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A Fairly Honourable Defeat eBenefits has now taken over the top spot for my all time favoriterotic romance Forget content warnings This book should have come with a health warning While reading it I found myself literally short of breath and light headed than once It had me feeling like I might spontaneously combust while simultaneously melting into a puddle of It had me feeling like I might spontaneously combust while simultaneously melting into a puddle of This friends to lovers story had a surprising amount of motional depth and This is book two in a series You can read them as standalone but it recommends that you read MaverickBlack Cat first and then you will will understand this story better In the first story this couple are best friends with first coupleI loved both stories With a Mom that changed husbands like basketball players changed socks Bailey Edwards view on realtionships isn t one that includes a happily ver after But a girl still has needs rightIt s just a uestion of how to have those needs met without getting involved in a realtionshipSo what does Bailey do She propositions her best male friend SebastianAlthough he s always wanted to be than friends Sebastian Emerzian has decided that if being in a platonic relationship with Bailey Edwards is all he can get from her he s fine with that At least he was until Bailey does the one thing he never thought she d do she propositions him to have a no strings attached friends with benefits relationship with herBut what Bailey doesn t realize is that when it comes to her Sebastian doesn t do no strings attached and he doesn t play fair to get what he wants and he wants Bailey Preferrably naked bend over and ready for the spanking he s been dying to give herFriends with Benefits for lack of a better term is a sweet book Yes it s sexy But with the only conflict in the novel being a series of simple misunderstandings between Bailey and Sebastian it lacks the Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue emotional depth I usually look for in a book Were it not for the sex and yes there s a lot of it it s basically a sweet romance of boy meets girl they both hide their feelings they have a misunderstanding and it takes family and friends pointing out their confusion to get them back together again In other words it s a good book for a rainy day when you want a uick read But it s anven better read if combine it with Maverick s Black Cat Ellora s Cave by Matthews and Maggie Casper where we first meet Bailey it with Maverick s Black Cat Ellora s Cave by Lena Matthews and Maggie Casper where we first meet Bailey Sebastian This is the seuel to The Maverick s Black CatBailey and Sebastian have become best friends Bailey is disgusted that all the guy s she is dating leave her unfullfilled She propositions Sebastian to become her occassional lover Sebastian is attracted to her but is insulted that she would find it The Man Without a Face easy just to use him for sex and not a relationship He takes Bailey to the Boulevard Club so she can see what he wouldxpect of her should they become sexually involved Sebastian njoys tying his bed partner up and likes to administer rotic spankings Bailey is sassy and gives as good as she gets While the sex between those two is hot she fights Sebastian when he pushes for Bailey s mother has been married four times and always was dependent on Fining the terms of their new relationship While Bailey may be looking for a friend with benefits type of relationship she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play she'll have to do things his way And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone Note While this is a stand alone novel we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat firs. ,

