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Died much written about Bigger Thomas are heinous The character s Updating my shelves I read this In High School A Book Report high school for a book report that I m from the suburbs originally this was one of my first exposures to life in another art of the city and I found the book to be fascinating It would be interesting to reread it through adult eyes This book is extremely owerful I saw another review saying that they could not believe this was written and released in 1940 I agree as I can only imagine how controversial the content would have been at that TIME AND EVEN TODAY IT TOUCHES SO CLOSELY ON And even today it touches so closely on of the topics you see in the news everyday it s like Wright could see into the futureThe main themes in the story involve erceptions and misconceptions of black Sister for Sale people as well as how Communism was viewed in the decade leading up to McCarthyism and the Red Scare In this story there are manyoints of view and lots of evidence given dealing with tense situations that have no really great answers I thought Wright did a good job giving a thought The Blue Door (Threshold provoking narrative without ob. Is an unsparing reflection on theoverty and feelings of hopelessness experienced by eople in inner cities across the country and of what it means to be black in Ameri. ,
Aterial especially in some sections and lacking in some ways that made the book exceptionally owerful I would still recommend watching the movie of book exceptionally owerful I would still recommend watching the movie of same name I won t say much because this isn t a movie review and I want to be careful of spoilers which I know is something Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience people care deeply about If you ve read the book the only thing to spoil is how the adaptation deviates from the source material I won t say any on that topic A gripping naturalist novel delving into thesychological toll of racism on Black interiority There s so much to critiue about the work from its misogyny to its clunky structure but its influence and forceful CONDEMNATION OF WHITE SUPREMACY MAKE IT STILL WORTH READING of white supremacy make it still worth reading Reading the first 2 The War to End All Wars parts of Native Son Richard Wright s landmark novel is an absolute thrill Oneart Tom Ripley one Death Comes for the Archbishop part Graham Greene s Brighton Rock the antihero always reigns triumphant But this antihero lacksanache intelligence even Mostly Mama perhaps a conscience all the character traits of a true villain So he s somewhere in between The crimes committed by the much stu. Ory of this young black man caught in a downward spiral after he kills a young white woman in a brief moment ofanicSet in Chicago in the 1930s Wright's owerful novel. ,

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What a owerful book In narrative theme character and motifs wright uses his whole arsenal to motifs Wright uses his whole arsenal to us the horrors of racism He seems to be able to reflect back the experience of racism how it s created and it s cycle of destruction I ve read other Black writers before but this book is Damias Children probably the one that has taken on and embodied racism so than any other book for me For a novel written in 1940 the book holds up uite well Unfortunately while our nation has maderogress especially some legal and institutional rogress this Book And The Picture It and the icture it is still uite relevant today The book is very accessible Wright s rose while rhythmic and artful is uite straightforward and easy to read I Can T Recommend This Book Enough can t recommend this book enough not just as a means to understand racism from angles shine a light on our own behaviors but also as a gripping literary thriller that has stood the test of time Put it on your to read list Movie adaptation comment belowUpdate April 8th 2019 Last night I watched the excellent adaptation of Native Son on HBO While not strictly true to the source Right from the start Bigger Thomas had been headed for jail It could have been for assault or etty larceny; by chance it was for murder and rape Native Son tells the st.