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And can be a great source *for conflict themselves Created by the Government the SSG is tasked with collecting information on twisted *conflict themselves Created by the Government the SSG is tasked with collecting information on twisted hunting down monsters spies and so onThe setting is very evocative and filled with despair and bleak realism that still leaves room for hope However not without compromises Everyone is trying to rebuild but have very different visions of how to best do so and what the new world should be like While organisations struggle for power people struggle for simple survival Simple things like canned beans and bully beef are sed as payment for information and back breaking chores Different areas in and around London are given brief descriptions that exude *The Atmosphere Of The Setting *atmosphere of the setting addition there are one page profiles spread throughout the book of various real "World Locations In Britain With Information On "locations in Britain With information on they were The Year of Living Biblically used for and hints at what sinister things may take place there now. M that allows the group to work out exactly the kind of game they want to play amongst the wreckage of 1960s London Hot War features Complete rules that support intriguing exciting play where everyone round the table gets to contribute to an evolving story Loads of great advice on settingp facilitating and playing Hot War games A vibrant setting brought alive by in game artefacts art photographs and visual media Tons of online support including a continually evolving mediography and list of seful link. ,

Hot War is the little red
#book of the #
of the that never was The thematic seuel to Malcom Craig s previous game Cold City where the cold war went nuclear and twisted technologies developed by the Nazis have been nleashed on the world by the Soviet UnionThe setting is intentionally restricted to London to create a very claustrophobic world Little is known about the rest of Britain although there are some hints of going ons Nothing is known about the rest of the world and there is a disturbing lack of communication which means nothing is known of what has happened elsewhere As for Britain it has been hit by several nukes and invaded by strange horrors that resemble men only from a distance and prowl the countryside By a miracle London was not hit by a nuke but is now nder siege from a steady stream of refugees while power and food is in short demand and horrible things infest the nderground and ruins Not many Soviets actua. London Winter 1963 It is a year since the Cold War went hot And this was not just a nuclear war Far sinister darker weapons were deployed from the shadows Survival and re building *Are All That Matter *all that matter But human nature and tragic circumstances mean that everyone has their own ambitions A Government desperate to hold on to what remains of the country Military forces who wish to expand their power and influence Frightened and brutalised refugees who simply want a place to call home Into this maelstrom st. .

Hot War RPGLly made it on British soil and many of them died during the initial invasion and are now mostly struggling to survive themselves This is little relief however for what remains of the struggling British government as the Army and Navy compete for which will take over when the government finally collapses For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde under the strain The army has managed to hoard the most fuel and despite a high rate of desertion has thepper hand The navy however has the nuclear submarine GMS Dreadnought and cruiser HMS Belfast sitting in the Thames providing energy and artillery power These are harsh times with racism nationalism and sualid internment camps Different factions and groups are engaged in power struggles and caught in the middle is the SSG Special Situations Group The PCs are assumed to work for this group which consists of recruits willing and nwilling from the various factions The powers of the SSG and its operatives are poorly defined. Eps the Special Situations Group a motley band of men and women tasked with the jobs too dirty or dangerous for anyone else This is Hot War A game of friends enemies secrets and conseuences in the aftermath This alternative historyhorror game for three or participants has players dealing with life a year after *the apocalypse You'll confront hidden agendas sinister factional machinations and see the changes in relations with friends and enemies Hot War *apocalypse You'll confront hidden agendas sinister factional machinations and see the changes in relations with friends and enemies Hot War both short term and campaign play with a syste. ,