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The Venetian One Night Baby

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Ge the family would be besides themselves in excitement because that is what they always wanted to happen But does Sabrina want to be in a one sided marriage all for the sake of a child But is it really only for the child or do they really love each other This book also brings back Holly Sabrina s true friend from Ms Milburne s previous
Don t miss this one wonderful MS Milburne knows *How To Write A Story *to write a story has the right amount of emotions and feelings that bring the heroes and heroines to life on the pages and this one is no different I loved Max and Sabrina close family friends these two had been doing everything in their power for years to really not like each other but there is a very fi Not the greatest Started off nice but later the h got extremely clingy She didn t even appear as someone who was mildly nervous and shy And those repeat estions of confronting a man to ask how that kiss or that fuck was in crude words It annoyed me that Sabrina kept asking Max TMI Virgil uestions and if the sex was great or hesually has great sex with other women and it just got redundant towards the end Wow I loved Max and Sabrina What a perfect couple Amazing chemistry and passionate love scenes These two started as enemies but they ended p falling crazy in love My favorite trope is nexpected pregnancy so I was very excited to read this book Hero is sexy and alpha and filled with guilt for the death of his baby brother He can t open p his heart and let love in but Sabrina and their baby change his life Melanie Milburne is a fantastic author and this book is a wonderful love story Safe no virgins here but they are both faithful Best Harleuin of this month for sure Cute fluffy and sweet friends to lovers novel that reminded me of a romantic comedy filmI actually read this weeks ago but was too lazy to write a review Anyway this was a story that was very close to getting a 4 star rating from me but the H was too much of an ltra sensitive beta type to appeal to me I actually preferred the heroine because she was funny lively and endearing The H Max had a tragic backstory "that I just found a little too hard to buy into " I just found a little too hard to buy into is broody and filled with self imposed angst because of something that had happened to him when he was 6 years old His baby brother died from crib death SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome and Max was the last person to be with him The H is filled with guilt because he blames himself for his baby brother s death As a result of this Max has decided that he will never have kids of his own This guy is an intelligent successful and rich architect he s not a billionaire but he s comfortably rich I just couldn t nderstand how an intelligent man like this was nable to see that SIDS is something that just happens and that no one can be faulted for it But in spite of loving parents who provided a stable happy home for him Max is an emotional mess More to the point he dwells within his own emotional vacuumHe s known the heroine Sabrina from the time they were kids He s 6 years older but their respective parents are best friends The MC s were never close while they were growing English Doctor, Italian Bride up and hadn t been attracted to each other then In fact sometimes they d even found each other to beite irritating Their relationship changed a couple of months before the story started because they were both at a family gathering and they ended Lullaby for Two up sharing what the author described so dramatically and repeatedly as The Kiss After The Kiss happened they re bothnable to stop thinking about each otherThey meet again in Venice where they re forced to share a suite since the hotel is at full occupancy If Max had been one of those. Ooding businessman Max Firbank It’s infuriating Once a Thief (The Network until annexpected night of passion awakens a need Sabrina didn’t even know was possible They’ve always battled their superchar. Melanie Milburne is a writing superstar in her own right and this book proves that The Venetian One Night Baby is a slow burning tantalizing read that s hot passionate and all kinds of sexy I enjoyed every wordHighly Recommended 45 Stars Sabrina a wedding designer and Max a businessman we family friends His parents and her parents always wanted them to fall in love and get married They can t stand each other Or are they lying to themselves Hotel mix Loving Jessie up meant they will share a room They endp with a night of passion She ends Behind Closed Doors (Made in Montana, up pregnant He demands they get married Their parents are so excited She realizes that she has loved him all along Can she marry him just for theirnborn It s an awesome read I give it 5 stars Max and Sabrina have known each other all their lives Their parents are best friends and always believed that Max and Sabrina would be perfect for each other So Max and Sabrina grew p disliking each other Until one night when they kissed And then a few months later when they shared a hot night together in Venice And then they got pregnant Now they are living together in secret can t let the parents know and are discussing marriage Buuuut Max doesn t love Sabrina She wants love on her own terms She doesn t believe that Max will ever be able to love her and after a miscarriage scare breaks off their relationship I was really enjoying the book with all its hit sex scenes and then I got to the end and was disappointed I felt it was rushed Like I just had a really great meal and instead of being presented with a scrumptious desert to make it perfect I was handed a candy bar Nothing wrong with a candy bar I just wanted something in keeping with the meal Something luscious I feel cheated Thank goodness that Melaine Milburne read her first book Mills and Boon book at the age of seventeen in between studying for her exams We have been spoiled as after Melaine completed her master degree in