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Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings oWriting wasn t all that good For me this book was the worstf both worlds It was shallow writing flat characters and a story that "didn t do anything ther than take up space n my ereader They say that these "t do anything ther than take up space n my ereader They say that these in the series can be read as stand alones but that isn t true Mainly Because Of The Sloppy Writing A because f the sloppy writing A f characters stars f their wn books are thrust into the pages with relationships clearly already established but A A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) of characters starsf their wn books are thrust into the pages with relationships clearly already established but no real explanation as to who they are Or what they do The nly thing I gathered is that these 14 dudes sit around playing video games and pool all day They re referred to as sentries and warriors but they don t actually do anything Hell they don t even turn into wolves But my biggest beef is with the stars f this book Can I just say it was creepy to read this It was pedophilia The author knew she was crossing that line because she brought it up in a Oh hey this probably looks like pedo but it totally isn t Isn t that weird scene The top calls himself Daddy carries the ther guy around constantly wipes his tears buys him pretty pink things sits him In the End on his lap constantly and takes caref him just like a toddler This would be kay if this was clearly a role playing style f relationship In that context knock yourself ut But ne f the characters is designated as mildly mentally retarded Maybe I m ver sensitive because I ve worked in the disabilities field r maybe it has to do with the fact that Johnny is clearly childlike in a lot f ways however his characterization like much f the book was sloppy and not put together well But whatever it was it left me feeling creeped ut I bought this solely because someone was willing to show that the disabled need and deserve love too I knew going in that there was a really big chance that the book wasn t going to do a good job The Age of Treachery of it but I didn t think it would go this badlyThis book needed depth it needed characterization it needed editing and spellcheck it needed a couplef beta readers to ask the uestions that I as a paying reader was asking like How in hell did a week pass while Johnny was locked in the bedroom and Well if they weren t at the brother s where were they and why didn t Johnny wonder why they were in a strange home And What the hell do these guys do for a living ther than sit n their asses all day And hey how about Does Johnny even know these guys are werewolves To be fair I wouldn t have known these guys were werewolves and I m not mentally disabled This was a shoddy book and a waste The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of money Even worse I paid for thisne than the new Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite one from Josh Lanyon Not a good read at all I completely blame the publisher for not bothering to look at the work If this is the uality Siren Bookstrand is puttingut I ll be steering clear Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of their catalog I enjo. Ven anyone realizesTreated as a simpleton all his life Johnny Stone has never had anything to call hiswn until he meets HawkHawk must keep his emaciated mate safe from a sadistic brother while teaching Johnny to trust him Hawk is uickly running ut f time to convince Johnny that he isn’t ut to hurt him when his mate inadvertently starts the

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Yed this ne much than the first ne Whereas the first ne starts Keep From Falling offn the creepy side this Catalogue the Insanity one startedff rather sweet I enjoyed Johnny and Hawk especially since Johnny was a bit mentally challenged It Was Just So Sweet How Hawk was just so sweet how Hawk into putty when it came to Johnny and anything he did He was a sweetheart to Johnny and catered to him like he should be loved but without the whole condescending I m better than you air There was no way I couldn t love Johnny His bsession with pink will just make you smile and the way the whole pack accepts Johnny and is protective f him from the start made me do a whole bunch Shrek of awwws and left me with a smilen my faceThe nly thing I had a problem with well not really a problem but the whole daddy thing just seemed ut Look Alikes Jr. of character with Johnny and Hawk Hell even Hawk was shocked when he said something related to daddy Still it was a bit weird but besides that I really liked the book I recommend this fluff D This isfficially ne f the worst books I have ever readand trust me I have read a lot Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of books across all genresI bought this book because the 1st book in this series was so bad that i thought it had to be a flukethe 2nd book had to be bettergive the author a chancemaybe it was just 1st book inexperience This book made my eyes bleed it was even worse that the 1stne and contained main characters with the nicknames Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution of Pretty Baby and Daddyjust thinkf my dismay when I realized there I ve read this to give at Brac Pack