickBut before I o on let s take a step back and ive some background The Dream uest of Vellitt Boe is a retelling of Lovecraft s The Dream uest of Unknown Kadath As I mentioned in my review of another Hugo finalist The Ballad of Black Tom I haven t read Lovecraft s works Perhaps I would have understood and appreciated this novella better if I had but I still loved it and so can youVellitt is smart resourceful self depreciating and extremely relatable When I was reading about her travels I felt I ve been through the same experiences devising efficient ways to pack to travel light but also take everything necessary the wanderlust the sense of adventure and discovery the safety concerns waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of lock picking Okay I did wake up once to the sound of what I thought was lock picking when I was staying by myself at a dodgy place but it turned out to be a mouse and the beast had no problem entering my room It s decided I need a cat sidekick when I travel tooI was a bit disappointed the cat didn t et to do much It did fight off some creatures in the beginning and then detected the lock picking but most of the time it seemed to be there to be cool or As A Nod To The a nod to the Lovecraft story as far as I understand there was a cat there as well I felt it could have played a much bigger role At least it ets respect The small black cat in its blue collar had accompanied Vellitt to her audience and been well rewarded Carter had saluted it with honor as a noble of its species and it had been served with its own fine foods mountain clear water minced mice and a tiny fish still flipping its tail in a lapis dish MINCED MICE Seriously it s eating minced miceDuring her travels Vellitt never falls into the trap of becoming the type of arrogant adventurer she dislikes She encounters Hudson Valley Mediterranean ghouls and all kinds of horrific creatures and it would have been extremely easy to dehumanize them but she never does My only complain with the book is that it raises a major uestion which remains unanswered and I was looking forward to a satisfying reveal Hopefully it will be addressed in future booksOverall a stunning epic fast paced fantasy uest It was a bit too heavy on the world building at points which might not be everyone s cup of tea but the story and characters are still strong and compelling With so manyreat novellas I ll have a really hard time deciding on my Hugo vote. Uest across the Dreamlands and into her own mysterious past where some secrets were never meant to surfa. ,

The Dream uest of Vellitt BoeAnd fellow traveller of Randolph Carter now the King of the dream city of Ilek Vad Memories of their failed relationship occasionally come back to her and their paths cross again on the course of her journey not a journey of a Waking World Man oing into Dreamland for conuest and discovery but a Dreamland Woman Going Into The going into the World to save the ones she lovesThere s much here about sexism and the reasons for men women s failed relationships and the Orientalist narrative tradition to which Kadath belongs stories of privileged adventurers acting out in distant realms But notably unlike all the reviews which again focus entirely on this aspect and make the book sound like some manifesto Johnson makes this all actually SUBTLE Like Kadath this is a personal journey of discovery not a heavy message story One theme made explicit in Johnson s afterword is the almost total absence of women from the Kadath and Lovecraft s fiction in eneral Whether by accident or intent Johnson s afterword never uses the term misogyny while Lovecraft s stories suffer from omission of women his asexuality means that at least he never exploits women as sex objects like most of his Pulp Contemporaries Most Of contemporaries Most of male protagonists are so essentially The Secrets of Boys genderless it s easy to imagine substituting female protagonists in their places turning Victorian adventurer Randolph Carter into a Victorian adventuress like Gertrude Bell or Alexandra David Neel or Vellitt Boe Easier anyway than substituting a PoC protagonist into Lovecraft s overwhelmingly white racist civilization vs barbarism worldview When we eventually meet Carter himself in a short scene view spoilerhe s not an antagonist but a flawed but well intentioned man someone Boe has outgrown but can t uite hate hide spoiler 35 stars I read this not originally knowing that it is a kind of response to Lovecraft s The Dream uest of Unknown Kadath Even without that prior knowledge I enjoyed this but having read over the synopsis of the Lovecraft tale I probably would have enjoyed it immensely if I was previously familiar with that story This would beood for fans of Lovecraft who are not fans of the blatant racism and sexism of that time Before reading this story I highly recommend reading Lovecraft