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Spin by Zara Cox is the final chapter of Bethany and Zach characters we met in High Book One of The Indigo Lounge Series And Indigo Lounge series and has done it again The story starts a couple of months after they were in Bora Bora Zach is still trying to et Bethany to commit to a date for the wedding and she is reluctant Why would Bethany be so hesitant when he is handsome rich and so into her that he is really her happily ever after The reasonshe is waiting for the other shoe to drop and boy does it Zach and Bethany still have trials to Only a Whisper go Anotherood read by Zara love her books so much the alphas are so alpha must Copper Lake Secrets get onto read freefall This dragged on and on and was so damn cheesy I could barely finish it The final story for hot sexy in love couple Zach Bethany is an amazing adventure The Indigo Lounge Series has kept me captivated with some of the hottest couples I ve ever read In the final installment for this couple we follow their arrangements for the wedding of the yearwhen Zachery Savage finallyets his beautiful Bethany to walk down the aisle Yet this story also has some very horrible turbulent events before we Brooklyn's Song get to the I Dos I was caught offuard by some of the happenings of this story that had me on the edge of my seat ad reading late into the night to Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide get to the endand what an end it wasit brought tears to my eyes the utter deep love and devotion Zach Bethany have for each other I really loved reading the Indigo Lounge stories and look forward to re reading them to re live the love and excitementthanks Zara Cox for areat ride Loved it Review to From the moment we met and I let him frisk me I was captivated by Zachary Savage He was the intense insanely sexy and arrogant billionaire who believed he could have anythingand anyone Despite my reservations I fell for him And then the demons came We fought them together He put an engageme. .

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Spin Indigo Lounge #25C follow upending to Zachary and Bethanys story Absolutely loved It They Love Each Other With A Passion That Is They love each other with a passion that is strong its really intenseMarriage that should be the next step but what is holding Bethany back A hidden danger comes back but can Beth face it All the drama secrets hopes and dreams plus the SEX laughter and ending make this one heck of a story This is a story a love story where you can say the hero will do anything to protect his one true loveBrilliant writing Zara This is about my fifth time reading this incredible series One of my all time favourites LOVE LOVE LOVE Zara Cox is on my must read list and is one of my favourite authors One thing I have learned over the years reading her books Is That She Certainly Know How To Writetell A Compelling that she certainly know how to writetell a compelling full of interesting characters and some red hot sizzle If you haven t read any of her books before what are you waiting for But be prepared because one book will never be enough This is addictive reading Wow Bethany is a freaking trooper Zachary is an amazing man I can t believe how much went on in less than 200 pages for them I m so happy for their happy ever after They deserved it and each other I can t believe how not one but BOTH demons from Bethany s past came back at such a delicate time in her life I m not surprised about Zach and what he did he will always be possessive about and towards Beth I m so happy she became Mrs Savage and even happier that they had some precious Savages tooDefinitely love this series and can t wait to read the rest of the books Zara Cox is simply brilliant. Their story I recommend combining the reading experience with HIGH and HIGHER Warning This story contains intense erotically charged sex scenes involving two people who are crazy in love and crazier in lust Adversity only heightens their emotions and proclivities Proceed with care For 18 on. Ome After reading High and Higher it was a no brainer to read this book a perfect ending to Zach and Bethany s storyAfter Higher they thought all of their demons were BEHIND THEM THEY BOTH KNEW EACH them they both knew each secrets and Plain Jane The Hotshot got past them then theyot engaged the next step surely was marriage but the demons came again Threating To Wreck Everything They to wreck everything they but how can they stop itThis book had it all drama secrets and lots of love brilliant ending Spin is one of my biggest book hangovers everAnd so we come to the conclusion of the stunning love story between the very irresistible and sexy Zachary Savage and the love of his life Bethany GreenThe intensity between these characters I love to pieces is breathtaking their emotional connection closely rivalled only by their physical one They are desperate to stay together and constantly afraid of losing one another This is one of the most powerful passionate intense addictive all consuming love stories that I know ofA new Zara Cox novel is like a special Family of Her Dreams gift in my eyes She is one of those rare authors whose books I devour the moment they are releasedI devoured the pages the hungry romantic in mereedy for and as the story
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and I was all I could have hoped for As always Zara Cox managed to touch the deepest recesses of my heart delivering an another extraordinary story that stole my breath away and hold me spellbound from start to finishThe Indigo Lounge series is one of my own personal kryptonite and I m irrevocably in love with this author I cannot recommend it highly enough OMG What a fantasti. Nt ring on my finger I thought the road to our happy ever after would be smooth I was wrong The demons merely took a vacation And now they’re back SPIN is the final instalment to Zachary Savage and Bethany Green’s bestselling story It can be read as a standalone but to fully appreciate.