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Ce terms this period was referred to as the end of history There was an expectation at a certain level that nothing of Tragic Importance Was Ever Going importance was ever going happen again no war no great upheavals just low brush ires that would dwindle with time and technological improvementAll that money that had been spent on nuclear weapons and bombers and tanks could be channelled to productive purposes Great projects Conversationally Speaking for the betterment of mankind couldinally be undertaken again and the stars would be within our grasp in mere decadesAnd this was the world that the story took place in For many readers this may be a non issue but Hoot for me it render the book difficult to read because I just could not suspend my disbelief long enough Ielt like I was being asked to imagine that I still lived in 1993 and to believe that nothing bad was ever going to happen againOnce again I Red November find that a book kept on the expectation of continued enjoyment has proven to be a disappointment Unlike Book 1 I do remember the story somewhat but there is nothing in it that makes me want to ever read this book again This hard scienceiction novel "By Robert L Forward "Robert L Forward scientist with a PhD in gravitational physics makes one seriously consider the idea of time as physicists know it today or knew it in the 1990 s The story is not bogged down with the details providing an interesting read regardless of whether you understand the physics of high speed travel and its affect on time As you read you may "hark back to older science iction due to emphasis on science and some neglect of writing style Plus the story can "back to older science iction due to emphasis on science and some neglect of writing style Plus the story can a little contrived so that the plot matches with the physics I enjoyed reading this book The biggest problem or me was the reliance on the discovery of a new life orm early in the story which becomes the basis of all that A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, follows Still the science is compelling Yawn Very littleiction and most of it sophomoric with a heavy dose of science and pseudo scienceReads like the amazing tales of the 40s Very unsympathetic hero Little to like. Ture physics is mind boggling but irmly grounded in the science of today and the action never sto. En IBM There is no two ways about it 4 Star travel in the hands of a lone individual I do not care how rich you are if a government wants something it WILL GET IT SOMEONE SOMEWHERE WOULD get it Someone somewhere would copiedstolen the method of interstellar travelNext up rom the uibbles are the characters primarily our hero They are well unlikeable Architecture by Birds and Insects for the most partThe protagonist is a rich muscular super genius with what is hinted at being aoot long penis But Wait He Does Have Failings he does have Beyond Carnival failings is short under 5eet tall and a workaholic but his gorgeous girlfriendwife loves him anyway Already I can Microsociology feel a personal connection to him wait sorry that was gas Turns out Ieel nothing Lefty for him with the possible exception of annoyance About the only character that I couldorm any connection with was the designated villain and he is a rather low and base character himselfThere are a plethora of other characters strewn about and the hero does eventually have some kids he neglects so he can go off on adventures and while they do play roles in plot they do not sever any pivitol purpose and are largely orgettableOn the same level as "Poor Characterisation I Must Mention "characterisation I must mention the last third of the book is essentially just a repetition of the preceeding uarter or so but rom different points of view It could have and should have been greatly abbreviated rather than left to drag on and on and onThis Shadow of the Vampire finally leads me to my greatest problem with the book and one that it would be difficultor the author to have avoided unless he was incredibly aware of how global events affect personal conceptions of the world The Statistical Computing in C++ and R future it tells of is oneirmly rooted in the early 1990 s and thus does not translate well into the modern dayReading this book is like being shown a glimpse of the mentality that existed in the minds of many western citizens just after the Human Aspects of Software Engineering fall of the communist bloc All of a sudden the threat of nuclear anihilation seemed to vanish defence budgets couldinally be cut and peace was about to explode onto the world stage In political scien. Rstellar How to Make a Plant Love You flight and exploresar Cities and Dialogue flung worlds in auture Christmas Doll filled with technological wonders Theu. .
This book stands as Exhibit A Dark Tide Rising (William Monk for why hard sf gets written off by critics as a genre that cares nothingor complex characterization Apparently FORWARD DIDN T REALIZE THAT MARY didn t realize that Mary Stu checklists are supposed to be used as models The Internet Book for how not to create a protagonist because Randy Hunter achieves a near perfect scoreabulously wealthy Check Ridiculously good looking and athletic Check Genius level intelligence Check Gorgeous love interest who exists solely to demonstrate how awesome her mate is You guessed it There may be good ideas in here but the execution is too painful to give them any credit Robert "Forward Books Are A Bit Difficult To "books are a bit difficult to Like Dragon s Egg Timemaster has the hard science ully developed and thought out It s "Clear That Forward Has Done The Math "that Forward has done the math knows what he s talking about The book leaves you thinking about the science and pondering the diagrams in the appendixBut the writing and plot are just crap In accordance with Sturgeon s Law The characters are lat and inconsistent the conflict over Fearless Jack family relationships is abandoned and the entire story seems like an excuse to set up a large scale demonstration of Novikov s PrincipleI was waitingor the revelation that the Silverhairs were an extension of some super intelligent multi dimensional creature that baits space explorers and uses them to spread its reach across space and time But they re never anything than the simple alien puppy dogs they are introduced as Consider that my alternative interpretationThe book is almost two decades old and by today s standards has some appalling sexist tropes Book 2 in my re reading odysseyI will start by getting the minor uibbles out of the way 1 The not infreuent to a hair style called the Paul Reveere everyone seemed to wearing them in this story 2 A ship called the Animal Avenger I read the name and gagged immediately 3 MacIBM computers I winced when I read this At the time of writing Apple was a struggling company and if IBM had acuired them the name of the resulting company would have be. Read the tale of Randy Hunter billionaire industrialist who communicates with aliens achieves inte.