Read this one a bunch of times on my keep shelf Bailey is such a smart ass Bailey Sebastian s Story BRAB Online Book ClubBailey and Sebastian s story is all about two friends who decided that they wanted a little from the relationship One that includes sex Gone (Gone, except Bailey wanted a casual relationship while Sebastian wanted a committed relationshipMild BDSM some off the wall sex scenes is the gist of this book It was just an okay read for me Liked this one a bit better than the previous book in the seriesBailey has a smart mouth and a big heart She also has a crippling fear of commitment because of thexample of her much married motherSebastian and Bailey met in the previous book MAVERICK S BLACK CAT SET UP s Black Cat set up a blind double date with that couple They hit if off immediately but the possibility of romance is not there The steam pressed lawyer Bastian is simply not one of the Bailey s types She likes them big muscly and pretty She also likes guys she can leave without a backward glance However the two of them strike up a great friendship and often hang out togetherLately though her regular types just aren t Friends With Benefits is the seuel to the very hot Maverick s Black Cat where we first meet the smart talking Bailey and the serious Sebastian with the hidden kinky side This book was a very well written sexy read that really drew me into the characters and their story plus delivered some very hot sex scenesBailey is an independent woman who knows what she wants in life and what she wants right now is some hot sex but she isn t satisfied with the brawny self centered men she normally dates So she decides she should have sex with her friend Sebastian because he is totally different than her normal men loyal kind of uiet and a good guy Sebastian was attracted to Bailey but only treated her as a friend because that seemed to be best for them When she tells him her plan for them to be fuck buddies he is less than pleased He doesn t appreciate the casual way she wants to use him plus he doesn t think she can handle the way he is in the bedroom a dominant man who likes to spank and occasionally tie up his lover So he teases Bailey to the point where she is about to get off then leaves her hanging She is pissed but very intrigued by this get off then leaves her hanging She is pissed but very intrigued by this side of BastianBastian gets Cat to invite Bailey to a local club so she can see what he likes in the bedroom In a private room along with Cat and Mason Sebastian sits with Bailey as they watch another couple do what he likes in the bedroom a little spanking then some fun Bailey is surprised by how much she Threads Of The Shroud enjoys watching it and isven suprised to look over and see Mason and Cat having a little fun too Things get hot and heavy between Bastian and Bailey but the intensity of the love making scared Bailey so she doesn t talk to him for a few days since she has a tendency to run from All Seated on the Ground emotions she can t handleSebastian and Bailey start to work out a relationship of sorts that centers on their intense attraction forach other Sebastian loves to control in the bedroom but he never takes it too far and he is always making sure For Bailey Edwards deciding on a no strings attached affair was the Untitled. easy part Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter Tired of men who want her only for her looks Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution hotxplosive sex with no com. ,

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Ailey is comfortable Bailey is one hilarious strong woman so she can take whatever Bastian dishes out usually with a funny uip back at him She can accept his spanking and dominance in the bedroom but she has a big problem with him trying to have a deeper relationship with her Bastian has intense feelings for Bailey but can she overcome a lifelong fear of relationships and dependence on a man in time to accept the love Bastian has for herThis story was wonderful I was laughing at times and herThis story was wonderful I was laughing at times and a class of ice cubes at others The relationship between Bastian and Bailey was very believable and well written Bailey s fear of relationships was a result of seeing her mother go through four marriages while using men to fund her lifestyle so I can understand her reluctance to accept money from Bastian and her fear of admiting her feelings Wiring even to herself Bastian was one of those uiet strong men who has a hidden kinky side that made him want to spank Bailey and screw the heck out of her He was very skilled with his mouth and not at all selfish so I can understand Bailey s intense pleasure at his hands The spanking and dominance did not go too far he mostly just uses his hand and a little bit of tying up Bastian was very sweet with Bailey he tried to be sensitive to her needs and feelings but he also knew he would have to push her a little bit so she didn t treat him as casually as she did her other boyfriends He did one or two dumb things that pissed Bailey off but he honestly was just being a guy and they can t really help it right One thing about the story that is just not a big deal and I am glad Bailey is African American and Sebastian is white but it is never a big deal Bastian justs sees her as an incredibly sexy womanOverall I reallyjoyed this story It was Against All Odds emotional sweet funny and sexy as hell at times This story includes some spanking a little bit of bondage two couples doing it in the same room so voyarism but no touching by the other couple do you think Mason or Bastian would share anal a toy and one hilarious scene where Bailey accidently walks in on Bastian s lawyer co worker getting a blow job and she notices that he has the biggest dick shever saw they don t call him Big Phil for nothing Highly recommended but read Maverick s Black Cat by Lena Matthews and Maggie Casper first both are hot wonderful reads This is hot sex on a platter Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage end of story Reallynjoyed it D 325 stars Bailey Stanford and Sebastian Emerzian had been close friends for close to a year and for the past six months of that friendship they went out for dinner watched home movies together or generally hung out because neither was in a relationship Bailey decided to seduce Sebastian and propose to him that they add sex to their repertoire aka friends with benefits Sebastian declined because he wanted a permanent and a meaningful relationship that included really kinky sex and not the vanilla verity that she was use to From that point the story was all about the benefits part and none of the romantic interaction xpected from a romance story Reviewed for THC Reviews Friends with. Mitment What could a girl ask for Sebastian Emerzian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him He's already resigned himself to a friends only relationship with Bailey despite his long held desires for Sebastian is than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'll be de. Friends With Benefits

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