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آنسوی پرچین باغ gARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you I had to drop one star from my review because I was extremely disappointed that the heroine who s a badass werewolfirl with magic and weapon skills had to be saved from a rape attempt by a boy I can accept that in books with an all human cast this is a common trope but I wasn t happy to have to read about the same thing in

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paranormal book where playing field is supposed to even Especially "Since Heroine Is "the heroine is ood at fighting and has magic Apart from that some of the heroes Silas and Penn blurred into each other for me and I dislike the hero whom the heroine obviously loves the most I was in the mood for an academy type romance and this did hit the spot in that respect but I found the characters either bland or irritating It s well written so I couldn t ive it less than three stars but I m unsure about my capacity for completing the entire seriesBlog Bookstagram Drove me nuts with it s alpha male syndrome If you want a book that has male characters so arrogant bullying and downright cruel at times that you want to throw your iPad across the room then this just might be the book for youOf course it s all in the name of misguidedly thinking they re protecting the After girl right Only if it had of been less deliberately cruel towards Maddie I might have enjoyed it Maddie seemed like an interesting character but since she s spending all her time dealing with the bullying it s hard to say3 stars only because it hints at something bigger to come This was an alright read I thought the story was okay There were moments where I thought it wasreat but then there were moments where I was bored and had to put the book down I really did not feel like this is a reverse harem type of story but apparently it is so I will see how the series continue The characters were okay Mad Die was my favourite character I thought she was a snarky and interesting character Also the The Key of David guys in this story need characterization and they were not as developed as Maddie was I wonder how the story and the characters willo from here Overall an okay read That was a mess I can t say it was bad but the story was all over the place It started out In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories great with this badass rescue missing and Iot really excited for this book and liked the heroineBut then it wasI don t really know what the purpose of this book was It was all over the place and didn t made any sense I felt like there were too many story lines and they Good Enough to Share (Good Enough got all tangled up in a huge mess and most of them were forgotten Theuys were pretty flat most of the time I didn t knew who was who and could not say who would be in the harem later I didn t like any of the boys They had no personalities and. By the time I walk through the doors of the academy where the born shifters of every pack are trained to fight and lead I’m famous Infamous One of those I’ve already fought a battle or two And my family’s complicated relationships with magic which has been long forbidden to wolves isn’t popula. Unwanted Their Shifter Academy #1In reading sisters story now than continuing "with Maddie I am looking forward to seeing where this series oes I connected with Maddie pretty uickly "Maddie I am looking forward to seeing where this series oes I connected with Maddie pretty uickly has alot to prove and she is than up for it I mean her sister is the ueen of Shifters she may or may not have been looked after How is one supposed to prove that they can take care of themselves if not Weaving Memory given the chance Here she enters an Academy that is full of male shifters learning to take care of their pack race You are notoing find uys who are too welcoming to Maddie But you know what she does it anyway Course it did not hurt she came prepared thanks in part to her sisters mates They helped to train her But it is up to her to complete this school all on her own There will be most who hate her some who are curious about her With just a couple who want to protect her It is up to Maddie to see who she can trust who she cannot Things et interesting as well for Maddie when the love of her life dumps her only to turn out to be an instructor at the school There is a cliffhanger at the end that left me needing book two ASAP Good thing it is already out SooooooI listened to this book while on a 13 hour car ride and ohhhh boy that was a terrible waste of money I had uite a few issues with this book Lets start at the beginning shall we the heroine she is 18 but acts like a 12 year old horny teenaged boy she First Steps to Wealth gets distracted by the dumbest things like when someone hot is around her its all wow he might be an asshole but at least he has a nice assirl not only did this ahole just humiliate you he continues to do it and all you can think about is the way his ass looks and how he smells not only that but she is constantly bullied and at the very end of the book Adventures in Fetishland gets berated and punished for standing up for herse Maddie isreat but the academy is worthless I really liked Maddie but I do t know if I really want to continue the story because I hated the academy and almost all of the people that are supposed to support her try to bring her down Her enemies I et but her supposed teammates are worthless and Lex is a complete moron when I found out what he thought Maddie supposedly lied about I wanted to punch him in the faceSimply put she doesn t need the academy and should leave it The beginning of the book where she is actually saving people in my opinion she has already raduated and doesn t need those losers Lots of potentialThis book shows lots of potential Reading it I felt like there were aspects that weren t explored that I felt would have added to a better understanding of the characters but perhaps that will be explored further in future books Overall I enjoyed the story although I am not Rko generally a fan of bully style romances. A fighter My bullies who just want to break me My patrol who rises or falls with me They don’t expect me to make it toraduation in four years But I know I will Who’ll be standing with me at the end Their Shifter Academy is a new reverse harem romance series set in a military academy for shifter. ,

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The chemistry between them was non existingThe heroine started out reat but also transformed to a lovesick and most of all lustsick bimbo I couldn t follow her thoughtsthey were all over the place and didn t make sense I really didn t et how she could develope feelings for any of the Edwin (The Northumbrian Thrones guys and after thisreat opening scene she also The Phoenix Project got pretty boring Academy life also was pretty boring and we don t reallyot any world building or info about the academy or anything Everything just is and everything is just dropped thereAs I said it was not bad but also not ood I already forgot most of the book and characters Meeh It has huge potential to become an amazing series This is a spin off from the Shifter Princess series so it has big shoes to fill in my opinion The story picks up 9 years after the battle with the covens Maddie is all rown up and is trying to make it in an Alpha male world We are introduced to a handful of interesting and swoon worthy uys The drama and angst are ever present as you would expect from 1 an academy book and 2 a Stubborn Heroine Trying To heroine trying to the normI feel like this book has so much potential and I look forward to reading The only trouble I had was the MC seems to be a little lacklustre and hasn t owned her badass ness yet There are a few points that I want to shake her and be done with it but it "does make for a ood read Also am I m putting it out there now I can t stand Jenson "make for a ood read Also am I m putting it out there now I can t stand Jenson hope he ets his sooner rather than letter although I think I know what s Porterhouse Blue (Porterhouse Blue, going to happen and have accepted it May Dawson does an excellent job bringing the characters to life and painting a whole new world for us Very easy read and you llet lost into it DNF 79% Not much to say just lost interest It s not a bad book by any stretch It s written well I liked the idea of the military Academy and the FMC being the only Finding Robert Johnson girl wolf in the school It was very obvious I was missing something from the start it s a spin off of another series and I actually haven t read that other series featuring the sister A lot of the characters in this were introduced in there and I did feel like a piece of the puzzle was missing I connected with the newuys Silas Rafe and Chase If I m honest I didn t like the second chance romance with the main love interest his reason for dumping her if you can even call abandoning her like that a dumping is weak at best It didn t endear me to him and the warm fuzzies for him didn t come back Maddie was said to be a brat and a said to be a brat and a princess by the Academy trainers and I have to agree with them Her behaviour was a bit annoying Well I can say she acted her age anyway I found the dialogue hard to follow at times but not the worst I ve ever read I ve maybe interest. R with all the packs I uess I should’ve said this is the place for born male shifters There aren’t a lot of shifters like me with flat irons and skinny jeans packed in their bags There’s uite the welcome committee waiting for me My cadre who want to break me down and build me back up again into. ,