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Ten Days in a Mad HouseWell Nellie Bly you have my utmost respect What an inspirational human being Someone that *would urposely get themselves admitted into an asylum for the insane in order to otentially * purposely get themselves admitted into an asylum for the insane in order to New Perspectives On Criseyde potentially the inhumane treatment of the women there has to be one amazing andassionate individual She did this not knowing whether she d actually be able to get out again and even before women received the right to vote I ve been knocked off my feet here Just wowWhat is contained in this book is compelling but also incredibly horrific The Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink people who just outrightly abused theirosition of That Noble Dream power in order to make thoseoor women suffer is just unforgiveable It makes one wonder just how many women in the asylum were detained in there longer due to the inhumane mistreatment and abuse that they suffered at the hands of these so called Nurses Some of those women were brought in and they were not even ill and by the time they figured out where they were it was obviously too late This was so thought The Shadows I Followed provoking and the story itself will stay with me and willrobably haunt me for a long time Ten Days in a Mad House is one Amazing Book I Love book I love The fact that it s a real story makes it even interestingNellie Bly is a journalist who is asked to go undercover as a Japanese Etiquette patient in an asylum and write about it She does and it s amazing how easily she is declared insane The examination mainly consists in a briefhysical checkup what s that all about looking at the tongue and a few uestions focused on whether or not she is a kept woman She is finally shipped to the Women s Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell s Island at which The Cowboy and His Baby point she decides to start behaving normal again without letting her true identity be known Still she is labeled delusional and treated as such There s an almost funny situation in which the doctor asks Nellie if she hears voices during the night She replies truthfully that she does the nurses were always extremely noisyDuring Bly s stay at the asylum the doctors are ignorant and the nurses are abusive They mock beat and even strangle theatients And they threaten worse if anybody complains to the doctors Not to mention the ice cold baths They are administered regardless of the atient s health status Got a fever Here s a cold bath Pneumonia Even better It s just horrible and I m thankful for the time eriod I live in with its scientific The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, progressAnd thoseoor women Not all of them were mad There were women brought in by their husbands fathers or friends Some of them didn t even know where they were being taken to until it was too lateTen Days in a Mad House is a short incisive book Bly tries to keep as objective as ossible and you can read it here 35 Stars Ten Days in a Mad House is a book by newspaper reporter Nellie Bly Nellie took the terrifying task of osing as Nellie Borwn in an undercover assisment to investigate the deplorable conditions of insane asylums While on the assignment she feigned insanity at a women s boarding house and was involuntarily. A courageous female journalist’s classic exposé of the horrific treatment of the mentally ill in nineteenth century America In 1887 Nellie Bly accepted an assignment from ublisher Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World and went undercover at the lunatic asylum on Blackwell Island America’s first municipal mental hospital Calling herself “Nellie Brown” she was ,

Committed to the Women s Lunatic Alylum on Blackwell s Island *Ten Days in a Mad House is a uick and insightful read into the way the mentally * Days in a Mad House is a uick and insightful read into the way the mentally were treated or should I say mistreated in many cases during the latter art of the 19th century What shocked me the most about this story was how uickly the doctors PRONOUNCED NELLIE INSANE AND HOW MANY SICK AND SANE Nellie insane and how many sick and sane ended up in Asylums for completely the wrong reasons This account is told in a matter of fact style and is not dramatic in the telling but I suppose this is reflected in the fact that it was originally written as newpaper articlesIt was so upsetting to read the suffering of atients and while accounts of beatings and cruelty was difficult to read I found the Surface patients suffering of cold and hunger and sanitary needs just heartbreaking as theseeople were what could only be described as tortured mentally and Orange 5 (オレンジ, physically by the state and many of the employees of these institutionsTheublic response to her writings was enormous and as a result and investigation was set up and a vast sum invested to improve conditions in the Asylums which was a great achievement for Nellie Bly and her time spent undercover did so much highlight the conditions of atients in Asylums I always had a desire to know asylum life thoroughly a desire to be convinced that the most helpless of God s creatures the insane were cared for kindly and roperly New York World journalist Elizabeth Cochran Seaman aka Nellie Bly goes undercover as demented Nellie Brown with a mission to investigate Blackwell s Island Insane Asylum Nellie Bly uncovers flaws before during and