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Ion of names and dates and places that was hard for me to follow This was a fascinating book Zierold does a good job of stating the facts of the case It was bizarre and though I tend to lean towards my own suspicions of what happened the book is pretty open ended I appreciated the chapters that delved into the sisters and Ocey s family history showing the decline of a genteel Southern family The book was very tragic and I ended up reading it uickly in a few short days Norman Zierold is also the author of Little Charley Ross the story Of What Is In My what is in my one of the most fascinating kidnapping cases in American history a case for which my own website was named It is Zierold s authorship as much as the actual story that caused me to pick up Three Sisters in BlackI find this book has much the same sort of writing as the other straightforward and comprehensive journalistic reporting The Snead murder case is infinitely complicated than Charley Ross s abduction but Zierold a historian does a good job of sorting through all the media hullaballoo and conflicting testimonies and points of view If ou want to learn all about this fascinating murder And a Bottle of Rum you can t go wrong with Zierold s bookI only wish that A Zierold had provided footnotes endnotes or at least a bibliography of sources and B He would have dared to do some of his own speculating The case is a century old now and was sixtyears old when this book was published he could not have done any harm by voicing a few of his own opinions Zierold probably knows about that case than anyone living what in his opinion really happened to Ocey Snead Were her aunts crazy crazy like a fox or something in between I know what Crochet you know Mr Zierold but what doou THINK Finally all my uestions about the death of Ocey Snead are answered I think This was a great study of a weird weird weird si On November 29 1909 an apparent suicide was called into a police station in East Orange New Jersey Upon arriving at the house the county physician found the only living inhabitan. Murder were her mother Caroline and her two aunts Mary and Virginia all socially prominent southern belles But the investigation of the The Bathtub Tragedy wa.

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Started out great because the story is wild but the second half was just the trials and it was tedious Intriguing A very interesting book I had not heard of Ocey Snead before this was linked via The Lineup a website of true crime paranormal and all sorts of intriguing stuff The writing is dated partly due to long sections of direct uotes from the turn of the last century And as the author commented no one asks "about their black attire Creepy Interesting to hear about places in Brooklyn and the city though from a hundred ears ago " their black attire Creepy Interesting to hear about places in Brooklyn and the city though from a hundred ears ago these women lived or used the places to stash things Legal procedures leading up to Conviction Were Also Of Interest The Book Was Written In were also of interest The book was written in about a trial that took place around 1911 Three sisters were charged with killing Ocey Sean Ocey was the daughter of one sister and the niece of the other two The story gets stranger and stranger I had to remind myself that this is a true story by a great author The language used reflects the time period of the trial I had to look up words a few tiles The story held my attention and my state of amazement that three women like these actually existed It s not a and my state of amazement that three women like these actually existed It s not a uick read However it is a good read Trigger warnings death murder suicide death of a child mentions of drug addiction 35 stars This book was originally published in the 1960s and then appears to have been republished in 2018 following the author s death This book was also a wild ride To sum up the case in uestion In 1909 a oung woman is found dead in the bath She drowned in almost no water A suicide note is found Doctors come forward to say that they d been to the house a bunch of times in the lead up to her death and there was some seriously shady shit going on Her mother and aunts are the cause of the shady shitThe whole book had kind of a Mischa Barton in the Sixth Sense vibe to it but with less answer Abandoned Normally I love true crime but there has to be a narrative that I find compelling and this book just didn t work for me It felt like a dry regurgitat. The bizarre true case of the 'Bathtub Tragedy It started when a beautiful oung woman named Ocey Snead was found in a bathtub naked and dead Charged with her. .
Three Sisters in Black

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