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Bringing Delaney HomeEd Could there have been a bit backstory to help us understand the characters a little better A big YES to both those uestions Even with both of those points though I really enjoyed this story I enjoyed the fact that uinn is the younger brother and fell for his sister s best friend I loved his dog Snot I thought uinn s devotion to Delaney was wonderful and was her saving grace So with that said would I recommend this to family and friends Yes Yes I would It grace So with said would I recommend this to family and friends Yes Yes I would It s entertaining and a nice relaxing read 45 starsSo this is my first book by this author and it is her first release which I cannot believe because she did a phenomenal job I loved the story in this book I loved the characters and the way in which it was written I found the characters both main and supporting to be engaging even the bad guys in the story I actually ended up "wondering what we will see Ba Delaney s life has bottomed "what we will see Ba Delaney s life has bottomed Her sister Greer talks her best friend uinn into picking up her up and driving her back to Climax NC Laney was his high school crush she was a senior when he was a freshman and he s still hot for her Never able to completely move past her he sets out to make her want to iss him Laney has secrets that no one Demons, Deliverance, Discernment knows about except Greer They re deep and darkeeping her from moving on with her life But it gets worse Someone wants her out of Climax and the threats are escalatingI thoroughly enjoyed this book There is of course the romance But also a little suspense and a lot of healing both physical and spiritual There are so many wonderful characters in this book Laney not sure if I would act any differently than she does in similar circumstances She s always been the strong one there to protect and defend Greer and doesn t Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide know how to ask for help uinn love this man he sind and caring and so patient with Laney Their banter is lol funny most of the time and their chemistry is undeniable even when Laney tries to deny it Mama Cates uinn s mother realizes that while their home was a haven for Greer growing up they never Well Meet Again knew Laney but she welcomes her just the same into not just her home but her heart Marcus the high school boy who meets Laney one day at the track they inspire each other to take just one step Snot the dog lesson learned don t let your friend sid name your dog This is my first read from this author looking forward to I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review I tried with this book I really did But it was a STRUGGLE to finish At about 54% I just started skimmingskipping pages at a time I just couldn t get into it I couldn t connect with the story at all I didn t feel ANY connection friendship or romantic between uinn and Delaney And I didn t particularity like uinn and his effort to help Delaney It didn t feel authentic or genuine to me as an outsiderI was just bored The highlight for me was uinn s mother I really liked her and her take no prisoners attitude which helps with her 5 boys Rating 2 out of 5I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest reviewOTHER PLACES TO FIND MEBlog wwwtwittercomalyseypoo21Bloglovi. Is Best Friend’s Older Sister is a full length small town romance featuring a hot cop a wounded nurse an old high school rival that makes the bachelorettes on The Bachelor look tame an in your face teenager who sort of helps rescue a cranky princess and a grapevine that never heard a rumor they couldn’t make better No cheating No cliffhanger A love story with a little heat a lot of heart humor and a sigh worthy HEA Previously published as Bringing Delaney Home.

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R side it can be "difficult to really get into the character s heads This story seemed to jump from "to really get into the character s heads This story seemed to jump from to scene landing in the middle of a piece of plot leaving me with no extra insight into Delaney or uinn I was meant to believe uinn carried a serious torch for Delaney but was not given any real insight into uinn s past or mind to support this I was meant to understand that Delaney was acting out as a result of a difficult and painful rehabilitation but again there was no backstory to make me understand where her behaviour came from I was meant to believe that Delaney and Greer were close but there weren t a lot of scenes depicting this I guess it boils down to this I didn t feel immersed in the story but rather felt like it was being told to me in point formMuch the same as the two main characters I felt the secondary characters were two dimensional and didn t provide a proper backdrop for Climax or what the community was really like Pinch me Sweet story that takes place in a small location in North Carolina Officer Cates uinn agrees to help his best friend Greer with her older sister This is a problem for him as she was his high school crush but he can t say no Delaney is in Washington DC and is in trouble She has been missing doctor appointments and withdrawing further into herself ever since her accident Getting to now what is going on with Delaney will be no easy feat She isn t the same girl that left years ago and trouble seems to find her As before the gossip mill loves to talk about her as it did earlier in her life He childhood wasn t an easy one but she was able to protect Greer from most of that same