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See Umbrae s brother and Ten get a HEA My review of Shadow RevealedThe Enlightened Species 2by Wendy S HalesRating 5This book was provided free from the author in exchange for honest literary review The opinions voice herein are those solely of myself with no coercionUsually I give my interpretation of the story as told by the author and then give my opinion of the book I am changing this a little here Umbrae s story is so beyond what moat of is read Used as a breeding slave for years caged suffering abuse beyond horror movies was her life After the rescue to watch her heal and gather her strength is magical this author also her strength is magical This author also a twist in each of her novels and she didn t disappoint here The ending is uite the shocker I love the storyline and this series simply because it isn t mainstream The characters are part human human and supes so it adds a new aspect Overall well paced action romance and suspense This series is getting better and bette. Emptiness of her death with a desire for vengeance and his love for his twin sister A dark shadow of the warrior he had once been Enlil meets Umbrae on the cusp of destroying his bloodmates killer His final task before rejoining his bloodmate in the hereafter being drawn to a beautiful assassin was not what he had planne.

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A really fantastic series I can t leave it alone I everything about it characters setting plot writingeverything Such a great read it totally envelopes you x This was good Really for a self published authorThe story telling was great and drew me in Really good for a self published authorThe story telling was great and drew me in didn t even dislike the old mate and Umbrae knowing each other the way they did I thought I would and it had the potential to go wrong but it workedThe secondary couple Innanna and Gilgamesh are great and I loved their storyHowever I did have a few issues early on namely1 The connections between characters uncle niece grandparent etc are repeated in many ways but I found it difficult to reconcile and remember2 There are a couple moments when I couldn t tell that the surroundings had changed ie Umbrae breaks down over her torture but they should be since no mention of moving was made still in the High Ones chamber which would be very publicIt also happens after the Girls Night Out Umbrae is. Held as a blood slave by a prolific killer for nearly eight decades Umbrae is rescued by the SOSC Five years later she is a trained elite assassin When her former master is discovered she is given the opportunity to execute the one who held her against her will and tortured her for so long Her hunt for vengeance brings Um. Drunk so Enlil doesn t want to
have sex with 
sex with they ll ust make out And then they decide to complete their bloodmating so I assume that Umbrae s sober now even though no one mentioned her being sober now or time passing3 Early in the novel and I noticed this in Immortal Becoming and Shadowed Magic a lot than in this but Hales has a tendency toward telling or As You Knowing when characters go into depth detail about places in the SOSC world that don t exist As You Knowing when characters go into depth detail about places in the SOSC world that don t exist the real world It comes across Weird Because If You Know because if you know the Becoming of Hulven and aren t going to see one or go through it yourself why are you thinking about it so much It was better in this book than the previous ones but it was irritating Some of that detail if it had to be told should have been in a narrator perspective4 And there was one usuage of your when it should have be you re petty I know but I hate thatI will look for book 3 ifwhen it comes out because I really want to. Brae face to face with the male she’s secretly loved her entire lifeWhen the death of a mate occurs the surviving mate inevitably releases their living energy into the universe and enters the next realm to be rejoined After his beloved bloodmate is murdered Enlil remains in the realm of the living balancing the pain and. Shadow Revealed The Enlightened Species #2

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