education she decided to write a novel and then her career as a romance author was born Loved reading the paperback The Venetian "One Night Baby Sabrina Midhurst gets pregnant during a one night of " Night Baby Sabrina Midhurst gets pregnant during a one night of passion now a baby is going to be born but will everything turn out roses for Sabrina So boring Hh have known each other since childhood They rub each other the wrong way to hide their intense sexual desire They have a one night stand in Venice when they are both there on businessSix week later heroine is pregnant and hero proposes They have sex Heroine moves in with hero She has a miscarriage scare She thinks hero doesn t love her Hero is dead inside because his baby brother died when he was seven and he feels responsible Hero talks to his mother on the phone *And Realizes He Loves The Heroine Heroine *realizes he loves the heroine Heroine him backThis felt phoned in and stale MM padded the story with references to the couple from Claimed for the Billionaire s Convenience sex scenes and ruminations about being a good parent zzzzzzzzzzzz What happens when you put two people that their family have been trying to force into a relationship together in a hotel mix p Another great story by Ms Milburne Sabrina Midhurst is a wedding dress designer and is checking into a hotel for her wedding expo when finds out there was no reservation She needs to be there and starts to panic Enter Max Firbank who is at the same hotel on business when he over hears her dilemma He offers her to share his room as it has two beds Put two people together one who doesn t do love and one who discovers she has feelings for him and you have a story of discovery When Sabrina finds out she is pregnant from their night together she does the right thing and tells Max his answer is marria. It was a sizzling encounter Then a baby binds them foreverA hotel booking mix p in Venice means wedding dress designer Sabrina Midhurst must share a room with her nemesis wealthy br.
The Dont Worry Book
Alpha billionaire H s of *HPlandia then he d have had to just raise his eyebrows and the hotel receptionist *then he d have had to just raise his eyebrows and the hotel receptionist ve found a room for the "Heroine But Alas As I Lamented Earlier Max Is Just " But alas As I lamented earlier Max is just normal rich guy They end p having lots of hot sex and a few weeks afterwards the heroine realizes she s pregnant Now this is the part where I started to estion Max s personal angst about not wanting kids If this guy really didn t want to have kids then why didn t he have a vasectomy But if he d had a vasectomy as any normal guy would if he is so emotionally traumatized by the mere thought of being a father then the author wouldn t have a storyline now would she LOL So I guess I can only say to Ms Melanie MilburneI even thought that Max should ve found an alternative to sex with human females if he really disliked the thought of having a kid I mean if he s so dead set against having kids why even bother to take the chance with a woman when condoms can break Maybe he should ve followed the example of this guy from the The Jerry Springer ShowLOL OK I apologize for making light of the H s tragic backstory but I honestly found it hard to believe that he s allowed something that happened when he was 6 years old to have such a drastic impact on his life I know that traumatic grief can have a lifelong impact on a child but Max was intelligent enough to know as an adult that he was not at fault for his baby brother s death Couldn t he have done some research into SIDS and worked through his issues So I found it difficult to sympathize with him on that score I felt that the author was trying too hard to tug at my emotions and in Max s case it didn t workThe author didn t convince me However if any expert in child psychology can attest that Max s situation is totally realistic then I m open to amending my opinion on this sensitive issue The heroine s tragic backstory was believable to me Sabrina has a major sexual hangup and has been celibate for 10 years because her one and only experience with sex was a disasterAt the age of 18 Sabrina had given her virginity to her steady boyfriend That asshole then told all his male friends that she was terrible in bed and the heroine found herself the object of all her peers jokes and taunts She s been nable to bring herself to have sex with a guy after that horrible experience I found it easier to sympathize with Sabrina s situation than with Max s This is the heroine SabrinaThis is the hero MaxThere wasn t much major angst in this story because the H was not an asshole He s actually very nice and Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol / In the Enemys Arms understanding when he learns that Sabrina is pregnant He comforts and soothes her when she tells him about her horrible sexual experience at the age of 18 The MC s also shared some intense sexual chemistry I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that Melanie Milburne had created such a sensitive kind and communicative H as Max That s because I can never dissociate this author from Patrizio that vilest of cheating cruel scumbag assholes from HPlandia Hell who was the H in that infamous and well hated story Innocent Wife Baby of Shame Anyway this was a lovely romance novel with wonderful minor characters It didn t make me gush with romantic glee but I did enjoy it since it reminded me of those sweet rom com films I wish the epilogue had been set further in the MC s future though because it would ve been nice to see Max as a father He was happy and looking forward to the birth of their daughter but I would ve preferred to see him during the period when his child is no longer a baby who might be at risk to SIDS Safety No cheating no OW no OM and the MC s were both celibate during their short separatio. Ged attraction so when Sabrina confesses she’s pregnant she’s stunned by Max’s demand that she wear his ringSpend onenforgettable night in Venice with this passionate romance. ,