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Erfluous obviously he wouldn t want to be eaten by the black or biracial crew members either I probably could have gotten over this annoyance as well but 3 There s no mention of the abolitionists being Christians Cinue becoming a Christian or the Africans returning home with Christian missionaries This is no surprise of course but i have no surprise of course but I have difficult time with the words given to Cinue as the African coast was in sight he called out By the strength of our spirit and he called out By the strength of our spirit and the assistance of our ancestors we are not slaves today It is possible but doubtful that Cinue would ancestor worship as a Christian in the company of Christians Such stunning illustrations and the language of the text is very poetic This book tells the true story about the slave Joseph Cinue The story illustrates the horrible details about the effects of slavery on the passengers The story illustrates Joseph s eternal struggle to find freedom Chambers writing is extremely well done The book is almost like a poem but also direct and forward The slaves on the boat are seeking refuge They hope by reaching new land that they can find help Instead they get the opposite they are in prisoned as runaway slaves Not being able to speak a word of english they are destined for death after killing their masters Soon the tides turn when an abolitionist lawyer argues that they are free men from another country The case reaches the supreme court where John uincy Adams pleads for their lives The pictures in the book are my favorite thing about it The pictures depict the raw emotions of the slaves and their internal struggle to find freedom The book is extremely poetic in the beginning while strong and direct in the middle I would recommend this to upper class elementary school kids Tale of SingbeJoseph Cinue Captured As Cinue Captured as slave destined for America on board the Amistad Cinue leads a mutiny For a brief time the captives enjoy freedom Discusses the subseuent court battles and John uincy Adam s involvement Detailed illustrations allow the text to become real personal Amistad Rising tells the true story of the Amistad slave revolt Readers follow the story through the eyes of captured slave and passenger Joseph Cinue This is an excellent read for a classroom unit on the transatlantic slave trade Students could also debate from either side of the supreme court case that eventually ruled to free the captured slave. Ué wants only one thing freedom But what he achieves with the help of former president John uincy Adams is far far greater Joseph Cinué makes histo.

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This book seems appropriate for children eight ears old and up However some of the pages contain large portions of text that can be overwhelming to ounger readers As a historical fiction Amistad Rising would be a great addition to enhance either an existing African American history or american history collection amistad rising is a American History collection Amistad Rising is a account of the life of Joseph Cinue based on true events The "Book Is A Picture "is a picture that would be appropriate for Middle Childhood The book is about how Joseph was kidnapped from Africa and sold into slavery Eventually he was able to take over the ship with the help of the other slaves He had ordered the Spaniards to guide the ship back to Africa but at night they would turn it back around and head to North America The ship lands in New London Connecticut The Africans were sent to jail until there would be a trial I ll stop there I recommend reading the book to find out how the story endsIn Spanish the word amistad means friendship I was surprised to learn this because being that it was a slave ship it seems very contradictory to name it something that means friendship I think the book tells an inspiring story that teachers can utilize to begin teaching a unit about slavery I wish the author would have revealed if Joseph was ever reunited with his family One line of the book is It is a true story but I found it fictional biography with its focus on Joseph Cinue s legend That is okay but I think the book s hopeful theme fighting for freedom can lead to freedom could have been balanced with a little information on the world to which Cinue and his fellows returned Poetic and beautifully told story about the 1839 revolt of Africans aboard the slave ship Amistad It was not particularly detailed but it presents a simple introduction to this topic Excellent illustrations depict the darkness of the time This book was recommended for our home school but after reviewing it we won t be keeping it for our home library Unfortunately there are a few things that keep me from recommending the book 1 The poetic first and last pages are not my taste at all I could get over them but 2 When the biracial slave cook told Cinue that the Spaniards were going to eat the Africans the author wrote his reaction as Fear and anger filled Cinue He would not be eaten by the white men who held him captive He would not The word white struck me as sup. Ramped ship Amistad with than fifty other Africans including a few children Cinué must do something But what In this truly epic adventure Joseph Cin. ,

This is a beautifully illustrated true story of the famous ship Amistad and its kidnapped passengers who were being sent like cattle to a life slavery an ocean away from their homes Bravely they fought back against their captors and took control of their own destiny Unfortunately that was only the beginning of their battle was only the beginning of their battle freedom Amistad Rising is a must have addition to any school library or classroom Veronica Chambers has contributed her talent of writing to many magazines such as Newsweek Vogue and Glamour She was also an editor for The New York Times Magazine and as a senior associate editor for Premiere magazine Chambers is also known for a senior associate editor for Premiere magazine Chambers is also known for memoir titled Mama s Girl and the children s picture book Amistad Rising Amistad Rising takes the historical events surrounding the true story of Joseph Cinu and effectively captures the horrific EFFECTS SLAVERY HAD ON CINU AND THE OTHER 53 slavery had on Cinu and the other 53 held captive aboard the ship Amistad Chamber s story resurrects a historical event by imagining Cinu s mental and emotional states throughout his fight to win his freedom Chamber s writing is both direct and poetic The story conveys the factual details in a straightforward manner but also embodies a poetic style This poetic style found at both the beginning and the end connects the idea of the sea and its mutable existence as the setting for the tale The beginning of the story opens up with the following sentences Have ou ever wondered why the ocean us so wide It s because it hold so much history There s not a drop of seawater that doesn t have a secret not a river or a lake that doesn t whisper someone s name Chambers 1998 Chamber s conveys the power water has to overwhelm and capture connecting the idea of a boat capsizing on the sea and connecting this metaphor to the reality Cinu and the other Africans had to face after being imprisoned by the slave traders Chamber s effectively compares Cinu s release from captors and his freedom with the wind and rain If The Mallen Girl you stand right here on the New London shoreou can hear the words of the great Joseph Cinu The wind whispers it as it blows around our head And when the rain falls it s like tears of happiness Chambers 1998 In addition Paul Lee s illustrations compliment the written text uite well and effectively convey the emotional and heroic essence of the historical events that occurredIn terms of age appropriateness. Joseph Cinué is afraid he’ll never see his family again Kidnapped by slave traders and sold at auction he finds himself chained in the hull of a

Summary Amistad Rising A Story of Freedom

Amistad Rising A Story of Freedom

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