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1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die

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Te 20th century stuff and I irst picked up this book to look
at the same 
the same But I started glancing through the older paintings and realized how amazing some of them really started glancing through the older paintings and realized how amazing some of them really I thought if some of these paintings were just being made today they would still shake up the art world I became curious about the lives and stories behind these older paintings that I didn t know much about The book has your Leonardos and Mona Lisa s and the like but there are also lots of amazing paintings and painters that I have never seen or heard of The paintings are predominately by WesternEuropeanAmerican males but there are also many paintings Loving James (Surviving Elite High, from other parts of the world and paintings by women dating back to before you would have thought and they don t come across like tokens Some of the moderncontemporary choices seem a bit uestionable to me though Not necessarily the choice of artists though there are some gaps but the choice of the particular painting to represent that artist sometimes seems a bit off Great democratic layout and very well researched I saw this in the library and who could pass up such a title I did look at every painting but only read the descriptions that interested me Descriptions are very well written by multiple writers The book begins with the 15th century and is somewhat international I lovedinding artists I did not know such as Vincent Desiderio a conceptualist working in oil and Malcolm Morley winner of the Turner Prize long ago However the only century I could judge 21st seemed very repetitive multiple paintings Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, from David Hockney but maybe that is the message once you arrive at the last 13 years who knows I loved the Egyptian art and all of the older styles The modern art doesn t really interest Tle makingor easy cross referencing Included are popular paintings key works that are the most breathtaking I See Rude People for their extraordinary power and beauty paintings that were turning points in the history of art and rediscovered masterpieces making 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die an art museum in its own right. E are looking at a rock star in a period costume Jansson s Ring Gymnast 2 positions a male body in a highly unusual position And Hoogstraten s interiors specifically The Slippers invite one in to lookor the unseen people in the house There are some paintings I didn t care or but I have no background in art education I can t Tell The Difference In And Just Plain Ol Expressionism the difference in neoexpressionism and just plain ol expressionism I do know about dots and drips and cubes2 The high uality Architectural Digest slickness of ol expressionism but I do know about dots and drips and cubes2 The high uality Architectural Digest slickness of pages is a joy to handle3 This is a great source to study the history of ashion and manners and of class struggles and of many great historical events I ve never thought about the Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing following previously but here goesor most of art history 999% of art is of people or landscapes or still lives that did exist or could very well have existed Then suddenly photography is invented and off we go into modern art Such a simple and obvious event took painting in a wonderful new directionAnd I ve saved the best The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, for last every word written about a painting is on the very same page as the painting itself if you ve readperused a number of art books you know that you sometimes have to spend timeinding the painting discussed than enjoying the painting itselfAll in all a Ormen i Essex fine introduction to the world of art I enjoyed it hence my three star rating Ugh This was a terribly unbalanced look at the paintings of the world According to this book the only paintings you should see before you die are onlyrom the last 500 years and are predominantly Bare It All (Love Undercover, from western Europe withew exceptions Both chronologically and geographically this was a skewed list of works of art When I go to an art museum I generally only look at the contemporaryla. E worldwide gazeteer of paintings organized chronologically by date of completion Each entry includes the history of the painting information about the artist or artistic movement the current location of the painting all are on view to the public as well as other details The works are also indexed by artist and by ti. The editors and contributors are clear this book is not an attempt to present to us a subjective list of the very best paintings in the world However it does attempt to offer a retrospective of the history of paintings That s a Bare It All (Love Undercover, fine goal but there are problems1 The editor states that only hand painted work is included Thus wall paintingsrom Egyptian tombs are represented but we don t see A Single Pre Historic Cave Painting For Example And Those single pre historic cave painting or example and those France and in other we don t see a single pre historic cave painting or example and those in France and in other are certainly among the paintings I d most like to see2 Every single painting receives either A a ull page with the painting on top and exactly half a page of notes below it or b pages are split and we see B pages are split and we see paintings at the top with exactly a uarter page of notes or each painting The contributors go to great lengths to ill up their specifically allotted space or notes and these notes are often repetitious andor irrelevant3 Because all of the paintings are reduced in size it s impossible in some cases to The Last Imaginary Place find the details noted by the contributors That s veryrustrating It s a nice Not Just Roommates fantasy that we re all going to seek out the paintings we love so that we can see them live but that s simply indeed aantasy It s almost as if the contributor is saying to the reader I m going to talk about something you can t possibly see here and it Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, feels insultingBut on the plus side1 Iound paintings I d never seen that Jean-Paul Sartre for me are simply stupendous For example Velazuez s Christ on the Cross is breathtaking Kurzweil s Woman in a Yellow Dress is simply beautiful Schiele s The Embrace is highly erotic and his techniue is one of a kind Durer s Self Portrait With Gloves presents to us a very handsome and oddly modern looking man dressed sumptuously it s as if From Ancient Egyptianrescoes to the Renaissance masters Vintage Games from French Impressionists to American Abstract Expressionists this highly browsable guide embraces all cultures and every style of paintingrom 4000 BC to the present A visually arresting reference Zamba for art lovers and students it provides a truly comprehensiv.