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Skew things so that the ordinary somehow morph into the surreal Let s call it Kafka for the English navvy I LOVED this book really funny particularly from my perspective AS AN EMPLOYER AND AS ALWAYS an employer And as always can Be Counted On To Be Off The counted on to be off the I have read many of Magnus Mills s books and very much enjoyed this as with all of the others I suspect though it will ivide those who read it having stumbled upon him It is in the vein of The Maintenance Of Headway than The Restraint Of Beasts Beasts is much The Peoples Songs darker with that black humour that Mills is renowned for Headway is muchrier humour and centred around a working class workplace Similarly here and almost it like an allegory for the 1970s strikes Though the van City of Big Shoulders drivers working for the Scheme have few grievances at first it isn t long before some seemingly petty uibbles rear their heads and two rival unions are formed I m sure it won t please everyone but I found it compelling and smiled wryly on many occasions Around the time I read this book I was working as a truckriver Well I wasn t uite working as my job simply entailed a few uick Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles deliveries on any givenay This left me with nothing to My Name is Bob do but sleep in my truck once myeliveries were one I probably worked two hours out of an eight hour work ay everydayDuring this period I also visited an old high school friend and told him what I was Billy Bragg doing for work A week later he mailed me a copy of Magnus Mills The Scheme for Full Employment He said This book is about a truckriver who Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary drives around allay oing nothing I think you ll like it He was right uite uite amazing and horrific a humorous book explaining how to keep lots of people employed oing nothing but move stuff from place to place that has no use at all I so love Magnus Mills The The Majors Daughter deceptively simple style I suspect it is actually uiteifficult to write like that is just such a joy to read the space in the narrative and the unadorned tone make it a relief a uiet oasis amidst the hurly burly of so much of my other reading matterI can t spoil the plot by mentioning it because as usual there isn t much of one which is part of the point I could go on at great length about all the many things I seeget out of his writing but the people who Miss Shumway Waves a Wand don t get Magnus Mills would just take it as a case of Emperor s New Clothes and the people whoo get him would just nod and The Touch dip their biscuit into their tea I remember reading The Restraint of Beasts when it first came out loving it and looking for by Magnus Mills but not not finding anything and then forgetting about him completely Shame on me I was missing out on The Scheme for Full Employment which I can onlyescribe as mildly rib tickling it s hugely funny but never in a way that actually makes you laugh out loud The complexities of The Scheme a make work project in which Univan On His Majestys Service drivers carry loads of Univan parts to Univanepots in a never ending round of pointless fuel consumption are Different Class described in perfectly pacedetail and without any irony on the part of the happily employed narrator It s a bubble that has to burst eventually and when a minor industrial ispute escalates to a full scale strike it s the fact that the lack of Univan activity has zero impact on the national economy that finally unmasks the futility of the whole enterprise A brilliant but gently tongue in cheek critiue of command economies And now that I ve rediscovered him I ve the rest of Mr Mill s works to look forward to. Us Mills is the author of the story collection Screwtop Thompson and six novels including The Restraint of Beasts which won the McKitterick Prize and was shortlisted for both the Booker Prize and the Whitbread now the Costa First Novel Award in 1999 His books have been translated into twenty languages He lives in Londo. The Scheme for Full EmploymentThis is possibly one of the most frustrating books I ve ever read And I loved it The book returns to Mills s signature theme the world of working class employment in this case it also feels like an allegory for the 1970s the world of unions and arcane employment isputes and procedures as well as the rise of Thatcherism the narrator and others are shocked by the appearance of a female inspector who Textbook of Wisdom dares to uestion the very foundations of the scheme and at one point associates it with failed social experiments like free school milk Please note I read this some years back soon t remember it clearlySynopsis The whole idea is simple yet so perfect men In Defence of Dogs drive to and from strategically placed warehouses in Univans identical and serviceable vehicles transporting replacement parts forUnivans Gloriously self perpetuating the Scheme wasesigned to give an honest ay s wage for an honest ay s labor That it produces nothing The City in Mind does not obtain Our hero in Magnus Mills mesmerizing new work is a five year veteran of the Scheme he knows the best routes the easiest managers the uickest ways in and out Inevitably trouble begins to brew A woman arrives on the scene Some workersevelop Revenge (The Red Ledger delivery sidelines And mostisturbing of all not all participants are in agreement There are Flat Dayers who believe the Scheme s eight hour ay is sacrosanct and inviolable and there are Swervers who fancy being let off a Little Early Now And early now and Disagreement turns to argument argument to ebate The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity debate to outright schism Soon the Flat Dayers and Swervers have pushed the Scheme to the very brink ofisasterand readers to the edge of their chairs in Penguins Poems for Life delightMy Thoughts This is another book like The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break that I bought randomly using a gift certificate and was glad I hadone so Many people complain that this book is