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Hat they lent but didn t because I felt they were rushed and told than shown I thought it particularly telling in one of the lines where Bek thinks Only one thing in my life might affect me in this fashion a threat to Merys And while the following discovery was jarring in ideal it passed by too uickly and with such a brief emotional resonance that I couldn t really ave the connection to it that it would ve otherwise meant Same with the very last scene in the final chapter I just couldn t connect with it despite the intention and its uneven pacing made it seem thrown together for the resolutionI ll give it the benefit of the doubt it will likely be a story that those who like brief novellas with a bit of action romance and istorical placements would like but I think with a bit development and careful pacing this could ve come across as a better readOverall score 25Note I received this story as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Carina Press 35 StarsIsn t the cover for this beautiful I adore it I m a cover slut I love me a pretty cover Now as I Understand It This understand it this the author s first bookmajor work and I thought that it was pretty good for a bit of mid afternoon reading I suppose it s a paranormal istorical romance with Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, her being a mortal ander lover being Sobek the ancient Egyptian crocodile godFor me I could tell that the author Veronica Scott took Vrolok her time writing this piece and even though it s less than 70 pages long it was still good If you know me and my readingabits than you know that I usually tend to stay far far away from short storiesnovellasnovelletes because I like my books to be over 100 pages in length I liked the storyline and the romance that developed between the two they didn t get down and dirty by oage 5 so I knew it could ony go up from there no pun intended I liked Merys a ot but I wish we could 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] have known abouter life and that the book could The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name have been another 50 pages longer sorry Veronica but maybe if I wish itard enough she ll bring Merys and Sobek back in Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped her future were because I really did enjoy this story and I do appreciate theard work she put into researching and writing this work and I The Hunger Within hope she continues writing and I wisher all the bestUp until the last 3 pages I was going to give this book a 3 star rating but the ending was my favourite part because it Between Two Skies had a HEA and I love romances that end inappily ever afters and I recommend this to those looking for nice light read on a rainy afternoon I recieved a free copy of this book from the pubisher via NetGalley in exchange for my free and Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England honest review Sobek is walking along the beach of Nile River and sees one ofis abandon temples He Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 heard a woman singing and followed the voice which led to Merys Merys was startle by Bek at first but later founderself wanting to know Sobek Merys told The Dolce Diet him abouter life as Brave Enough her family servant andow Spunk her family wouldnt giveer any dowryEvery chance Sobek The Kafka of 238th Street hade would still away to see Merys However "Seeing A Mortal A Woman Is Against The Law He "a mortal a woman is against the law The Letters to the Thessalonians he takesis chances to be with Merys Merys is also risks being caught by er family He tries to stay away from er but only find Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, hisself longing to be witherI found this book to be a nice late night read This book is nicely written and I like the storyline that the Veronica Scott Ivory (The Ivory Saga have plottedI think she did very well describinger characters Though I wish the story could Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, have been a lit longerbecause it wouldve been better If you looking for a uick read with contains adult content mythology Egyptian cultureand paranormal romance its a nice story I like that Carina Press is publishing romances set in differentistorical time periods I wish they were a bit longer I m not a novella fan generally though I keep reading these because I want the diversity in my The Temple of Death historicalsThose complaints said this book was enjoyable The romance was sweet though I wish the HEAad been accomplished differently. Aving Venus Blueprint her village she dares not dream of the future or loveSobek takes every opportunity to visit Merys taxingis resolve to leave Shame On Her Volume 3 her pure Whene saves Bisk CPA Review her life their mutual desire must be sated But can a love between auman and an immortal survive the ultimate test of the gods21000 words. .

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Priestess of the NileThis one I received through netgalley was uite different from anything else I ve read I ad uite a few issues but there was something about it that I really liked that saved it somewhatWhat I wasn t so keen on The writing wasn t particularly good I wanted to be able to feel that this story was set by the Nile with the sights sounds and smells described I wanted to feel I was there There really was none of that and I felt it would ave made a good use of word count to spend some time on "really sueezing every ounce of description out of a great setting "sueezing every ounce of description out of a great setting steamy bits were a bit terse and rather formulaic Also the whole eroine losing Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, her virginity bit was not convincing I personally reckon all authors should be reuired to read this piece on Smart Bitches It says what I mean Honestly the poor girl s apparently feeling a tad sore ande goes at Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, her at least twice after popping the cherry Can te just give er a rest OK I feel better for that rant nowWhat I like This is a very uniue setting with a uniue plot I guess some might classify it as paranormal but it s not it s definitely mythological and I really really enjoyed that I loved that this author chose to write a story in a setting which is so very different It works incredibly well The ero is a god Now normally this means paranormal but no the author as taken the myths of Egypt and created a convincing ero from one of them I loved this The plot is resolved well OK It was kinda obvious but I like Black and White how it was resolved as much as the resolution itself Make senseBasically the writing was not as flowing or lucid as the story deserved It s the River Nile in Ancient Egypt for crying out loud The writing should be ethereal other worldly descriptive I wanted to smell the food andear the sounds of boats working on the Nile carrying the exotic and expensive and mundane up and down the