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N the back include pitch grips lists and awards Reviewer 11 I was initially disappointed that this book was not an ABC book but rather a dictionary of baseball terms But then I decided I "LIKED THE IDEA AFTER ALL I REALLY DON T " the idea After all I really don t another ABC book in my own home not that I need any books in my home So yeah I think a nifty little book to have around the house Maybe put it right next to the radio so The Middle Boy can pick it up while listening to Tom Hamilton belt out the game Yes We re Indians fans hereRead at Epiphanies of Beauty Clearly written and illustrated by fans of America s game this ABC book offers baseball terms or terms associated with baseball for all 26 letters of the alphabet Because of that focus in some respects it could serve as a primer for someone new to the sport Readers will ncounter phrases such as around the horn as well as a brief Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze explanation of the phrase But the book also provides a retrospective perspective on some of baseball s legends such as Babe Ruth andven foods such as Cracker Jack and hotdogs typically consumed at the game Back matter includes Fun Facts about baseball including the teams in the American League and the National League and a drawing of a baseball diamond The illustrations feature soft colors often featuring families bonding in some way over baseball or healthy players in action This title would thrill any lover of baseball or might inspire some readers to create their action This title would thrill any lover of baseball or might inspire some readers to create their baseb. Source in the back of the book As contemporary as today's sports page and as nostalgic as an old baseball card this is an alphabet book for kids their parents and grandparents that can be used all through the year. .

Full of facts figures and nostalgia Diehard baseball fans newbies ven art lovers will appreciate this oversized comprehensive alphabet book of common baseball terminology from Ace to Zone The soft toned but accurately detailed illustrations bring to life the nuance and mystiue of baseball and the fun facts at the back are a great bonus 1 Randy Riley s REALLY BIG HIT BY CHRIS VAN DUSEN 20122 WITH Big Hit by Chris Van Dusen 20122 With seasonal connection to the start of Baseball I think this twin text will be a hit pun intended in any 1st to 2nd grade classroom The students will enjoy the insight of lingo and vocabulary of the insight of lingo and vocabulary of ABC s book while Randy Riley s story brings in the motions of being a player of the game with a twist of fiction3 Descriptive Text with no seuential order at all Students will ither love the random style and some may not4 KWL Activity as a class seems like a great way to see who the ball players are As we go in the alphabet it would be good to call on those students to predict what baseball words might be for the next letter For Randy Riley s Really Big Hit we could use our chart to see what baseball lingo is used We could also discuss times that we have been disappointed in our own actions The students could use both books then to write a baseball whopper A great book for baseball lovers this has a listing on ach page of baseball related words great book for baseball lovers this has a listing on The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone each page of baseball related wordsach letter of the alphabet It also includes some amazing illustrations Topic Picture Book. America's favorite pasttime from A to Z From young to old new to tried and true here is the baseball book for Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, every fan With one or baseball related terms forach letter arranged in alphabetic order accompanied ABCTheme alphabet baseball sportsMy thoughts This is another well illustrated ABC book it seems suited for older beginning readers 2nd grade seems the appropriate independent reading level Here is another book my 7 year old son will loveActivity Fun read aloud to discuss the aspects of baseball While this is a great picture book about baseball I did feel that it left a couple of things outFirst of all there was no mention of the all girls baseball league that played during and immediately following World War II If they re important The Family Plan enough to have a movie made about them and a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame they re importantnough to include in a book about baseballSecondly the stats at the nd list Barry Bonds as the record breaker for career home runs At the very least this stat should have an asterisk next to
It With Some Explanation 
with some xplanation the controversy surrounding this player Hank Aaron should still be the Home Run King Of course this is coming from a die hard Atlanta Braves fan so do with that what you will Sports Journalist Peter Golenbock has created an asy to read tutorial of America s pastime using the alphabet His factual text pairs nicely with Dan Andreasen s beautiful illustrations to create a must have for baseball lovers of all ages More than an alphabet book this collection of baseball jargon defines scoring terms strikeout and fielder s choice as well as uniue baseball phrases on deck and Play ball Fun facts Y a stirring illustration this gorgeous compendium celebrates America's game Large paintings of scenes with scrapbook style pages Facts figures faces lists and other information Comprise An Additional Re. an additional re. ABCs of Baseball

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