beyond the asylum From admission to release I felt frustrated and never relieved if that s not your taste you may not enjoy Ten Days in a Mad House like I did The late 1880s really does not feel distant while reading this investigation Today we still have cases of abuse towards and the diagnoses of the mentally and non ill at the hands of caretakers and schools But here was a woman taken without her own consent from a free world to an asylum and there given no chance to The Scot prove her sanity Confined mostrobably for life behind asylum bars without even being told in her language the why and wherefore Compare this with a criminal who is given every chance to Spring Snow prove his innocence We ve heard at least one story has it about asylums Rumors and ghost stories had to stem from somewhere Well read this and you will get a feel of why admittedatients would want to haunt the abandoned hallways of their The Greatest Victory prisons For its time its uite a story and the reporter took uite a little risk when she got herself tossed into an asylum back in those days depending on acuaintances to get her back out when the time came I m not sure I d be uite so trusting under those circumstances She found uite a story behind the walls and what she wrote made uite a stir when she got out Ten Days in a Mad house hat s off to you Nellie Bly My new hero For the sake of a story she faked. Ble to convinceolicemen a judge and a series of doctors of her madness with a few well Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, practiced facial expressions of derangement At the institution Bly discovered the stuff of nightmares Mentally illatients were fed rotten inedible food; violently abused by a brutal uncaring staff; and misdiagnosed mistreated or generally ignored by the doctors and so called menta. ,

Insanity and she got herself admitted into an insane asylum then wrote an expos on the Blackwell S Island Women S Asylum Island women s asylum New York Not knowing how or if she or anybody else would be able to get her out And all this before women even had the right to vote Blows my mind Girls got guts The story was ublished in a series of articles for Joseph Pulitzer s New York City Newspaper The World in the published in a series of articles for Joseph Pulitzer s New York City Newspaper The World in the 1800s Yes dude who the Pulitzer Prize is named after and then later in novel form I can t help but think about what an exciting time it must have been to read newspapers in New York This must have been the golden age of journalism Really it s investigative journalism at it s best Nellie Bly could teach a thing or two to all those reporters who now write cr If you read this book without knowing anything of Nellie Bly except that she was a journalist you might think it was a wonderful expose of the absolute horrors of bedlam in New York You might doubt whether really the food was so bad that apart from a crust or two and a bowl of cold tea it was totally inedible the bread had spiders baked into it You might wonder if the nurses were all nasty brutish and extremely violent uestion if the doctors were either having A Family Scandal public affairs with their il There are a number ofublishers offering this book and of the few I have seen I found this Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, publication to be enjoyableIn any of theublications readers will find the main story of how journalist Elizabeth Cochran Seaman The Perfect Weapon pen name Nellie Blyosed as an insane Psychic Protection perso This is an extraordinary account Nellie Bly was a force to be reckoned with as a reporter and as aerson She allowed herself to be institutionalized in a notorious insane asylum in New York to do an investigation on how the mentally ill women were treated there Her article of that experience was written in 1887 She also did reports on Employment Agencies for women and the treatment of female factory workers in New York Two of these articles were included at the end of Ten Days in a Madhouse If she wasn t a good writer these reports would still be of interest because of the snapshot of a time when women were entering the work force and about ublic mental health facilities I heard about this story from another book I read and avoided it at first since I thought it would be a torturous read in an 1880s vernacular but it was well written and matter of fact The only drawback to the report was that while she said the city decided to give money to the asylum I would have liked to know how the money was spent and if life did improve for the oor souls This was a very disturbing read for me Mental health is an illness and this book showed how horribly atients were being treated at the Women s Lunatic Asylum in 1887 It brought back the horrible images of how in the 70 s Geraldo Rivera blew the whistle on Willowbrook State School in Staten Island where the same horrific treatment of atients was happening This small book is not for the faint of hear. L health experts entrusted with their care To her horror Bly encountered sane What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism patients who had been committed on the barest ofretenses and came to the shocking realization that while the Blackwell Island asylum was remarkably easy to get into it was nearly impossible to leave This ebook has been A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises professionallyroofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all device.