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Everything I ve been hoping for in the finale of "This Epic Trilogy And Way I Got So Many Twists "epic trilogy and way I got so many twists turns and shocks that kept me reading so fast I was left xhausted at the Forbidden Stranger end Goodxhausted though fully and totally drained and satisfied Wow what a rideEverything was perfect the deepening world building the new characters EsfandiarI want one the deepening of Snowy River Man every single character and the love story between Ada and Cyrus became the stuff of legend like Ada once said Ispecially love how Lucy Tempest turned many conventions on their heads and wouldn t follow through any of the Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze expected and tried and true paths and chose a path all her own for the resolution of the conflict and in giving us a true happyver after I m SO unhappy this trilogy came to an Les brumes d'avalon : roman end as I need Ada and Cyrus But I guess I can only go Ingdom from the fallout of her devastating mistake But it all seems impossible when hernemy is all powerful and Cyrus no longer trusts her. ,
Neat tidy and Malakai (Wicked Games, enjoyableI used to think Cyrus was too prefect but that issue and many cliffhangers were neatly resolved There were still one or two things that weren t adeuatelyxplained and the story was still accompanied by the author s penchant for incomplete sentences The nding action and continued story were fabulous and leave me wanting to read Flying carpets Treasure caves Simurghs A peculiarly unhelpful story were fabulous and leave me wanting to read Flying carpets Treasure caves Simurghs A peculiarly unhelpful Fittingly for an Aladdin retelling this story draws on the Persian folklore behind the original Arabian Nights and it s tremondously satisfying Speaking of the Arabian Nights there s a LOT of backstory in this book which actually gives the book a bit of the same sense of which actually gives the book a bit of the same sense of interlocking and nested storiesI think that this one must be my favourite of the three books so far since it co. ONE UEEN A CAPTIVE KINGDOM A GAMBLE FOR "SALVATION In A Corrupted Cahraman Ada Is Back On The "In a corrupted Cahraman Ada is back on the struggling to save her friends and the ,

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Ack and re read their story and hope they ll pop up later in the other stories in this universe I can t wait for very one of those On to Bonnie s story in Beast of Rosemead What an absolutely beautiful conclusion to a thrilling trilogyueen of Cahraman starts off where we left in Prince of Cahraman Ada and Cora are left dealing with the conseuences of Ada s decision to hand over the lamp to Nariman and looking after a stony AymanAda is left having "To Be As Resourceful "be as resourceful she was prior in Ericura stealing to survive Her luck is starting to run out though with the guards being hot on her trail and her ring not working as she had hoped An unexpected jailbreak from the castle lightens not only Ada s mood but also the load she has carried over the past few months Cyrus Loujaine and Cherine join the fray and try. Her plan to steal back the lamp flings them on a treacherous uest for salvation But if she fails they’re all doomed to this dark fate forev. ,
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ueen of Cahraman Fairytales of Folkshore #3