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Develops between this unlikely coupleThis is written I first person ou see the story unfold though Kate s eyes A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 you feel her troubles her fears her few joys and this creates a connection to her thatou very rarely get in other books I know a lot of readers don t like first person books but this is a must read it is stunningly beautiful book it really is too good to be true Ms Gray has done an astounding job at conveying Kate s circumstances and her fragile frame of mind her confusion unease and fear is palpable from that first page Kate has a complexity and honest vulnerability about her that is engaging to the reader even when there is lightness like when she is reading Jane Eyre in the hotel there is raw edginess to her that draws If an Elephant Went to School you inThe War Widow smoothly takesou on a journey that has twists and turns then being in a maze it is beautifully written with a plot that will make Morse Code for Radio Amateurs your mind boggle andou find The Ideal Muslim Society yourself stumped for words at what is going on It s a roller coaster ride through a dangerous and complicated time where all is not uite what it seems I absolutely loved it it is a page turning compelling and intricately crafted perfect piece of thrilling fiction which has a wonderful and understated romance tucked away between the pagesIt is a timeless and thought provoking story that grippedou from the onset and doesn t let Linux Networking Cookbook you go with characters are intriguing and strong each one is precise and consistent stories of their own that runs throughout to keepou engaged The story opens in November 1947 as we meet the eponymous War Widow of the story Kate Ward a troubled Marcus Garvey young woman is staying at a genteel hotel in the small Welsh town of Aberystwyth where she hopes to discover about the mysterious disappearance of her ex husband Rhys However circumstances are against her and from the very start of the novel Kate suspects that there are some sinister people shadowing her who seem determined to prevent her discovering about what has happened to RhysWhat then follows is a suspenseful story about Kate s determination to discover the truth whilst at the same time trying to keep herself safe from harm However it soon becomes apparent that anything to do with her ex husband has been buried so deep that it takes a great deal of tenacity on Kate s part to get to the bottom of this dark mysteryIt is this complex mystery which is at the heart of the novel and the many twists and turns in the plot are certainly designed to keepou on the edge of FRIENDLY ENEMIES your seat The overall pace of the story is fast and there is so much going on within the story thatou really do need to concentrate on what s unfolding I enjoyed trying to fit all the numerous pieces of the puzzle togetherI definitely had the feeling of this being in a post war setting the way the places were described added an authentic and believable edge to the story and I especially liked the references to newsreel information about Princess Elizabeth s wedding to Philip Mountbatten which again helped to put this story into its historical contextThere is no doubt that author has with great enthusiasm brought this spirited War Widow to life in an suspenseful story which thrives on excitement This book took me a long while to read partly due to me putting it down to prioritise other books and partly because I really wasn t feeling this book for the majority of it I reuested an ARC as I have a slightly odd fascination with WWII and the attitudes of the people for around two decades after the fact which leads

To Me Wanting To 
me wanting to absolutely anything set within this rather large time period The premise sounded interesting a woman struggling to understand the apparent suicide of her ex husband and the men who have suddenly followed her on her trip from Lancaster to Aberystwyth Sadly the execution of this book lets down the plot in my opinion The first two thirds of this book is mainly focused on what seems to be a continuous mental breakdown of Kate with small interludes of sanity and romance Understandably the book has to be set up however it felt like far too long was spent on this section of the book where everybody seems to be confused and nobody understands the series of events Eventually we reach the last third of the book where things start to fall into place and explanations start to be forthcoming Even within this section Gray attempts to keep the mystery until the very end poorly with lots of confusion and badly explained plot developments which don t become much clearer even after re reading a couple times This book really does seem to Suffer From The Writing from the writing being uite where it should be in order to capture the reader and I often got bored in the middle of chapters and had to force myself to the end of them although the last 5 10 chapters were much betterAlthough I have said a lot of negatives about this book one positive I feel I should point out is that Gray really knows how to write characters which the reader will be able to fully flesh out in their minds I absolutely love Kate and I enjoyed seeing how the other characters who were all suspicious at one point or another start to develop both on their own and within Kate s point of view as they learn about this turn of events This isn t a book I d read again as it seems a little jumbled and all over the place But there is a chance that s just me so maybe I ll give it another shot sometime Thank ou to NetGalley for a free eCopy of this book in return for an unbiased review. War veteran turned crime novelist Adam Hitchen a reserved widower and the only source of kindness in a shadowy world of suspicion and fear And as ghosts old and new rise to haunt her Kate must rely on all her strength