pointless and boring but anyone who has been underemployed will I think get it This is satire of course so your mileage may vary but I uite enjoyed it Over the past three weeks in between some larger novels I ve read three Magnus Mills novels The Scheme for Full Employment The Field of the Cloth of Gold and The Forensic Records Society While I ve read several other Mills novels Explorers of the New Century remains my favorite largely because he employs the eadpan humor and irony in a pointedly specific fashion the targets are clear and the successful bulls eyes measurable and it becomes a first rate satire about English zeal hypocrisy racism guilt and the petty competitionsirritations that undermine groups The Scheme for Full Employment presents an alternate reality very like our own where we slowly come to understand what scheme it is that the English have lost which is being used elsewhere in the world For several ecades there has been a fleet of vans going about specific routes making eliveries and collections and the sole purpose of these gyrations is to move parts around for the maintenance of the vans and the van epots in the process affording the workers gainful 8 hour per Divine Beauty day employment Mills narrator asserts that other countries continue to successfully employ this scheme while the English have bollixed things for a variety of reasons but mainly because a strike meant to resolve the workers ownissension about occasional short ie not full Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone days brings to the attention of others the scheme s inertial non productivity The narrator off handedly touches on several other worms in the apple. The Scheme wasesigned to provide an honest wage for an honest Down to the Sea in Ships day's labour Menriving identical rust resistant Univans Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, deliver Univan parts to strategically spaced warehouses Simple self perpetuating and efficient it seemsestined to last forever But when some Dog Years drivers begin leaving early andeveloping elivery sid.

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Which suggest that other inherent vices might have eventually produced the same result ie brought everything to a haltThe novel seems to have a satiric target but it s so general and vague that one is not sure what real world scheme properly approximates the one in the novel In some respect we sense Mills is suggesting that all of our activity is something of the sort unproductive routines whose only purpose is to ensure we continue to o the same tomorrow There is much else in the novel that makes finding specific real world correlatives irrelevant the narrator s iffident manner is a common theme in all of his novels and it allows Mills to present events and transactions with others in a stoic get on with it manner even when things appear to be going pear shaped The entire subplot about the narrator s mate s sideline of selling cakes that his girlfriend bakes is one example of how the narrator handles so matter of factly the large and small alterations in his let s get on with it uotidian routineSimilarly the narratives in The Field of Cloth of Gold and The Forensic Records Society employ the same polite iffident narrative persona In the Field of Cloth we are in some unspecified pre Industrial Age setting on a large grass plain The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur defined by the wending of a river and the narrator tells of coming upon the plain setting camp and then of the subseuent arrival of others to the plain and how alliances rivalries schisms and even purging persecutions ensue It has the appearance of fable but there are shaggyog aspects such as the fate of the copper bathtub that Maharaj detract from the generality of fable but lend the story a narrative primitivism and na vete It s all an inch by inch incremental growth of tension andissension seemingly harmless even comical and then finally the all too real and Kuduz disturbing awareness that he the narrator has somehow got himself complicit in the violence that will ensue The aura of fable suggests real world correlatives to events in the novel but there ends up being only a general target human nature which bull s eye is the entire target In The Forensic Records Society Mills target could be specialist groups like any group ofetectorists stamp collectors fantasy sport enthusiasts et al or it may be suggesting something about larger institutions like religions and the schisms that occur within them The particulars however are what make the story and the narrator again ignorantly and naively narrates his tale never fully apprehending what is going on around him nor ever rawing any sort of conclusion about what s transpired As with The Field of Cloth of Gold there is a woman who takes a islike to the narrator and there are ramifications to her presence and activities that produce The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, disuiet andissension at a sub rosa level What begins as the veneration of listening to records ends FOR ONE PRINCIPAL CHARACTER AS THE one principal character as the of a single record which he will never play There are multiple threads in the story but the largest deals with the on going splintering of the principal group into near replicas of itself The with the on going splintering of the principal group into near replicas of itself The ends with events that transpire and cannot be commented on or judged much in the manner of the eponymous records society s founding principlesThere s a coziness to the voice Mills employs in telling his tales which uietly and The Taste of Ashes decorously broach large and sometimesisturbing themes via banal conversation and humdrum activity All of Mills narrative personae unremarkably. Elines the workforce is ivided into two camps Flat Dayers and Early Swervers'An enjoyable novel by a truly original writer' Sunday Times'A British writer to be treasured' Independent'Mills' odd but wonderful books combine the language of a children's story and the strange ry humour of Harold Pinter' Daily ExpressMagn.