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R s logo If this book hadn t been sent to me and if I weren t already familiar with Zoran Zivkovic I would have never picked this up never mind read it Sadly these problems along with the current lack of distribution will most likely prevent Steps Through the Mist from getting the audience current lack of distribution will most likely prevent Steps Through the Mist from getting the audience deservesWith this book Zoran Zivkovic demonstrates why he is one of the great although unheralded masters of the contemporary fantasy Steps Through the Mist is a must have for people who like their fiction a little surreal and a lot off center This review originally appeared on RevolutionSFLink A handful of decent short stories 35 stars Five interlocking short stories that walk through the ternal debate is life predetermined or is it left up to chance Can possibly leave you feeling a tad creeped out Don t read before you go to sleep for a thorough review what zivkovic calls a mosaic novel told in 5 parts from 5 stories investigates the unreality of reality via a metaphor of mist descending so that the character is totally Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, enveloped and must rely on their inner dialog to figure out their fate death of course i like zivkovic for has style of very matter of fact telling but very surreal circumstances and that usuallynd in miserable and mostly violent death Author continually uestions fate choices freewill and chance usually to the detriment of his characters that said i liked his novel hidden camera better because it does all of the above in great detail and with just one character instead of 5 it is a dalkey he also has nice blog and pics and vids here other usa publisher is AIO who seem kind of interesting toohttpwwwaiopublishingcom Steps Through the Mist Serbian author Zoran ivkovi s 80 page mosaic novel features a different woman in ContamiNation each of its five tales beginning with a student at a boarding school and concluding with a disturbingvent impacting the life of an lderly woman And that s mosaic novel in the sense the stories share common "themes in this specific instance themes of freedom versus determinism clarity of perception versus the mist of mystery "in this specific instance themes of freedom versus determinism clarity of perception versus the mist of mystery by my reading these five pieces share a prime focus for author Zoran ivkovi the intersecting of two realities the reality of the story with the reality of the storyteller To observe these themes in action let s turn to ach tale 1 Disorder in the HeadWe are in the classroom at a girl s boarding school and watch as twenty six freshman obediently stand at attention when their teacher Miss Emily nters All the girls are wearing identical navy blue dresses covering their youthful bodies from the neck to well below their knees and have their hair pulled back in braids Only when Miss Emily walks over and finally sits down at her desk are the girls permitted to in turn take their seats As an ffective method to contain and Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas eventually snuff out any trace of a new student s disorderliness Miss Emily asked the girls to write down their dreams from the previous night From many years ofxperience Miss Emily knows a number of. And when an The Magic Rolling Pin elderly woman's precious alarm clock suddenly breaks she suffers a vivid and troublingncounter with her past An nticing mix of the ordinary with the surreal and the mundane with the sublime these tales uietly twist trusted concep. Miss Alexandra dreamed that she was in an asylum for the mentally disturbed after a traffic accident in which she hurt her head She had terrible visions that frightened her A doctor came to visit and she told him about her visions but he didn t believe them Miss Theodora dreamed that she was skiing An unusually dressed man sat next to her on the ski lift He xplained that he was not there by accident He had come to see which path she would take to ski down the slope For some reason this was very important Miss Clara dreamed that she was a clairvoyant A young man came to her parlor with a strange reuest He wanted her to confirm that he only had a short time left to live I needed a book from the bottom shelf for my libraries winter reading club and I chose this one at random based solely on it s cover I didn t read what it was about or who the author was I barely Not Without a Fight even paid attention to the title until after I had finished reading it and I m glad I did it this way The cover is black on black with silver writing and the texture of half is softer almost leathery with a black lamppost overlaid on it Thedges of the book are printed in black and inside on Garden Bouquets and Beyond each page is the authors signature in the spine so you see parts of it peeking out as you readThe stories were fairly short with a common thread running through them butach stood alone and had it s own meaning They are The Unseen Wonder evocative disuieting without being disturbing and thought provoking without being obviousach one was just a subtle little gem that challenges how you see things I am hoping