and courage to uncover the shocking truth hidden within a twisted web of lie. F characters are not easy to empathise with but they are beautifully intricate and seen through Kate s eyes many take on sinister charact I read this book from NetGalley UK in exchange for a fair review Set in Wales 1947 the story opens with protagonist Kate Ward a divorcee who decides to visit the place where her ex husband Rhys Williams apparently died but his body wasn t foundI wanted to like this book the synopsis sounded promising to me It seemed to have potential but overall it was bogged by overly descriptive prose Everything was so long winded It just couldn t hold my attentionOne thing I like about the heroine is that she speaks her mind whenever she can Her inner monologues kept me going throughout I loved that bit while interactions and banter with the reserved Adam Hitchen was one of the major plus points It was amusing to see how both of them chooses to disclose half truths to one another I really enjoyed the intricate plot of this book Right from the start I was drawn in through the suspicious circumstances placed around the characters and the real battle of feelings The scene is set so well and Aberystwyth 1947 becomes a place I can visualise without ever having visited The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns accumulated in a satisfactory ending to a book I enjoyed very muchMy thanks go to the author publisher and Netgalley in providing a arc in return for my honest review It s 1947 and Kate is a single woman who divorced her husband shortly after the war Kate is still recovering from a terrible incident that makes her feel scared and unsafe She s being chased and because nobody seems to believe her she decides to find some answers herself She s staying at a hotel in Aberystwyth near the place where her ex husband recently committed suicide Her arrogant and self centered ex husband used to be a successful photographer and he didn t come across as unhappy at all Why did he throw himself off a cliffWhile Kate is being seen as someone who has a problem with her nerves she doesn t get the protection she needs and she s constantly on the run Someone wants something from her that she isn t able to give She can t trust anyone When she s staying at the hotel she meets a charismatic author Adam who seems to be concerned about her wellbeing but as she has no idea who s after her Kate can t allow herself to let her guard down when she s with him What should she do and how can she make the miserable situation she finds herself in stop without becoming a victimThe War Widow is a fantastic gripping story Kate is a talented and smart woman She s also confused afraid and completely alone That makes her story interesting from the start I was curious to find out who s after her and couldn t turn the pages uickly enough to discover the truth I loved how Lorna Gray slowly reveals the identities of the main players in her fabulous intricate plot and was captivated by her story from beginning to End I Was Especially I was especially to read about Adam because of his riveting personality and profession The marvellous main characters are all eually alluring which made The War Widow a joy to read for meLorna Gray combines an intriguing setting with a fascinating chaotic thrilling adventure and true love I loved the natural and compelling way she does this Her descriptions are filled with suspense The War Widow kept surprising me and I enjoyed every single one of the many unexpected events that lead to a fabulous sensational finale I really loved The War Widow and highly recommend this terrific story Well what can I say about this What a corker It really is an incredible read this is the first book I have read by Lorna Gray and it definitely will not be the last I will admit that I am a fan of war era romances and I have read a lot of them but there is something very special about this book This book is right up there with the best I have read right alongside the likes of Pam Jenoff and Kate MosseSet just after the war in 1947 After Kate Ward s ex husband committed suicide she found herself being nearly kidnapped injured and Kate Ward s ex husband committed suicide she found herself being nearly kidnapped injured and followed by two unknown thug s who are wanting answers to uestions that she doesn t know she doesn t understand the uestions or why these people would be after her She flees her home in Lancaster to Wales where she stays in the Aberystwyth Hotel in the very same area where her ex husband had spent the last of his days She hopes that she can try to figure out what is going on and why she is being followed but those answers aren t coming as she thought as she finds herself under the gaze of the other hotel guest s who see her as an unhinged paranoid and grieving woman who by all accounts could be suffering from her own mental break downNo one believes that she is in as much danger as she states she is fearful and alone with terrifying events that even start clouded her own judgment She can t trust no one and et she can t seem to find the answers she needs She eventually finds an ally in the form of elusive veteran come crime writer Adam Hitchman who is in Aberystwyth doing researchAlong with Adam Kate takes off a journey to find the truth and discover why her life is in danger and who is behind it along the way they keep bumping into the mysterious Jim Bristol who keep s turning up along the way But is he than he appears to be As they become embroiled in a dark and dangerous life or death game of cat and mouse Kate and Adam become closer until a romance. Nding answers she cannot give Not the police not the doctors and not the guests at the Aberystwyth hotel she has come to in an attempt to find out what happened to her charismatic photographer ex husband and why her sanity and her life are now at riskKate can trust no one not even the reclusive. Oh my