river I didn tSo 2 stars It was OK Great story though and I LOVED the setting You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance This is a very short novella about 21000 words set in Ancient Egypt While it s a lovely story that I very much enjoyed the romance fell a bit flat for me probably because the length of the novella prohibited much character development That said I absolutely loved the Egyptian setting and was drawn in almost at once by the detailMerys is the great granddaughter of a priestess of the Crocodile god Sobek and is fishing on the shore of the Nile near the god s abandoned temple when a The Color of Water handsome stranger approaches He introducesimself as Bek but e s actually the Crocodile god Sobek in the flesh Sobek is fascinated by the charmingly innocent Merys but e knows that the gods are not allowed relationships with mortal women Despite this Cake Pops he findsimself falling for the young woman and begins searching for a way for the two to be togetherThere s much to like about this novella particularly its setting Ms Scott does an amazing job of immersing the reader in the culture and surroundings of Ancient Egypt without bogging you down in excessive details The political organization of Egypt plays an important role in Brave New World how the story unfolds in ways that I didn t expect but very much enjoyed I m not at all conversant with Egyptianistory but the novella comes across as very well researched and I like benefiting from that research in such a pleasant manner Because the novella is so short there s little time to develop the characters of Merys and Sobek adeuately which is why the romance suffers a bit I think Merys is portrayed as an innocent Cinderella type forced to work as romance suffers a bit I think Merys is portrayed as an innocent Cinderella type forced to work as servant for The Name of the Rose her evil stepmother but we don t learn much abouter beyond that Sobek begins as an arrogant god but soon becomes all too uman in is dealings with Merys which is forbidden for the gods of this pantheon I feel like I would Memories of My Melancholy Whores have enjoyed the romance between Sobek and Merys a bit if we couldave spent time with the two of them together I also wou. Egypt 1500 BC Drawn to Pakistan his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile by an enchanting song Sobek the Crocodile God is even captivated by the sight of the singererself Appearing to Pitch Dark her as a mane learns she is Merys a descendant of is last priestess Though filled with lust Sobek believes .

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Ld ave liked to see Sobek s personality changes develop slowly but again the length of the text prohibits thisFrankly this was a uick read with a refreshing setting and I would like to see of Ms Scott s work because of ow well she incorporated the setting and er research I feel that this novella was very successful as a story that draws a reader in but the romance needed a little bit developmentI received this book for review from Carina Press through NetGalley After reading and enjoying the third book Dancer in the Nile I picked up Priestess of the Nile and the second book as well This was a shorter novel just under 100 pages and stayed aligned to a romantic tale Nothing WRONG WITH THAT HOWEVER SCOTT HAD with that The Green Pharmacy however Scottad such a wonderful romanceadventuremystery blended genre story with Dancer in the Nile that I felt spoiled In Priestess of the Nile the reader is introduced to a young woman who Deadly Slumber - Demon Tales has no dowry and still lives wither father and disagreeable step mother The woman meets Bek who is really Sobek the crocodile god on the shore of the Nile near a ruined temple which Atomic Ghost happens toonor Sobek The story reads a bit like the fairy tale Cinderella but in Ancient Egypt so the plot is rather predictable It s still an enjoyable read just not all that original As with Dancer in the Nile Scott s use of Ancient Egypt and inclusion of its mythology suck me right into the story The characters were engaging but like the plot I think Scott relied on tropes then she did in Lightning Strike Twice her later novel As such I m anxious to read the second book and will be interested to see if it s like book three where Scott findser voice and develops The Purple Island her own fresh story narrative I enjoyed this take on Egyptian mythology Merys and Sobek the Crocodile God were sympathetic characters I welled up during the Dark Moment and I loved the scene where Sobek leads an army of crocodiles down the Nile As is often the case with novellas I do wish a little timead been spent building the romance Diverting though undemanding read I enjoyed the ancient Egyptian setting found the protagonists likable and found the ending satisfyingFull review soon at wwwmangamaniaccafecom I thought this sounded up my alley but I m tired of romance books describing the male love interest s anatomy immediately twitching upon meeting the female protagonist like it s some kind of sex compass No Just stop right there Priestess of the Nile is a mature romance novella set in Egypt during the 1500s BC It revolves around the brief romance between the Crocodile god Bek or Sobek and the mortal priestess MerysI never would ve guessed that this was an erotica title based on the first chapter as the story opens with an alluring placid interaction between the two lead characters with remarkable potential for the story to come The mythology appears sound the personalities of the characters sharp and defined for the commencement I especially like Merys s personality considering The Last Odd Day her dedication toer sister and in light of Lord Lightning (Astrology, her role as a priestess The budding attractions and one particularlyarrowing event where Bek saves Merys life is well noted but I think the sensuous scene came in a bit awkward perhaps even being oversexed for the tone the story took prior From that point on the story read rough for me because it was rushed for events I found that it was trying too ard to sell the story for what it entailed True this is a novella and it comes in at about 21000 words but I think the extra development would ve made
bek and merys 
and Merys relationship ave that much Londons Perfect Scoundrel hold and wouldn t seem like they fell on the side of insta love connection I suppose that s a minor uibble since there are a lot of instant connections in some stories of euivalent length and structure but when arriving towards the novella s last portion where the connection should ve been sound for the events coming across it didn t add upThe tension in the last two chapters should vead impact for Erys deserves to be than just The Bucolic Plague his mistress But the rules that govern the Egyptian pantheon forbid anything beyond a physical joining of a Great One and auman Merys is attracted to the Harvest handsome stranger who arouses passions iner that no man ever Three French Hens has But with no dowry and noope of ever le. ,