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I have read Care of The Soul Soul Mates and now The Re Enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore He writes beautifully and with such depth and understandingThe Re Enchantment of Everyday Life explores restoring the heart and soul of work home and other thingsGood for the heart I m on a Moore kick and I love his stuff This one is a short reflection on how to bring soul back to our personal spaces architecture community etc The Re enchantment of Everyday Life is one of those rare books That Makes You Really makes you really about how you view yourself your world and your spiritual life Thomas Moore helps you to see that enchantment is everywhere around you past present and future if you just look In our effort to explain everything away scientifically or to tie everything to a specific religious practice we have lost that magical connection with the stars nature and ourselves I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel deeply and passionately Initially I ot this book from the library but after reading it I knew there was a lot I needed to highlight and re read I don t know if this was ood or not I just didn t want to read a long refrigerator magnet I stubmled onto this at a didn t want to read a long refrigerator magnet I stubmled onto this at a book sale having never heard of Thomas Moore It s one of the most serendipitous discoveries I ve made The Re Enchantment of Everyday Life is poetic vivid wise It offers insight into the sickness of the modern psyche and describes a variety of practical steps we can take collectively and individually to recover a holistic healthy enchanting experience of life I roup Moore with Loren Eiseley Thoreau and Montaigne His prose is Celibacy, a Love Story grounded yet soulful never pedantic or pretentious it speaks directly to the reader s heart and nourishes deeply Many self help or prescriptive books today call for the reader to adjust to our disenchanted dehumanized world Moore is uniue in calling for the reader to reject dehumanization and to carve out experiences of profound meaning in our lives In his discussion of the enchanting where he honors at times the numinous the sacred interiority intimacy irrationality eros nature mystery and reverence toward all things and life ineneral Moore identifies what makes us truly human and he helps us to reclaim our alienated humanityFor all the round Moore covers I wish he would have spoken to the principle of eros and how we treat each other in daily life Our relationships with friends family co workers even strangers in the community and beyond are one of the reatest victims of the desiccated spirit in contemporary society and repairing these could o a long way toward re enchanting our lives I was also hoping Moore would say a few words about death as our mortality is too often neglected in the modern world while when honestly confronted it provides us with another anchor When he introduced the idea that soul is an essential ingredient of life the author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates ,
The Re Enchantment of Everyday Life

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Nt but vilified it I find myself nodding my head And thinking deeply than ever about ways to make a sanctuary for myself and those I care about where we can feel free not just to exist as ourselves but create Have you ever felt stuckEverything has one wrong in your lifeYou have no friendsYour life is nothing than a faded smudgeof somet The first half of this book is of dubious uality The author s criticisms of science are flawed by his ignorance of the Fullness Of Scientific History of scientific history the histories and thoughts of scientists themselves He asks for enchantment in science but it s there in the literature and essays in short Moore S Criticisms Of Science s criticisms of science to be based off of religious stereotypes of science rather than the field itself For some examples of enchantment in science see the writings of Carl Sagan Stephen J Gould and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin EDIT Moore actually mentions Teilhard later in the better half of the bookAdditionally the author s ideas are further weakened by his ignorance of the subjects he speaks about For example at the beginning of the chapter on food he states I have yet to see a study of the health effects of spices However a lance through spice pages on the World s Healthiest Foods webpage shows multiple scholarly references to the effects of herbs and spices and many of these sources are from this book s publication date or earlier meaning the author didn t do his homework Such mistakes are repeated throughout the book and lessen Moore s credibilityA major criticism I have for the first half of this book is its apparent classism Moore s ideas seem most beneficial and appreciated by the middle class who can afford luxurious travel and to slow down time For the economically oppressed many of the ideas in this book are laughably beyond reason in the realm of fantasyDespite all this the book is useful and refreshing Moore shows reat imagination in each section as he takes his ideas to fanciful and often impractical extremes However I don t fault him for this as it works to involve the reader s imagination in his ideas which leads to fruitful communication and engagement on the reader s part The first 4 chapters Nature World are mediocre but the last half of the book is intelligent and engaging Perhaps the best chapter of the book is the one on dreams where Moore argues convincingly that dreams can be approached not as windows to the inner workings of the psyche but as mysterious aspects of ourselves we can tend and enjoy without dissecting While not an amazing book it is inspiring and stimulating This book will teach you how to look at our current world and find the soul in it It will teach you that even boring objects and place have spirit if you are willing to look at it through open eyes This book helped me to be soulful. Oore takes another radical step applying care of the soul to our surroundings and the concrete particulars of how we liv. O our humanity and authentic livingAt times the book feels too long and repetitive but this is also part of its charm and repetitive but this is also part of its charm s not direct or efficient like the cold objectivity of modern life that Moore critiues it meanders like a path through a forest occasionally looping back on itself It enchants like the tide pulsing on the beach like a symphony returning to central themes and motifs It s a restorative healing read one of my favorites one to return to again and again So I m reading books that touch on the concept of living spiritually while not necessarily religiously I started with a clear atheist s POV with Sam Harris Waking Up and now I ve traveled over to the other side with a former priest in trainingmonkdisillusioned catholic Dmitri gone psychotherapist and non denominational theologian Moore makes a case that all of our societal ailments are due to a loss of magic and enchantment in our lives He draws on history mythology and sociology to make his case which for me was about 50% that s a cool angle and 50% fuck off that is horseshitThisuy believes in angels and Crap I Don THe I don tHe we need religion based morality in politics and society I don tHe also at one point shunned sex and "that shit is just crackers to me I have a hard time trusting anyone that takes a vow of celibacy likeeverHOWEVERI "shit is just crackers to me I have a hard time trusting anyone that takes a vow of celibacy likeeverHOWEVERI his carefully crafted prose and his outlook on the world around us For example he draws interesting parallels between the ancient idea of talismans and the jewelry and adornments we wear now He suggests injecting a hot dose of magic into every day choices like what to wear by wearing things colors and symbols that mean something to you Same for the home the workspace etcLike most mindfulness manifestos the big message here is to be present and create your own sacred routines that nourish the soul This was a fast audiobook listen and even for the religiously void contains some nuggets of wisdom to carry with you Even if it s as simple as lighting a candle before you sit down to write or paint a little magical thinking can enhance life on this steaming pile of shit we call a planetStill don t believe in angels though dawg As I ve been pondering the nature of spirituality I ve been reading some new things but also returning to books that have moved me in the past This re read was particularly helpful as Moore touched on some things that have been percolating in my own thoughts Again and again he returns to some key concepts with regard to mystery and sanctuary or temenos sacred spaces that resonated with my own concerns and desires One element of this is the idea that to be open to creating and loving others we need to be open to not having easy answers and not just accept that but embrace it As Moore talks about the ways in which modern life has not just obscured the idea of enchantme. Hanged the way millions of readers think about psychology and spirituality Now with The Reenchantment of Everyday Life