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Marlborough England's Fragile Genius

Richard Holmes ô 8 SUMMARY

A thorough and clearly well 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life researched biography of Britain s greatest general which also sets his life very well in its wider context A fun fast pacedead it is not Given there is very little choice among modern biographies of Marlborough it is the one to Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read if you want to understand his importance in European history A good andeadable account of the life and military career of John Churchill the first Duke of Marlborough Not surprisingly for a military historian Holmes is better at Describing Military Actions Military military actions military and the institutional political and administrative contexts for these than he is at presenting the personal aspects of his subject s life You won t come away from this book with a terribly strong sense of who Marlborough was as a man although Holmes doesn t ignore such issues either but you will understand a good deal about the politics and the military of the period and why Marlborough has been considered perhaps the greatest commander in English history only Wellington A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rivals him in importance In addition to being a superb general Marlborough was a good diplomat and a skilled courtier shaped permanently by his experience of the instability of the. Best selling military historian Richard Holmes delivers an expertly written and exhilarating account of the life of John Churchill Duke of Marlborough Britain's finest soldier whoose from genteel poverty to lead his country to glory cementing its position as a major player on the European stage and saviour of the Holy Roman EmpireJohn Churchill is by any easonable analysis Britain’s greatest ever soldier He mastered strategy tactics and logistics His big four battles – Blenheim which saved the Holy Roman Empire Ramilies Oudenarde and Malplauet – were events at the very centre of the European stage He captured Lille France’s second city overran Bavaria and beat a succession of French marshals so badly that one the suat and energetic Bof. Civil War and determined to make Europe and England and his family as stable and safe as he could make them I would have liked ABOUT THE PUBLIC RESPONSE TO HIM the public esponse to him wild adulation after his early victories contrasted with the vicious politically motivated mudslinging of the later years of his command Add this to Winston Churchill s long biography of his ancestor
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a couple of the military studies of Marlborough for a fuller understanding of who he was and how he helped shape English and European history I felt this book meandering and unfocused It s not an easy ead for me For citizens of the 21st Century the landscape of military titans likely stretches back only so far as the First World War with perhaps a faint wisp of the glory achieved by Napoleon and Wellington in the 19th Century Marlborough lodged at the hinge period between the 17th and 18th Century may be lost to many eaders particularly Americans However the Duke of Marlborough s exploits as a military commander alliance builder tactician and progenitor of Britain s place among the great European and world powers are ivaled by few if any of the common names of battlefield victorsRichard Holmes deliv. Flers was ewarded by Louis XIV for only losing moderatelyA coalition manager long before the phrase was invented he Commanded A Huge Polyglot a huge polyglot with centrifugal political tendencies and bending it to his will by sheer force of personalityHe was also a politician on the domestic stage intimate with two monarchs James II and ueen Anne and the prop of successive cabinets He had extraordinary strength and durability His family connections wove him into the fabric of Europe his sister Arabella was James II’s mistress and their son James Duke of Berwick was one of Louis XIV’s most successful commanders Although the Marlboroughs lost their only son Jack to smallpox both their daughters married Whig grandees and their descendants include Sir Wins. ,
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Ers a solid but ungainly portrait of Marlborough While the Duke s military campaigns are elayed in fine detail the larger themes are lost amidst the intimate focus on specific s military campaigns are elayed in fine detail the larger themes are lost amidst the intimate focus on specific After putting down the book this eader has a good sense as to how Marlborough achieved victory at Blenheim Ramillies Oudenarde and Malplauet but the victories ing hollow as the larger picture of the war and alliance as well as British politics is not conveyed as powerfully Holmes is best at the blow by blow account of the battles Modern eaders will not be mystified by
Marlborough S Tactics However The 
s tactics However the strategic and political considerations of the War of the Spanish Succession take a back seat in the narrative an unfortunate aspect of the book as the war comes to firmly establish Britain s ole in European wars and ensuring a balance of power on the ContinentHolmes succeeds in showing Marlborough as a military genius other writers perhaps the Duke s famous forebear Winston Churchill are euired to elevate the Duke beyond mere battlefield victories into a founding father of modern British power and military might A thorough assessment beautifully balanced between the military political. Ton Churchill and Earl SpencerYet John Churchill was also deeply controversial He accepted a pension from one of Charles II’s mistresses for services vigorously endered He owed his ise and his accepted a pension from one of Charles II’s mistresses for services vigorously endered He owed his ise and his to James II yet determined to be on the winning side he deserted him in his hour of need in 1688 He maintained egular correspondence with the Jacobites while serving William and Mary and with the French while fighting Louis XIV He made money on a prodigious scale but was notoriously tight fisted long egretting an annuity given to a secretary whose uick wittedness saved him from capture But in the age when commissions were bought and sold and commanders often owed their position to the hue of their blood he never lost his soldiers’ confidence.