gosh this was completely different to what I was expecting I must admit I saw the cover and read the title of the book and I hit the reuest button on Netgalley without reading the blurb I was not expecting the wild ride I just went on It was so good and I m really glad I read this book I would have read it uicker but unfortunately I read it while I was working lots which annoyed me all I wanted to do was read this bookGoing into this book blind was probably the best thing I could have done I won t go into the blurb now as I felt the surprises I discovered are worth going in blind I absolutely loved the character of Kate she was so strong and held together despite being a war widow and I really admired what she went through I loved the fact much of the book resonated with the times of today despite being set about 70 And a Bottle of Rum years previouslyThe setting of Aberystwyth was completely different and I loved Lorna s descriptions of the town Despite knowing Wales well I haven t actually been to Aberystwyth but after reading this book I would love to visit Without saying too much I know Gloucestershire which we visit at several points in the book well after going to university in Cheltenham These parts I loved as I knew pretty much where we wereI loved the writing style it was easy to read and really pulledou in to the characters lives This book is a lot than the usual wartime saga it has mystery it has intrigue and it has moments where Crochet you have no idea where the book is going to go I really enjoyed the journey we went on throughout the book at times I was holding my breath just anticipating what was going to happen next At times it is a bit of a slow read however it may be because I spent several days reading it but ifou re anticipating a fast read I wouldn t pick this one again may be due to me being hectic at workThis was my first book I ve read by Lorna Gray but she s definitely found a fan for life now I d recommend it if Playhouse you re interested in life after the second world war and also ifou like a bit of mystery and figuring out what the hell is going onI m a huge fan of sagas but this I have to say was so much Please go read it and change our views on saga books and also be warned Adam Hitchin was a delight who I loved reading about Don t disregard this book too easily there s to it than meets the eyeFirstly Kate Ward the protagonist of this twisted story is anything but a war widow to start with the title of this novel She s a divorcee and her late ex husband apparently commits suicide two ears after his return fro The War Widow Lorna GrayReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Historical Fiction RomanceWW2 isn t my favourite time setting for reading but the sample of this intrigued me very mysterious had me wanting to know what happens next Sadly I carried on wanting to know what came next as for most of the book it seemed to me to be hinting at various events and revelations that didn t come out until the very end and even then I m still unsure of just how all the connections tied in Its for me not for everyone clearly a novel that was well written had a fabulous use of language and et was incredibly confusing For much of the novel we know that Kate has experienced so many bad things its her voice telling the story but then the hints are There That Maybe Its All that maybe its all her head trauma from the suicide of her ex husband trauma from the accident she head so what she tells us may just be what she believes and not what actually happened I didn t really like her but of course she s very true to the time recent history it maybe but still a period when Men Ruled and the ladies were expected to defer always I did like Adam though sometimes he appeared brusue The other hotel residents were a mixed bunch and I just loved the way Mary s sister was so determined to see Mary in the running for Adam s affections and the way she tried to discredit Kate constantly Overall it was an OK read I did keep putting it aside as I was so confused at what was happening and incredibly frustrated not to know what was the big secret what the guys what was happening and incredibly frustrated not to know what was the big secret what the guys her wanted what the police were really doing etc It works perfectly that way for many readers thus the five stars of course but we re all different and it didn t suit me It does all tie up neatly though even then the bluffs and obfuscation and constantly in presence and getting to the end I had to re read some parts to see exactly what had happened I still can t say I fully followed all of it Stars Three its not a story I d reread and one I did struggle with but that s a case of me not the book Not all books suit all readers that doesn t make them bad books just ones that will be loved by some and disregarded by others ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers This story isn t the traditional World War 2 or post war story It s a mystery with elements of a psychological thriller set in post war Wales and England The central theme of the story is Kate s journey of self discovery After ears of having her self esteem eroded facing extreme danger hardship and loneliness force her to acknowledge her real worthThere is a clever mystery to solve and carefully built suspense in this twisty plot which is a little slow paced in parts Character driven this story has a complex protagonist who feels utterly alone et this doesn t uell her survival instinct and she continually faces her demons and forces her adversaries to meet her head on The cast The echoes of war live long in the mindWales 1947Injured and terrified after an attempted abduction desperation drives artist Kate Ward to the idyllic scene of her ex husband’s recent suicide Labelled a hysterical grieving divorcée no one believes she is being pursued by two violent men dema.

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