fate Discovering what happened to Delaney and helping her out will take the whole town Ty Uinn S Brother Tells Him He Has s brother tells him he has be all in or walk away He has always lusted after Delaney but can he be all she needs Good story that deals with childhood abuse and neglect war time military service and injury PTSD and love The entire Cates family gets in on this recoveryARC provided in exchange for honest review This review was originally posted on Fifty Shades of Books5 out of 5 StarsDelaney Lyons has hit rock bottom After being victim to an explosion in Afghanistan her life has been turned upside down and she can t seem to grasp a meaning to her life any Her sister therefore send uinlan Cates to rescue her from Washington DC and bring her back to her North Carolina hometownWhile uinn sees the obvious change in Delaney there is one thing that hasn t changed a bit The feelings he has for her and tried so hard to suppress are still present and despite Laney being so moody they are growing even fonder But he has no idea what happened to her and just how hurt she really isI don t now what it was with Bringing Delaney Home but I discovered this while browsing saw the cover and the blurb and just new i had to buy and just new I had to buy order it I have to admit it took me a while to actually pick it up when it was released but I do not regret it at all Bringing Delaney Home was defi This is one of those books that s difficult to review Could the story and characters have been a bit develop. K check aaand checkOnly her little sister’s best friend comes barging into Delaney’s life drags her homeYeah so now she’s back and the lie she tells herselfthe one about not being attracted to uinnNot Even CloseSecond chances don’t come around oftenDelaney gets a second chance at life and love but is she strong enough to take it uinn gets a second chance at the girl who got away but is he strong enough to handle the woman she’s become Still Crushing on I like family books which is what tempted me to read this one I was anticipating reading about this family but I found my self falling in love with it for than just it being an introduction to a new family series I loved Delaney s twisted character and her history with uinn It was such an interesting twist for me to have the male lead be the younger one falling for his best friend s older sister I liked the history the depth added to the characters and the flow of the book especially with the added bouts of humor Definitely an enjoyable read I just finished reading new author Lee Kilraine s first Book Bringing Delaney Home This Bringing Delaney Home This had so many great things going for it It was extremely well written and nice and long like I prefer It gave me a chance to get to now the characters and their extended family Which is great since I understand this is the first in a series Can t wait for the next oneThe injured angry military person was the main character but it was the heroine this time which was a nice change of pace I also loved the fact that the hero came from a loving solid family and wasn t also surrounded by major angst This allowed him to concentrate on Delaney and helping her get past her injury and the explosion that had caused it You saw a man who truly cared for her and how he stayed true even when she treated him poorly and tried to drive him away due to her circumstances and feeling bad for herself The story had a nice mixture of sweet caring witty banter and sexy situations The couple steamed up the pages a few times but the book wasn t inundated with page after page of nothing but sex like so many books The storyline was simple yet the emotion ran through the entire book I read this in two days and didn t want to put it down I m looking for ward to the next installment of this author s series Review also found at starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The publication date is Feb ARC reuested through Netgalley and indly provided by Kensington Books in exchange for an honest reviewBringing Delaney Home is my first read by Lee Kilraine uinn has brought Delaney back to their hometown of Climax after a mysterious accident uinn has always had a thing for Delaney and now that she is back he is determined to make her see how good they would be togetherI liked this book but there were several things that ept me from loving itI liked Delaney s uirky personality and uinn s devotion to herI m not sure if this is because it was an ARC but I felt like chunks of the story were missing Each time the scene changed I would be left thinking That scene felt incomplete or ended rather abruptly or Did I miss the first few paragraphs of this new scene because I have no idea what the heck is happening I had a hard time piecing the story together and felt like I was missing important information that would bring me up to speedOverall I felt the characters to be underdeveloped This can often happen that would bring me up to speedOverall I felt the characters to be underdeveloped This can often happen a book is written in the third person and tries to cover both POV s Unless the book is on the longe. A Modern Reverse Beauty the Beast romanceuinn CatesCrush on his best friend’s sistercheckFive years later totally over it checkOnly his best friend says her sister’s in trouble needs uinn to bring her homeYeah so now Delaney’s back and that lie he told himselfthe one about being over herNot Even CloseDelaney LyonsTour in Afghanistan as an Army nursecheckFive years later a Purple Heart survivor’s guilt and a drunk pity party for one on the itchen floorchec. ,