this author Has Works Translated Into works translated into So bizarre Can a girl visit the dreams of others What is a dream and what is reality Should someone be allowed to dictate the future Can you stop time What if you re dead and can t tell Can you choose when it s time to dieThis book creeped me out There s no logical reason as to why it freaked me out as much as it did There are five simple stories about five different women Through The Management Bible every story flows thethereal mist disguising and distorting reality The women themselves were a little "shall we say strange Then they had these bizarre xperiences that left "we say strange Then they had these bizarre xperiences that left reader wondering what was true and what was imagined I honestly can t Sleepless (Bird of Stone, explain why it was so disturbing but it was I couldn t read it at night I gave it two stars because I didn t love it I don t love books that leave me feeling so strange Also I think the author was trying to make a point but I couldn t really figure out what it was If you like weird psychologically disturbing stories then you should check this book out I really was drawn in by this book because it was so mysterious I had no idea what toxpect There was no description just a black book with an interesting title I loved the writing style the book contained a few short stories which all had a sense of chilling finality to them all feeling complete as they were read on their own yet were connected to a central theme which gave the stories some fluency as they shifte. Five women in various stages of life all connected by a mysterious obscuring mist face the deterministic trap of fate in this mosaic novel A freshman at a girl's boarding school gains the strange ability to share other people's dreams whereas

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D The writing is erie but in a wonderful and subtle wayThe most interesting story was the one about the woman who was in the psychiatric ward who had the ability to choose the future and didn t want the responsibility of choosing the best possible future Very interesting idea presented there that the future outcomes are only fair if directed by chance no matter how
Chaotic Rather Than Conscious 
rather than conscious no matter how planned and well intentioned Because ven when choosing to decrease suffering it would still reuire choosing "Which Few People Would "few people would for the majorityI thought the ideas in the stories were presented with simplicity that was a bit lacking in complexity I didn t mind that so much but it just didn t take me long to read at all but overall I found the writing louent Before reading this book I knew nothing about ither the author or of the work itself In fact the only reason I picked this up was because I happened to be at an Invisible (The Curse of Avalon eve Reminiscent of the best of Frederic Brown Anthony Boucher and Jonathan Carroll Serbian writer Zoran Zivkovic s latest book Steps Through the Mists Atelier Polaris 2003 traverses the unpredictable worlds of Fate Five women of various ages occupations and mental statesncounter their uniue futures a school girl journeys in others dreams a woman in a straightjacket not only sees the future but determines it as well a middle aged skier Yummy Supper encounters a mysterious being who attempts to control her a fraudulent fortune teller who mistrusts her own abilities and an old lady whose precious alarm clock breaks Through five short stories Zivkovic weaves these disparatelements into a masterpiece that can t be laid downSteps Through the Mist is littered with scenes that uestion what is real and what is not The ndings are almost all shockers but of the good kind The surprise that puts verything into context or of the type that you hope the writer would go through with if they had the balls or the vision Zivkovic has both in spades And the talent His writing is deceptively simple and beautifully Deep Listening elegant all at the same time His translator Alice Copple Tosic is to be congratulated A poor translation often destroys an otherwise good book Zivkovic has used Copple Tosic on most of his English translated works with good reason asvident with Steps Through the Mist which reads like it was originally written in English The prose is flawlessZivkovic brings us into the minds of the women We become familiar with ach one s fears hopes and neuroses As ach made her way through the mists to the future I Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature empathized with her plight Their confusion trepidation and concerns became my ownMy complaints about this book are mainly cosmetic and most of them rise out of myxperience as a bookseller and publisher Though nicely packaged with good cover stock and uality paper there is nothing on the outside of the book to tell you about it On the cover is an attractive painting with the author and title The back cover is black with a small moon and the publishe. Young woman in a straitjacket desperately tries to select a very particular future from among countless possibilities A middle aged skier refuses to be a puppet on a string while a mature fortune teller xperiences a faltering faith in her trade. Koraci kroz maglu