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Am for writing the book he is a very good writer who was imited by the scarcity of good first hand information He has an obvious passion for the subject but I think he was frustrated by a paucity of documentary information and also by oral sources that might be termed shaky at bestDewey Beard certainly merits the scrutiny of a good biographer As a teenager he claims to have fought Custer s troops at Little Big although some have uestioned this The Sioux it seems did keep birth certificates or pay stubs and were prone to changing their names seemingly on a whim Beard was previously known as Iron Hail and Many Wounded Holes and a couple of other aliases so this understandably can be the source of confusion for anyone trying to piece together the story of a warrior s ife What is certain is that Beard was a survivor of Wounded Knee albeit a well ventilated survivor as witnessed by his subseuent name Many Wounded Holes After Wounded Knee he attempted to settle down and Payback (The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, live a strife freeife He had his Band of Soldiers land confiscated forittle or no compensation a couple of times preventing him from getting a decent start as a rancher He worked for Bill Cody s Wild West show playing the part of an Indian He also had some bit parts in early movies playingyou guessed itan Indian Beard went on to The Jewels of Manhattan live and die in relative obscurity He had some minor celebrity as theast man standing from Little Big Horn and a couple of times a year he would get the call to don his "Regalia And Be Put " and be put displayWhat caused me to smoulder during this book was that no one before Burnham seems to have cared enough to put this man s Nation as Mother life into print and now Burnham was conducting interviews with many relatives with few or no blood ties to Beard and who were relying on memory One contributorast saw Beard at the age of 4 years but claims perfect memory of him another or possibly the same contributor claimed to have grandfathers than you could count on one Interesting book The treatment of the Lakota s by the government is very sad If your The Tryst Betrayed looking for a story about Custer and the Little Bighorn you will be very disappointed as that is a very tiny piece of the book. E Black Hills into a tourism mecca Beard spent most of hisater Barron's AP Biology Flash Cards, 3rd Edition life fighting to reclaim his homeland and acting as an advocate for his family and his people With a keen eye for detail and a true storyteller’s talent Philip Burnham presents the man behind theegend of Dewey Beard and shows how the Amrita Sher-Gil life of theast survivor of Little Bighorn provides a glimpse into the survival of indigenous America

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This is one of those books that while I enjoyed it a great deal I wouldn t recommend to just anyone or to casual readers in general It is a scholarly work that is most ikely intended for those interested in the history of the American WestDewey Beard Putinhin or Wazu "Maza was a uniue individual He was a Lakota Indian born around 1858 during the ast years of " was a uniue individual He was a Lakota Indian born around 1858 during the ast years of Buchanan administration and died in 1955 as Disneyland was just being opened During his ife he participated in buffalo hunts was present at the Battle of the Little Bighorn was exiled in Canada with Sitting Bull was shot five times at the Wounded Knee Massacre and rode Bull was shot five times at the Wounded Knee Massacre and rode Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show While this may seem ike an exciting and interesting No Future for You life Deweyost his wife child parents and two brothers at Wounded Knee buried all of his children before he himself passed away had his allotment on the Pine Ridge Reservation seized by the War Department in 1942 and tried to win compensation for his SOS Schlank ohne Sport - losses from a resistant federal bureaucracy Heived out the remainder of his Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, life in poverty trying to eke out aiving posing for photographs with touristsThe Song of Dewey Beard seemed Making India Work like a funeral dirge to me not only for Dewey but also for the Lakota People in general who continue to survive even though they have been robbed of their culture and possessions by a seeming uncaring federal government The story should be reuired knowledge for every American whether this book or any other source Philip Burnham now of George Mason University and a former reporter for Indian Country Today made several years of summer trips to South Dakota where he met established relationships and gathered stories from descendants of the Lakota warrior Dewey Beard Burnham also draws on an interview conducted with the old Lakota shortly before he died Dewey died in 1955 a man in his 90s who survived both Little Big Horn in 1876 and the massacre of his village including much of his own family at Wounded Knee in 1890 Like other natives among them Sitting Bull Chief Joseph and Geronimo he performed in Buffalo Bill Cody s Wild West Shows around the turn of the 20th century Asate as the earl. The resistance of great Native American warriors to the US government in the war against the Plains Indians is a well known chapter in the story of the American West In the aftermath of the great resistance as the Indian nations recovered from war many figures Everwar (Cal Leandros, loomed heroic yet their stories are mostly unknown Thisong overdue biography of Dewey Beard ca 1862–1955 a Lakota who witnessed the Battle of. ,
Y 1950s when Dewey was very old he took bit parts in Western movies One of the most striking things about the ife of this man who was born into the twilight of his people s freedom on the Great Plains is the sheer range of his experience the stunning array of circumstances he was forced to adapt to over the course of his ife In the early 20th century he No Way Home lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation He and his wife were forced from their allotment when the U S Army seized aarge portion of Pine Ridge for bombing practice In the 1930s he sometimes went to tourist areas and allowed those passing through to have themselves photographed with him He never Sequins and Spurs learned English neverearned to read or write As an expression of who he was as a Lakota warrior the tragic hellish "day at wounded knee stands out burnham writes " at Wounded Knee stands out Burnham writes part trying to make sense of conflicting accounts including Dewey Beard s own account Lakota warriors were expected to relate tales of battle One can only guess at the guilt he carried as a survivor and how that shaped his memory Did the death of DK Adventures loved onesead him to inflate his own valor if only as a defense against a crushing oss The irony of Beard s heroism at Wounded Knee is that recalling it couldn t have given him much satisfaction it yielded only the most bitter of memories which one wouldn t expect from a show of extraordinary courage If we believe his account and we have good reason to his finest hour as a warrior was his darkest one as a husband son and brother A reference to members of his family killed that day On that worst of all possible days he did what a warrior is trained to do and what his father had asked of him At first I wondered another book about the Little Big Horn would playbut this is a great book Dewey survived much than just the Horn would playbut this is a great book Dewey survived much than just the Big Horn He was also at Wounded Knee and that account alone will bread a reader s heart I probably expected too much from this book I had hoped for some insight from yet another Little Big Horn combatant since it seems that I have a imitless hunger for information on the topic Sadly I found that this book fell short of my expectationsFull points to Philip Burnh. Little Bighorn and survived the Wounded Knee Massacre chronicles a remarkable ife that can be traced through major historical events from the ate nineteenth into the mid twentieth century Beard was not only a witness to two major events involving the Lakota; he also traveled with William “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s Wild West show worked as a Hollywood Indian and witnessed the grand transformation of th.
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Spur Award for Best Western Biography 2015