series another chance BIG MISTAKE This second installment is even worse than the first book HawkJhonny relationship made me feel uneasy because Johnny is a mentally impaired eighteen who behave like a child I had to skip the sex scenes between them because I felt too uncomfortable and what to say about the BabyDaddy nicknames Just creepy And there are too many holes in the plot and too many situations that are not resolved WHAT these guys DO He Remembers the Barren other than hangut in the den and play games all day OMG what did I just readA mildly retarted 18 year The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf old calling his shifter lover Daddy EwwwwwwwwAnd that was justne Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of the things wrong with this story Badly written thinly veiled pedophilia That about sums up my thoughtsn this The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives oneJohnny is much than just mildly retarded as we re told in thepening chapter and the constant references to him as baby little man and kiddo were really starting to disturb me especially since no Let the Wolf Howl one addressed the issuer even acknowledged the fact that he s mentally retarded Once I got to the part where Hawk tells Johnny to Fk Daddy s cock after which Johnny starts calling him Daddy I was doneand seriously creeped The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini outshiversI m going to dive right into another book now which will hopefully take my mindff f this ne and scrub it permanently from my memory. Ating ritual Will Johnny give Hawk the trust he needs to bind them together Blue Guide New York or suffer the conseuences that fate’s wicked sensef humor has unleashedNote Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection features a different romantic couple Each title stands alone and can be read in any rder However we recommend reading the series in seuential rde. ,

Hawks Pretty Baby Brac Pack #2Okay so I don t normally review Siren books but this ne was justwrong here we but this ne was justwrong Here we Johnny who s basically his brother s slave and as the book states mildly retarded Then we have Hawk who s A Criminal Affair of course a bad ass shifter Here s my issueso whether Johnny is actually mildly retardedr not that s the way he was portrayed and then to add in rough shifter sexI have no words Not only that but I m convinced Johnny was actually a 10 that but I m convinced Johnny was actually a 10 Sangue Derramado old girl which just makes allf the above even creepier And to add a shitastic cherry n top f all the ther ewwwwness Johnny calls Hawk Daddy Are you fucking kidding me hereI just looked and 1861 people have read this book and it has a 391 average rating HOW IS that possible i love my kink as much POSSIBLE I love my kink as much the next guy but COME ON This is really gross In the hands f a different writer and under a different genre romance rather than erotica I think this particular story could have been as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming Unfortunately seeing as neither f those things happened Hawk s Pretty Baby was just a mishmash f amateurish lazy editing uncomfortable scenes and unfortunate storytelling I feel bad for saying so especially since the author seems to have such a follow ship but I can t help itHawk and Johnny s a mentally impaired eighteen year ld relationship was in my pinion creepy and very much in the dubious to non consent area f writing Someone might argue against that because This second book in the series is well connected with the first taking ff right where Maverick s Mate left Confessions of a Teenage Hollywood Star off I really liked the higher levelf emotions between the characters the gay pack is beginning to take shape as a group and Maverick and Cecil from volume Precious Stones: Their Occult Power and Hidden Significance one are back adding depth and additional perspectiveHawk is almost as domineering as an alpha but he also adds some emotion to this attitude He changes the way he deals with his mate in the coursef what happens It shows that he has an ability to learn and adapt I liked that a lot because I thought it made for a better storyJohnny is just so beaten down it made me want to hug him He s had nothing but abuse to the point he truly believes he is worthless even retarded When he comes The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky outf his shell and starts to develop as a person I cheered him along every inch f the way He suffers terribly but his spirit is never broken Absolutely amazing This is a story about change and growth for both characters They help each ther see what the Works Days other needs and move forward together If you like shifter human interaction with both partners learning about eachther and adapting to their new situation you will pro I really liked this ne It was adorable and so sweet I ve read books that were technically k but the story wasn t that great And I ve read books where the story was awesome but the. #349 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM werewolvesHawk Magnar commander f twelve sentry wolves never thought he’d discover his mate in a hospital for an anxiety attack Under the illusion he was going to comfort a young child the alpha’s mate Cecil had befriended he finds a man who needs protection than