s Dream Cycle or at the very least The Dream uest of unknown kadath as th we ve seen Unknown Kadath as th We ve seen book so many times someone from our world ends up in a portal universe and Stop Whining--and Start Winning goes adventuring Everyone from the portal world with all their rich stories cultures relationships dreams becomes just a part of the landscape a prop for our protagonists to experience a strange world and discover themselves The Dream uest of Vellitt Boe is not this bookThis is a book about people and cultures from the portal world the Dreamlands People from our world might end up there by dreaming but they only appear as characters in passing and never have much conseuence Still whenever people from the waking world reach the Dreamlands they are just as arrogant as any characters we ve seen in other works He had been a man like many so wrapped and rapt in his own story that there was no room for the world around him except as it served his own tale the black men of Parg and Kled and Sona Nyl theold men of Thorabon and Ophir and Rinar and all the women invisible everywhere except when they brought him drinks or sold him. Dents elopes with a dreamer from the waking world Vellitt must retrieve herBut the journey sends her on ,
Many reviews of Vellitt Boe start with something like
hate Lovecraft but I love book but as a fan of Lovecraft and specifically The Dream uest of Unknown Kadath I drew a comic based on it after all I m here to say that I too loved this novelIt s interesting that out of all Lovecraft s books Kadath which Lovecraft didn t even try to Charlie and the Christmas Kitty get published and which many Lovecraft fans dislike because it s too fantasy and not horror enough has inspired no less than two critical re envisionings Charles Cutting sraphic novel The Dream uest of Randolph Carter and this Kij Johnson s Kadath seuelretelling That s the weird thing there s no subaltern subversive rewrite of The Call of Cthulhu or At the Mountains of Madness AFAIK but there s something about the lesser known Kadath that inspires critics of Lovecraft to revisit wrestle with it perhaps because it s just a really Il sale della vita good fairytale uest story oddly it shares a lot with The Wizard of Oz and even with Dr Seuss s I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew or perhaps because the protagonist is so obviously a self insert of Lovecraft criticizing Kadath is like criticizing Lovecraft himself Thus in Cutting s version Randolph Carter is a complete asshole a racist snob and the whole story is about waiting for him toet his comeuppance But if there s one flaw in Cutting s beautifully illustrated adaptation which you really should read it s that reading a 108 page story about an irredeemable clueless jerk is kind of a drag In contrast Kij Johnson upends the story in a much hopeful manner by entering it herself or at least by making the protagonist a 50something female professor This is Vellitt Boe professor at Ulthar Women s College who oes in search of a lost student A JOURNEY WHICH TAKES HER ALL journey which takes her all the world of dreamsFor those who haven t read the 1926 book the Dreamlands of Johnson and Lovecraft are a surreal fantasy world of weird beauty accessible to a fortunate few in their dreams and ruled by unseen vengeful frankly evil ods Worship them We placate them Boe is told by a disillusioned priest There s none of the now familiar Tolkienisms like elves orcs dwarves etc the natives of the Dreamlands are people strange people but still people and the monsters on the borderlands are inscrutable inhuman creatures with names like ugs hasts The Nine of Us ghouls zoogs Or maybe not entirely inscrutable for Boe must deal with and negotiate with such monsters as sheoes beyond the peaceful arden lands by the River Skai into underground worlds and ruined wastelands where the wrath of the ods has left dead cities smouldering in flame or encased in Hiding in the Bathroom glassAll this is just like Lovecraft s Kadath but Boe reveals other peculiarities Lovecraft never would have written about Dreamland s sky has a vaulted ceiling with only 97 stars and there are very few women there we never find out exactly how few but Boe is amazed at the idea of a world with eual numbers of men and women and male dreamers like Randolph Carter only men seem to be dreamers often visit the dreamworld and make it a canvas for their fantasies As a middle aged woman traveller Boe endures subtle and unsubtle reminders that she is an unwelcome outsider even in her own world and as she eventually discovers the real world isn t that much better for women Boe knows howood dreamers have it because she herself was once the lover. Professor Vellitt Boe teaches at the prestigious Ulthar Women’s College When one of her most ifted stu.

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